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  1. How would that work considering he’s a Hibs player?
  2. 3 of those goals in the one game too. Did like Russell though. He’s done well for himself.
  3. Sorry I wasn’t really meaning to have a go, or to come across as attacking you for expressing your opinion. It’s just you’re wording, as you have already explained, seemed a bit extreme and I was intrigued as to what you were meaning. I’m sure fans aren’t that stupid to assume that a change in style will take 3 pre-season games to nail down with not even a complete squad. Surely?
  4. But football isin’t guaranteed is it? Friendly or otherwise? One of the main reasons why we all love it. Definitely too many folk jumping the gun. I’d probably sit myself somewhere in the middle. Yes it’s pre-season so not overly bothered, but the squad does look rather light in some places and I’d like to see it addressed sooner rather than later. But again I do appreciate that this may take some time also. It’s not the same as Football Manager FFS. Expecting us to have a better squad than last season though I think is a bit much, considering an agreement to have Goodwillie off the books doesn’t seem to be agreed yet. Think some are forgetting this.
  5. You really aren’t though are you? I’m sure you put your age in one of your posts a few pages back. I genuinely thought you were a teenager with some of the pish you post….
  6. What are you on about? FFS. Fucking lighten up pal. “Wholesale changes” are exactly what Varna Rover had stated. If he had simply put “the team needs to change the way they are playing” then that’s a different story. When someone says to you “wholesale changes” what I posted is normally what that means…
  7. Murray out? Board out? Sack the strip and all the players? That kind of wholesale changes?
  8. Yeah but at the same time, we’ve let 3 CBs go and haven’t even brought one back in… Murray must have a loan agreement set up in principle or something. Can’t go into the start of the season with Liam Dick and Christophe Berra at CB. Just a no. Thought Queens looked more up for it than us, not sure if it was because we had played at the weekend or not, but their front two chased and harried out defence all match. In terms of new players, Easton and Brown I thought both looked decent additions. Jury out on Millen but it’s one kick about, so not too worried. Greig Young just needs games to build experience up but probably wouldn’t have him as first choice LB. Zanatta has just carried on from second half of last season, he gets no joy out of the full back so doesn’t do anything for the rest of the match…looked 100 times better with Connolly on the pitch. Probably because he’s so much better than Zanatta to behind with…like one of our best players. Patterson being in the stand is a weird one, he’s either signing and didn’t want to play and risking injury before penning a deal, or he did actually pick up a knock at the weekend and didn’t want to play as he’s still in the shop window technically. Can only agree with everyone before even a ball was kicked that we desperately need a striker and a couple of CBs as absolute priority.
  9. Good choice. I've got all the early Rush vinyl from back in the day. Ah excellent. I’ve been building up my collection. So far I have Hemispheres right through to Power Windows. Recently bought moving pictures 40th anniversary 5xLP. Currently listing to the live in YYZ 1981 LP from that album…unreal
  10. Also nice. A change from my usual lager.
  11. Record fair in Kirkcaldy last weekend. A good find.
  12. I don’t recall Tumilty having to be subbed at half time though for being utterly absymal at defending in that 4-0 defeat at the hands of Ayr last season.
  13. Picked this up for £3 at the record fair in Kirkcaldy this morning.
  14. Our history of taking Airdrie’s best players doesn’t bode well….
  15. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/3267929/ray-mckinnon-heart-attack-dundee-united-raith-rovers-brechin-city/ Take Ray back with Laurie as assistant? Maybe some unfinished business with us? The way he left was a bit pish, and how he went from Morton to Falkirk also. But I did enjoy watching us with him in charge in what was a very tough championship that year.
  16. The last time I posted in this thread was before we signed Goodwillie. What’s happened to our club?
  17. Yeah few years ago. It’s excellent.
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