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  1. ITK? Or merely using the word “predict” to deflect you are ITK?
  2. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/detailsuche/spielerdetail/suche/15357959 Probably will be one of these names I would imagine.
  3. He’s been quoted as fast so probably won’t be him.
  4. Nisbet :“Who’s fucking idea was it to come here? Carrying my own boots? Do they know how many goals I scored last season?“ Murray: “lucky if you get 10 this season you wee shit” Nisbet: “when the Rovers win promotion this season, we’ll go back there” Murray: “obviously”
  5. Pars fans come in to talk pish. Standard Vaughan /3-0 chat reply. Next.
  6. Can’t wait to be leading in a game and we get a goal kick, and McGurn does his usual. Punts up to Anderson, which results in him heading it into the net. Cannot. Wait.
  7. McGurn- 38 Anderson- 33 Victoria- 30 Davo- 35? If anything we had a younger squad last season...
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