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  1. Aye but he said when he came back the only club he was going to manage was us. Granted if a bigger club came in again with a role similar to what he was going at Celtic came up then you never know. But come on man. Just ousted that sorry lot out the cup and you’re getting worried about when McGlynn finally decides to leave? He seems more committed than ever before, but I will say that the board should be asking the question and offering a lifetime contract ASAP.
  2. When Ethan pirouettes past the two centre halves… ”oh no” Morrison is the type of player that everyone hates but I’d take him at the Rovers. A 24 multipack of Walkers and a bag of balls for him in January? Maybe some cones?
  3. Come on now. We might play a bit like Barcelona but we aren’t actually Barcelona…
  4. Your not fucking counting that wee nonsense one are you? Factually correct. What’s the problem?
  5. It’s weird though because, yes we can’t fill what we’ve got, but yet the team from West Fife (and other teams within the division) seem to open more than 2 stands for their support…just gives fans more opportunity to sit and view the game from a different perspective.
  6. Obviously a long way away, but I wonder when the community hub opens behind the North stand, that they change it so that becomes the home end? It’s a shame the terracing behind the dugouts couldn’t have a stand behind it at an angle, similar to how the main stand sits at Dens Park.
  7. Weirdly, we've not had one team or fan base come out and blame our artificial surface if they've lost at Stark's. I definitely thought we'd have had a few by now. It’s because it’s actually great. Would never be able to play the way we play now if it was the old grass surface, was like a tattie field by the time it got to this time of year….
  8. Watched Space Sweepers tonight and thought it was great.
  9. Yeah it was a bit pathetic. Never understand why players constantly complain to the referee/assistant referees. Very rare that the referee will turn round and be like “you know what? You’re right, he was offside, it’s your free kick instead”
  10. Having taken in the game at Cappielow earlier in the season, it was Morton who had the majority of the play I felt. We scored a shot that was deflected over the goalie as well. As much as we still defended well and Morton just weren’t that clinical, they were far from rubbish. But at home we should be looking to extend our unbeaten run to 10 in the league. They say the league table doesn’t lie, clearly the league is split into top 5 and bottom 5, the actual games between the teams on a Saturday usually don’t have a lot in them.
  11. It’s not even that tho. Just the way the club is going. The infrastructure that’s starting to be put in place. John and Paul. Just magnificent. Me as a fan, just so grateful to have these guys at the helm. The work they put in. The way John speaks, he’s so passionate about the football club. It makes such a difference to the shite we have been served, almost basically since he left the first time round. I’ve obviously mentioned it before but as soon as it was mentioned that they were returning I just knew we were on the right track. I could see why some were sceptical but it’s never been in doubt. Never going to get it rig every single week but I think 10 games undefeated speaks volumes, and that couple with our performance last season suggests it was wholeheartedly the right way to go.
  12. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    Simply Red, Simply No I’m afraid.
  13. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    I didn’t even qualify in the play offs this weekend. Had 3 wins, lost my last 3 games. Total heads gone. Unplugged and in its box for a wee while. Pish. Packed Donnarumma and Rulebreakers Corona though today on the app. It Like it senses when you’ve had enough it reels you back in…teams changed. I got Ballack from the icon pack obviously. Not The mid version either which I saw a few get on YouTube.
  14. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    EA been on p&b?
  15. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    I ended up with 11 wins but I stopped at 8 (literally went 8-0, ) and either gave my games away but some folk were giving free wins as well. Just couldn’t get the last one but not too fussed. “Rewards” we’re not bad I guess… 100k pack was usual pish for me. Kjaer in form and 84 the highest after that. Pish.
  16. There’s no argument. We have the best goalkeeper in the division.
  17. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    They’ve clearly never watched him tho, why is his pace better than his passing and dribbling? Those should easily be in the 70s. Should just be a gold card let’s face it.
  18. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    Just part of the game I guess. Don’t mind it personally. But with it being ultimate team they should just do away with chemistry all together.
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