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  1. How was that not a penalty for Barcelona
  2. Trent is hilarious viewing at the moment. Giving off massive Harry Maguire vibes and every time you see him he's sticking out like a sore thumb.
  3. This "investigated after the race" pish has to f**k off.
  4. This is tragically bad and really goes to show how much they still need DRS
  5. At this point it's your intellectual property if you ask me.
  6. Just checking, do you have @capt_oats permission to use this gif?
  7. Did Joe Cole just call that a "brilliant" performance?
  8. Got away with one delay of game not being called but not the second. Get it up ye Tom.
  9. No Fun League strikes again
  10. I agree, and whilst all that is true, he could still not have suffered a concussion because being woozy is not necessarily a symptom of a concussion. But you're right, I'm not really sure how you can tell if someone is concussed or not in that short timeframe, but if they followed the protocols in place then I guess they don't really care.
  11. Whilst I don't think he should be back in the game, I'm not sure being knocked out/woozy is the same as being concussed, is it?
  12. It is mind-boggling that Tua is back in the game.
  13. Pish performance but a win is a win and it is good to win while not playing well and to see the grit and determination from the players.
  14. A standard Dykes performance tonight. Can't win a header, can't hold the ball up, can't link play, can't find a pass. We need a better alternative to Adams.
  15. Interested to see what Souness has to say about this...
  16. No way Declan Rice just said "they had one chance one goal"
  17. Pretty sure Patterson will have some sort of knee ligament damage after seeing the replay of how he fell.
  18. Not attempt to play the ball and surely violent conduct to boot. Atrocious decision.
  19. 100% this, it's absolutely farcical that this happens. Have a silence on the weekend of the game (if you really want) but when you see it two weeks before it just means f**k all, like how Rangers have had three(?) for the queen.
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