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  1. Who needs new strikers when we’ve got Granty Anderson? 😍
  2. I’ve not even watched those highlights. No concern from me on the players we’ve brought in until I’ve seen them in a few competitive games. Although I was like “who the feck is the Kevin Nisbet guy?” After that betfred cup game against Cowdenbeath at New bayview.....
  3. Reports I’ve read that it’ll be slightly shorter than the Witcher 3 but have more densely layered quests. Whatever that means. I’m not that much of a gamer but quite like the cyberpunk genre in general, so that’s the main reason why I’ll be getting this.
  4. New gameplay demos out. Roll on November. Looks incredible.
  5. Imagine it was East Fife. You guys would just give it back eh? Refuse it. Play in League 1 another season. You do realise every single one of us genuinely is taking the piss posting these photos of the team lifting the trophy. Whether you are “taking the piss” with your ridiculously broken replies remains to be seen however....
  6. Let Falkirk hammer us and let their fans have some more seethe. It’s the least we can do.
  7. Surely they’ll only adapt to the Scottish game after playing a few games? I would imagine that training will be very similar to what they are already used to?
  8. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    From the 2 90+ I got TOTSSF Kimmich and FUT Birthday Hazard. Did a fair few of the 82+ plus packs as well and bagged 97 TOTSSF Varane.
  9. Agree with most on here. Mctominay cannot play CB. Really poor performance against a team made up of second tier players getting their first cap. A win is a win though.
  10. I won’t be the only one. Of course it would be funny if it went all tits up as you are our rivals, but am I bothered here or there? No. If it all works out and you’s do well then fair enough. As long as the Rovers are doing well that’s all that matters to me.
  11. Now this is just a lot of pish isint it? Don’t really care what happens to Dunfermline. As long as you’s survive then fine. If you’s become successful? Fine with me.
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