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  1. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    14-10 this weekend. Made hard work of it for sure. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Mixture of matchmaking, and just my Utter pish passing and finishing which lead to ultimate heartbreak in a few games. But my 14th win was a special 5-4 victory, with RC scoring yet another amazing free kick to level it at 4-4 in extra time before a cheesy Mbappe smash from inside the box got me the win with 5 mins left. Anyone pack a team of the year? 😂
  2. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Again it’s just so so sad. I had a game like that in silver stars where the guy already had the objective player in his team, can’t remember who. He ends up winning a mammoth game like 5-4. I get that the silver stuff has milestones but just do it offline you troll...😂 I just played out this absolute beast of a match there, I think I might have uninstalled the game if I lost on penalties. 😂 now 6-4 and I’ll call it a night. Actually thought last week was easier due to loads of people playing for those extra picks and not actually being that good. Back to the hardcore this week, even during TOTY.
  3. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Was 4 wins out of 5 and now I’m 4 wins out of 8. 🤦‍♂️ Not sure what is happening tonight. Just lost in the last minute there where the guys hit a shot with John Barnes and it’s hit the post and it’s clipped Oblak’s head and dropped in the net.
  4. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    It’s a sign of what’s to come I assure you. 🤪
  5. Oh what’s that John is drinking? Looks like the salty tears of Robbie Neilson and Gary Locke to me. Wonderful stuff Rovers.
  6. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Aye the bridge. Because I use custom controls I actually can’t perform it, it’s so dumb.
  7. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Got Oblak from the 84+ pick which was a good start. A few boards here in there but literally that was it from about 40 packs. Have a great weekend everyone. 🤪
  8. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Honestly don’t know how some of you guys have saved all those packs. I’m struggling not to just open them the now and there’s only 32 there. 😂 I don’t think they’ll all be in packs tonight. Never know though!
  9. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    I’ve went from having nothing saved yesterday morning to 32 packs and the 84+ pick. Club is baron again. Common gold trading and selling off all my tradable non league SBC silvers just to keep my coin balance topped up. I had kept all my CSL bronzes and was able to complete the full league SBC for about 5k liquid coins (mostly due to some of the requirements) a prime gold players for completing is sad though and of course Untradable.
  10. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Think the patch makes you have to actually play football a bit more and think about the chance creation rather than just spamming step over skill moves. The worst fuds are the ones who Try and keepy up right to your goals. I Sometimes concede kick off goals but most of the time I just control my CDM all the way to the box and then switch to CB to nick the ball. It’s so stupid. Hate how you can just take advantage of the games blatant broken mechanics. Just play the fucking game properly not that nonsense. And for whoever says ah but if you don’t do these things you’ll never score is just blatantly lying. Granted I probably won’t get any further than division 3 but I’m happy with that. Not worth the stress. Weekend league is enough.
  11. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    That Koopmeiners looks quite a good card though. Considering he’s the same overall rating as Tielemans he’s way better than him in all the stats that matter for a box to box. I had the chance to take him, but took Stones for PL objectives down the line.
  12. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Scored my first free kick with RC Last night and the guy quit immediately after it so I couldn’t watch it back 😭 Highest rank I’ve been in a while. I can see myself going back down to division 4 to do some more objectives though. Completing the Eredivisie players was a complete slog due to everyone having overpowered Bundesliga and La Liga teams for Sinkgraven and Guedes. Some bundesliga teams had headliner Cunha and Gnarby and I’m kicking about with Berghuis and Tadic. Nightmare. 😂 but it’s done and all 3 of those milestone players are in the club. Also since doing the UCL SBC a few times I’ve managed to get Roberto Carlos, McTominay, Dos Santos and Higuain. Spent about 300k liquid so not too bad. The other day it said that the managerial masterpiece only had like 4 days left? But aren’t the milestone players just there for the rest of the game? 🤔
  13. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    To be honest he was actually no bad last night. Made an amazing save from neymar at point blank range. You’re right though and I’ve said it on here before. It’s your attack that makes the difference. Defence and goalkeeper doesn’t really matter as much, it can make a wee bit of difference but it’s marginal. Hence my last post with Dan James ripping that back line I’ve got. 🤷‍♂️😂
  14. Wardy

    FIFA 21

    Not sure if it was the patch or anything but felt pretty good in rivals last night, back up to Division 3 with over 1500 skill rating. Lost to a full gold squad with a less skill rating than me. Not sure if he was relegating or whatever but when your getting done by a 77 rated Dan James you kind of sense it.... Thats my team right now. Socrates still holding on in there, still had a decent return in the 16 wins at the weekend there and was fine again last night. Griezmann is actually really good, pretty chuffed with my luck with that one. Roberto Carlos very good, I have my full backs on balanced anyway so he’s always up supporting the attack but can get back pretty quick. I always concede from counters so doesn’t matter if your bombing forward or have everyone stay back it doesn’t matter. 😂 Will probably look to bring in Neymar and start him ahead of Griezmann with him coming on at CAM for Socrates second half. Neto is just a stop gap in goal as I chucked Oblak, neuer and Alisson all into Roberto Carlos. 😂
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