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  1. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Fake shot glitch came in handy today to get the EFL/scottish icon swap done. Meant I was able to do the dishes at the same time. 😂 Out of the level up pack I managed to get in form Handanovic which was very nice, meaning I was able to sell Donnarumma for 20k profit at 64k. Good day all round. Hopefully get Eredivisie icon swap done tonight, and look to build Portuguese squad for that one. I’ll try my hand at the rivals ones too later in the week maybe. Im guessing after this season there will be another round of icon swap objectives? I’ll see how many I can get, I was happy to just her like 6 and get Van der Sar, but now I’ve packed Hanadanovic IF I’m swithering.
  2. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Definitely luckier on console than on the app, but Griezmann on the app has been my best for sure. IF semedo, TOTGS Ter Stegen, Godin, Cavani twice, Lloris twice, Mertens( at the start so like 110k) , pique twice, martial (at the start he was worth a bit) and now Pogba so not too bad. my mate packed Gold Ronaldo the other week (before he was the 12th man) then he managed to get Neuer and Reus. between us we really haven’t open up too many packs. Ive got quite a few La Liga players though so that SBC should be fairly cheaper for me.
  3. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    I had that with the silver home santos kit this year. Max was only 5k. Didn’t sell within seconds but did sell for 5k within the hour. There was a point where Godin was extinct and sold him for 40k insta sell also. Packed Pogba from an electrum pack from one of the La Liga SBC teams there. Lovely.
  4. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    This was probably my best lower end snipe at the weekend...pretty impressed.
  5. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Did one more ultimate pack before the TOTS cards went out. Not too bad but the blue trolled me again big style....
  6. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    But pausing immediately after going 3-0 up. Letting run the full 30 seconds, then Immediately pausing it again for the full 30 seconds. I then kick off and the final whistle goes. I think this guy was just a dick. 😂
  7. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Haha. Least you can fucking quit the AI’s replays. 😂 plus the computer is fucking so easy to play against even on legendary. Force them out wide, let them cross for days. Fair enough on the objectives part, but I’ll still play my normal game. It’s not like I’m demanding that they let me score against them. It’s probably better for them as they know I don’t even need to win. Don’t seem the problem with it to be honest.
  8. Good luck in the relegation ones this year guys.
  9. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    I’ve changed my name to politano goals. I’ve clearly got Serie A players. Guy gets 2 pens and then scores a third in the last min, then actually pauses it not once but twice after scoring. Like why? Why?
  10. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Rivals is the most tedious fucking game mode ever.
  11. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    I’d argue Tonali has been very decent for me, as had Boetitus. I’ve got Battaglia as well and is pretty useful. Need Norwich and Sheffield United for the Prem one. Possibly pick Foyth. Sentinel chem style makes him a 92 rated CB which isint too bad. I quite like the look of the Bazoer card from the Eredivisie too. So will probably try to grind that at some point. Sitting at 652k at the minute still with my Serie A team but I’m swithering on a premier league based side. I’ve got TOTY nominee Fabinho Untradeable, as well as Trent Champions league card. Can grind the Prem SBC for Foyth (about say 50k left to spend on it) Could have something similar like this for the coins I already have, or do I sell off some of my Serie A assets like Insigne, Mertens in form and Vieri and make the Prem team even better? I’d quite like to grind Politano’s Milestone card too, so got a couple of decisions to make.
  12. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Is he tradable?
  13. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    How many packs do you open? How much real money have you spent? Unreal pack luck you’ve got. DISGUSTIN
  14. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Opened up all my saved packs. Best players I got were Pique, Courtois, Hummels. All go for like 20-25k. Packed Aspas also which is about 8-10k. Not amazing but prob made roughly the coins back that I spend building the packs up from the league SBCs. Got a blue Burki also. The excitement went to sheer disgust when the Swiss flag popped up.
  15. Oh he’d get injured wearing the navy blue , no doubt about it.
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