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  1. How is that a booking for Lovato? Ronaldo just runs straight across him.
  2. I think we're needing a Man U win on Sunday to keep Ole in a job, as it stands.
  3. Harry Maguire posted missing? Well I never.
  4. If it was a red for Griezmann earlier that should be a red for "Zlatan".
  5. The guy didn't get sent off for that challenge, ref could get a job up here.
  6. Shadow Moses FC Playing the Diamond Dogs in Out Heaven sounds like a tough away day.
  7. I'd want rid of him for that fucking haircut.
  8. That's a wee shame for Hunt, hope it's serious.
  9. Patriots - Cowboys playing in the c**t derby.
  10. I wish the Jets had a QB like Darnold...
  11. The Panthers WRs are at it today
  12. As expected Carr's response was crass, Brandon Staley's response on the other hand, was class.
  13. Not sure what you mean by this? I saw that it was disallowed almost immediately then I was hoping VAR would have a look while everyone was protesting.
  14. HAHAHAHAHA don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, c**t.
  15. Excellent work from the Browns there
  16. I'd say running on to a through ball is attempting to play the ball, and by doing so impacts Garcia as he needs to stretch to cut it out.
  17. Rules according to the BBC, the last two apply to Mbappe for this goal.
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