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  1. That's not very impressive for an SPL side. Somebody mentioend that ICTs best years are to come. That could well be true but those best years shall be at least a decade away if they are relegated this season.
  2. He must be confused. I think want he meant was he wanted to "f**ck the caley players". It may have been a team of younsgters but they the Fort team was also pretty young (and 3 of the ICT team were signed pros)
  3. I think the fall started last night when they could only draw 2-2 with Fort William!
  4. It is indeed quality - so much so I have decided to register and comment rather than just read posts! I've only lived in Inverness for around three years so don't know much about the result of the actual vote other than what I've read here. It does sound that it was pretty close though. I cannot understand how it was close though!! I know around four people who actually go to see ICT regualrly. They are outsiders (like myself) from the central belt who have season tickets. They are actually supporters of Edinburgh or Glasgow clubs but have cash to waste and want to go to the football. None of them have a preference for Caley or Thistle. My old flat mate in Edinburgh was a Thistle fan and he actually does like ICT. He is the ONLY person I know who is a fan post merger. I know one other person who has told me they appproved of it at the time but chnaged his mind when they decided on the team name. He wanted Inverness Utd or Inverness Town or something along those lines. Everybody else I know hates ICT and would rather go upto Dingwall Clacher, you could go to both games. I may watch the first one in the pub then head to Grant Street and cheer on Huntly. Strangely, they were the first team I ever paid to see. Oh, I can count on two fingers the number of times I've been to Portland Club or the Chieftain!
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