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  1. Thing is Zanatta was actually decent for us first time round too. Sometimes it just doesn’t pan out at another club. Amazing to get Ethan Ross is though until 2024. Lovely stuff.
  2. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    Marquee matchups paying out tonight…yeah i maybe should have waited until Tmoro for the new promo but definitely take that. Akso got Vardy from one of the matchups. Also got Bastoni TOTW in a 2 rare gold upgrade. Mega pack from season progress gave me a duplicate Untradeable Courtois, so completed Benzema for about 60k coins. Not too shabby. Won 3 rivals games on the bounce and I’m into division 6. Not a bad night all round!
  3. Yeah 100%, I wasn’t meaning to sound condescending in anyway. I mean it’s certainly not impossible to suggest Arbroath could win promotion to the top league, but most full time teams (again nothing to do with Arbroath being able to compete with these teams on a weekly basis) just have that bit more of an infrastructure in place to get there. Quite right as well regarding Hamilton and Livi also. Livi were down in League 2 not even that long ago. certainly if Arbroath were to make the step up to full time then you just never know. I’m guessing that won’t be part of like a 5 year plan though or anything like that. Like going up to Arbroath though, nice ground that you can still change your standing position at half time and a pleasant bar across the road for pre-match.
  4. Arbroath fans should really enjoy all this while it lasts…this level is their glass ceiling. But a tremendous achievement to be consistent in this division over the last few seasons none the less. Dick’s done a great job.
  5. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    I actually do have Benzema that I got from marquee matchups last week, but just haven’t got round to trying him yet. He would probably go into the POTM one though. I really like Griezmann on this game, his dribbling is great, and his finesse shots are still deadly!
  6. Wardy

    FIFA 22

    How is that Benzema card? I’ve got 200k liquid but some cards in the club I could use to complete him… Im first owner all the way this year. Won’t play anyone unless I pack them.
  7. Wardy


    I was up in the high heavens, so didn’t notice Tony storming off. Interesting….. Loved it. They are easily my favourite band (I’m in my thirties, and didn’t get to see them back in 2007) so I was desperate to see them as it’ll easily be their last tour (surely? ) Agree that some tunes needed a bit of re-work to help phil but still really enjoyed it. Land of confusion with the toilet rolls and men all in masks were all very “real” in the current climate. I think if they re-released that as a single this year it could have done well. Home by the sea and Mama were also my favourites, as well as the excerpt from Firth of Fifth and into I know what I like (in your wardrobe) Agree that Nic his son, is fantastic on drums. There was a bit during one of the songs where phil stood in front of him as Nic was belting them out and it was a nice, yet surreal moment. Feel sorry for the people who had tickets for Friday, (or future concerts in London) but these things happen. I took a flow test the day after and was negative just to be sure tho!
  8. Berra has been absolutely outstanding for us since he’s joined. I was sceptical when he joined on a PCA, but he has been magnificent. Like someone we just needed at the back. The influence he’s had on everyone is plain to see, especially Bene. When you think about his career is no surprise, but genuinely so delighted we have him. He would walk into most lower to even mid level premier league teams in my opinion. An actual proper coup from McGlynn.
  9. We’ve got McGlynn… Super John McGlynn.
  10. We can mix it up though. Not sure what our intentions will be today, but I’d imagine a point might be a decent enough result for us. But I’ll depend how the game goes….
  11. In the wheatsheaf already. Brass and granite up next.
  12. Heard Hamilton was joining on loan too. Would address the goalscoring woes anyway…
  13. A point a fair reflection on the game. We had chances but the Pars performed quite well in the second half. But there were points in the first half where we moved the ball about brilliantly, and they couldn’t cope with Zanatta out wide. Great goal again from him. Of course disappointing to only draw but, it is great being back at the football again. PS the ref was shite…yet again. Where the f**k do the SFA get them from? A blind man with a whistle would have been better…
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