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  1. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    I heard the base Gullit isint worth it. But each to their own.
  2. Just depends, I’ve had hayfever since I was at school. Cetirizine hydrochloride works best for me. Whether it’s Piriteze or supermarket own brand. Supermarket own brand is usually a fraction of the price of Benadryl equivalent.
  3. McCoist before the game saying it was “unthinkable” if Celtic were to lose. Way before the famous line from Jock Brown on the last penalty, which in hindsight is just mental. Both McCoist and Brewster before the game actually were pretty spot on.
  4. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Been great this week not playing it. No idea if I’ll get my PlayStation back or not. 😂 Cold turkey Has definitely helped me feel a bit better as well. Weather and keeping busy has helped though.
  5. Wife promised me new trainers for my birthday back in April, only got round to ordering tonight. Last 2 pairs of Karhu’s have been the comfiest ever so these will be a delight.
  6. Braw. Hate building these things but worth it with the weather being unreal.
  7. Superb stuff man. 👍🏻 Although the 96/97 season was definitely one to forget. 😂
  8. Not sure If anyone has mentioned but the Hibs away game in the cup in the 1997/98 season was decent. A John Millar double in a 2-1 win. Would like to see footage of that actually.
  9. That Aberdeen game definitely falls into the Epic Category.
  10. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Not missed it this week to be honest. Plus the weather is unreal, so not one for sitting in the house playing Fifa. Still on the companion app to sell and do SBCs etc. But it’s been quite good not actually playing the game.
  11. No. That top is bogging by the way It’ll look better on the players celebrating in front of the Norrie next season.
  12. I see no need for being pedantic during this pandemic.
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