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  1. Some of them clearly are. Buddha... My body has nothing to do with this…..
  2. You do realise they aren’t serious right? Christ…
  3. Can’t believe I’ve had to wait until July to start playing this again, but to be honest I haven’t even played much PlayStation within that time. But patch 1.23 seems to have totally changed the game from when I first booted it up last year. No crashes so far and I’m on Act 2 now. Only the off texture issue, and still things pop up out of nowhere sometimes. I just started again with the NOMAD life path. I did that one before too, but I had issues with stuff like stick drift and the obvious crashes and bugs first time out that I didn’t enjoy it. I’m sure I got to the heist last time out but kept dying near the end so glad I patched it. This time round I was way more prepared having done a few side quests, especially the NCPD calls to get decent weapons and armour, money etc. Talking of money, the money duplicate glitch at the click and collect machines is outrageous. Basically generate 20k out of it every time, buy back what you sold to it, (I’ve got earrings that are 750) then glitch the swap screen again selling all the items back to the machine. That completely empties it in terms of cash. Then skip 24 hours and do it again. I’ve got like over 400k so I can just splash it all on cyberware and cyberdecks at any time. 😂 Picked up some rare/iconic weapons and stuff already. I loot absolutely everything as well, from ashtrays to fag packets. If it’s there I’ll loot it. Usually just dissemble then all anyway to use for ammo. Same with the guns. Trying to just keep one of each gun and upgrade by dissembling the duplicates I pick up. Quite like the idea of having the rocket launcher with the toxic darts to basically down enemies with one shot. I was looking online to see how to get the Mantis blades, but it looks like they’ve been removed from the location after 1.23. 🥲 not to worry though as I’ll probably just buy them anyway with all that cash. 😂 Great fun tho. Yeah the city is what you would call a bit empty now but would rather have that, than it being overcrowded and basically crashing every hour or so. 🤷‍♂️ Wanted to try and romance Judy, but seems you have to be female to do that. So might have to create a female character in another play through.
  4. Aye not long back. We dominated in large spells and looked comfortable without really testing their goalkeeper. I’m sure that sounds familiar to fans who couldn’t make it tonight but have seen us in earlier games…Livi had the better of the chances in terms of actual shots on goal, with MacDonald in particular making a great double save in the second half. Penalties ultimately a lottery, but to have a game left and still top the group having not conceded a goal in 90 minutes is pretty good going, considering our usual efforts in the League Cup. Big game against Alloa to come. Anything less than 3-0 for Livi Will see us top the group still with a draw.
  5. But he did score 2 goals albeit against Brechin by getting further forward? 🤷‍♂️ Granted the new guy wasn’t playing but still..
  6. It’s a funny old game. As they say….. I said 4-0 before we kicked off, so happy to be proved right. Took a while to get off the mark but we were never in any real danger from Brechin. They defended very well in the first half. Basically a mistake by the keeper that led to Vaughan’s finish on the volley. Second half, we turned the screw and actually dispatched our chances, great header by Spencer from a great reverse cross from Connolly. Zanatta’s goal took a huge deflection and Spencer’s second of the game was a lovely move and finish. Got to be happy with that overall, but really should have been 4-0 at half time if we turned some of those crosses from Tumilty into the net. Will be interesting to see how Brechin fair in the Highland league setup though next season. Davo for all his troubles should be a good signing.
  7. We’ve seen modern twist on half and half and the white with 2 navy bands. So surely it’s time we get a modern twist on this kit…
  8. Aye looks like SPFL mucked up as well as they have just changed their tweet.
  9. Never said anything about hating each other…🤷‍♂️😂 Just don’t understand the negativity. But everyone’s different.
  10. Thing is that’s the true nature of the beast. Can’t get every single signing correct, look at some of the shite Sir Alex signed for Man United. Pretty much 90% of signings at our level are gambles. I guess that’s why we love it. The unexpected. Any of the other teams in our league would bite your hand off for some of the players we have right now.
  11. It’s fair to say that everyone has made some fairly meh signings this summer. No one would have envisaged us finishing third with the squad we had last season. A fully fit Vaughan for the start of the season is liking having a new signing. Still one of the best players in the league on his day. We arguably still have the best goalie in the league and on paper our defence is upgraded both in quality and numbers. Hendry was always going to be impossible to replace. We have exciting young players. yes we are in need of numbers but when have we ever had a completed squad for the start? McGlynn loves a couple of additions in January. Get this negativity in the sea boys.
  12. Aye but least we won’t be playing against Usain Bolt…😂
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