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  1. I hardly posted a thing when it was all happening back in January. Hardly a broken record. It’s football forum, discussing the matters of the football club? Not really much to understand. I didn’t say I was going to give up the club I’ve supported for 28 years have I? f**k me.
  2. Yes of course. Sorry if you thought that by merely paying him off that all would be forgiven. Far from it. That’s not what I was meaning at all. It would be a start at least.
  3. That what I was alluding to last night really. The club/board can sometimes be ridiculously out of touch with the fans. I think the social media side has improved over the years mind you.
  4. But does that really surprise you? A club that’s on the up and has a very healthy bank balance apparently, compared to our club which is far from on the up. The club deserves all it gets when it comes to things like that after what happened in January. I’m happy to be back watching games so long as Goodwillie isint playing, however the board/owner still have a lot to answer for. It really isn’t good enough. They say they try to be transparent but it’s all complete smoke and mirrors.
  5. The board should be looking to let us know what’s happening with the Goodwillie situation anyway. The fans have a right to know if he’s close to being punted or if some agreement has been reached where he continues to be paid but is on gardening leave or whatever. Just some actual facts rather than radio silence and waiting for us to forget about it…. Its actually a joke.
  6. I’d imagine it’s the sign of the times as well, hospitality isint exactly cheap, and I’d imagine businesses wouldn’t be willing to fork out that kind of money either. Everyone is cutting back. Valid reason though with everything that’s happened at the club in the last six months tho. Takes a lot more than a new manager and a couple of new faces to get out the Malaise we find ourselves in.
  7. Didn’t make Cove last week, but thought that was pretty disappointing considering we didn’t actually score. Especially nearer the end with the subs we made and hardly made any effort to get balls into the box. Still early days mind you and plenty time to get things sorted. But 0 points from the opening couple of games isint ideal…
  8. The situation that happened in January has set us back quite a fair bit, and it’s going to take a very long time to get us back thinking we can challenge for promotion in my opinion. The sooner some of the fans realise this and recalibrate their expectations accordingly, the better. Of course I was disappointed in the result today. Am I surprised? No. Does it have me fearing the worst for the season though? No. If it’s like this for the majority of the quarter though? Then it’s maybe time to think of something else. But until then…let’s just see what happens.
  9. One didn’t want to play on Astro and the other didn’t want to move away from his home town.
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