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  1. If you don't think it is mostly to do with a huge disparity in money, you're simply wrong. The best players either go to the OF or England and most Scottish teams barely see them play. Then you're left with the dross.
  2. A better TV deal would probably be a start.
  3. De Bruyne could break the assist record with just passes to Haaland this season.
  4. VAR well up to its usual standards I see.
  5. "Trent" found wanting defensively yet again.
  6. It's like the women are taking over. I'd much rather hear the opinions of Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen.
  7. I simply cannot understand why Frankfurt have persisted with Kostic and Knauff as wing-backs here. They've been absolutely abysmal.
  8. He's basically saying how well he did while omitting the 3 wins in 6 months or 27 games or whatever it is.
  9. I'd argue there's a step before that: Aston Martin makes a shitbox car that makes Seb hate being in F1.
  10. The absolute consistency that Verstappen shows is almost unmatched as well.
  11. Incredible stuff from Verstappen. Horrific stuff from Ferrari.
  12. Why though? Magnussen was first on them and they didn't work, Alonso and Ocon then went on them and they didn't work. Then Mick too. It was plain as day that they weren't working yet they put them on. Typical clown show stuff.
  13. Ferrari should've kept Leclerc out and gone on the softs.
  14. Good job PR63. Grid is very interesting for tomorrow.
  15. You don't often see someone hit the bar and the post with the same shot, excellent stuff.
  16. We just need to focus our manifestation powers into getting Big Dunc the job now.
  17. Ferrari made a c**t of it in 2018 for Vettel, which caused a lot of his issues. Similar to what is happening to Leclerc.
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