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  1. Whole atmosphere even before the game seemed a bit flat, even compared to last years final. Can’t win them all, but at our level, we don’t get to many finals so pretty disappointing to lose it. You knew after a couple of the chances in the second half that we were never scoring. But very poor in the first half. Pedestrian and tentative in our play when we should have been getting at them. Big games coming up now, especially at home so just need to get some more wins on the board and finish the season as high as we can.
  2. He did give the reason. That his pal thought it was like a training match. That’s why they left. I responded by saying that’s a pathetic excuse to leave a match. I’m not bothered by it. I’m just stating my opinion on it. That’s what this forum is all about no? Opinions? Hardly fucking jumping on him. Merely stating that I thought it was a pathetic excuse.
  3. I think the only reason the pen was given was the way the defender slid in with his studs up, which of course is dangerous play, regardless if he gets the ball or not. Maybe controversial but that’s how I saw it on the highlights.
  4. Did I say it was a heinous act? You’re just blabbering on now so just forget it. Do what you want to do and that’s fair enough. But coming on here and saying you left at half time because your pal wasn’t feeling it will always get a reaction. It’s a simple as that.
  5. Ah so after giving us more context, this makes more sense. Still a pathetic excuse to leave a football match after paying entry. I’ll stand by that “strong” opinion. Cheers.
  6. is your pal a secret Rangers fan or something? I just think it’s a pretty shoddy excuse to leave a game pal. Doesn’t really bother me, but just putting my opinion across. Supporting the wrong team if your leaving a game while the rovers are winning 2-0 and giving the excuse as it’s “like a training game”
  7. One of the worst excuses I think I’ve ever read for leaving a game. Genuinely pathetic stuff. If we’re 2-0 up in the final next week will you’s just leave as well? Fucking hell.
  8. Strange winning a game 6-1 without Aidan Connolly. We’ve needed a game like that. Should bury any thoughts of relegation now. 12 points clear of Cove With 8 games to play.
  9. Missing Millen, Gullan, Brown, Matthews, Akio, McGill and Ngwenya. Arguably 4 of those players would be in the first 11 so yeah. We performed considerably better than I thought we would when I saw the team sheet. Rangers never let us string 2 passes together so it was always going to be a difficult afternoon. Losing goals to a set piece and an own goal is a bit pish as well but Least they didn’t get their token penalty. Chuckled at their VAR check for one though. We take the cash and we move on. Hopefully Millen, Brown and Gullan back for Cove on Saturday.
  10. I mean I’m not complaining, the less of them on here the better. But find it strange. Both them and Celtic have very different supports to basically the rest of the teams in the country mind you.
  11. Is there actually any Rangers fans on P&B? Or is it the usual if it’s not Celtic their not bothered?
  12. Wardy

    Fifa 23

    Haven’t touched the game on console for nearly 2 weeks now. My last champs run a couple of weeks ago got me Firmino’s RTTF card and I sold him for 1.6m coins which took me to nearly 2m. Splurged a bit and now down at 1m with not a lot to show for it other than a 96 Zidane untradeable from the icon pick. Of course I did his 94 SBC.
  13. Definitely the highlight of the afternoon from a Rovers perspective. I was having a pish when we got our penalty so I’m glad I even missed that shambles as well.
  14. Looked like Spencer took a sore one as the referee blew for full time. Hopefully nothing too serious. Nothing between the sides like other have pointed out. Just can’t seem to get one over them in the league tho this season. Final game at Kirkcaldy should be a good one.
  16. Oh wow. For everyone who was there, Robbie Thomson shithousing every Dundee penalty taker was a particular highlight. Hahahaha. YASS
  17. We’re running on empty. Superb turnaround. Will do well to get to pens.
  18. Did you not see his save onto the bar? edit to add, and his point blank save, from one of the Dundee strikers, can’t mind who. Far from “garbage”
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