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  1. Yeah, that’s just the inconsistency though at this level. You’ve got to give credit to the teams who have maybe out fought us in order to get the better of us. But I genuinely believe that no team has actually outplayed us this season. Maybe hearts at Starks park. But apart from that. No other team. That just shows you the progress we’ve made.
  2. It’s difficult after what’s happened today, but if you just take a step back from where we’ve been the last two years, it’s fucking incredible. Its still in our own hands even up to the Dundee game to finish 2nd. The rollercoaster that is Raith Rovers keeps going and going. we didn’t play incredibly today, but still the movement and the way we keep the ball is exactly how I want to watch my team going forward for years to come. Far from the finished article, but if we could just get a wee break and manage to get up to the top flight I can see us flourish with the brand of football we are playing right now. Don’t care what anyone says either, but having that pitch out down has really started to reap the benefits in terms of actually getting a team to start playing football the way it should be played. What a change it is to see us have players who are all very comfortable on the ball and being able to pass and move. Granted it’s not going to win you the 3 points every game, but least we are decent to watch these days.
  3. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Sold my house couple of weeks ago, so for the time being back in with the parents. Didn’t register for weekend league. Not sure when I’ll get back on. 😅
  4. Because the rest of the teams are just as shite.
  5. If offered all these results before the game I might have taken it. But being 2-0 up is standard rovers. Well done Arbroath, came out in the second half and got their just reward.
  6. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Usual player pick OP 😂
  7. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Good rating and worth just over the pack and no more. Meh.
  8. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Not too Bad. Other red was 82 Brazilian keeper.
  9. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Bored So opened all the promo packs that I could. Nothing over an 83. Wee bit of a challenge to get the coins back up again anyway. Team is set other than managing to pack like a god tier card. Plenty consumables to fill the transfer list with as well.
  10. Doesn’t really matter what happens in other fixtures. If we don’t do the business in our own games we’ve only got ourselves to blame. Oh and happy John Baird day.
  11. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Much better shot accuracy this weekend but slightly down on pass accuracy but can live with that. Mbappe and Nedved tearing it up again. 2 penalty shootouts this time around too. Winning one of them. Zambrotta solid at CB. Still not too sure on Mendy at RB but he does have 5 star weak foot. Still think Klaiber is the best RB in the game for overall value. With card so cheap now you see plenty of people with Varane and Mendy, Neymar, Mbappe, Ronaldo and Messi. Didn’t face too many TOTYs this weekend but a couple of time I faced mid Ronaldo. Won both games. 😀
  12. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    15 game win streak tho man. That’s unreal. I dono how you can be arsed! But that’s awesome. I’m currently 10-3 right now but I know I’m gonna lose a few before I even get to 14...haha.
  13. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Eh yes. 😂
  14. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Haha it’s like they no you’re bloody desperate. Well in though! 500k for him so. Class. Tomori went for 850k last night and he’s up at like 920k now 😫 but can’t complain too much. 😂
  15. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Was on 416k. Opened 4 100k packs for the bants after basically rinsing my club with the player picks. I just need fodder to complete Zambrotta as I’m on the last segment. I’ve also started Reus and wouldn’t mind getting Vidal either...the last 100k pack....🤷‍♂️😂 Laporte and Rashford in the same pack as well but duplicate. You could compare it to the last roll of the dice in the casino...but that’s gambling right? 😂
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