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  1. Someone fair caught a kick off about two weeks ago to prevent an onside recovery, did they not?
  2. Quite startling how much better we looked with a competent QB in the lineup. A shame we threw the Bills game away because if we were 2-3 we could still have been in with a shout.
  3. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    A couple of IFs, Tam Müller, James Rodriguez and some EPL jobbers from Squad Battles rewards allowed me to get Young Driesy [emoji322]
  4. I'm becoming a really big fan of Carlos Sainz. He's a really smooth and reliable driver. Hope the Mercedes engines give McLaren a serious boost because he deserves a chance in a race-winning car, but I don't see him going to a top team sadly.
  5. Laquon Treadwell is still a thing?!
  6. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Once you get used to playing with two midgets up front, Papu Gomez and Insigne are tremendous. 30 goals in 16 games for Insigne with 11 assists as well. 64 goals in 51 games for Gomez with 46 assists.
  7. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    I think I have four main issues with the game: 1) Heading is completely fucked, mostly from set plays. Your player either seems to duff it into the ground or leather it into row Z. 2) Auto-switching of players is really bad, particularly with the player it decides to switch to. It has been quite bad for the past two games but I think it's worse in this. 3) The aforementioned issue with absolute diddies skating past high rated defenders. Centre-backs are flaky as f**k in this, regularly getting beaten by relatively low rated players. 4) I still hate the new penalty taking style, no idea what I'm doing.
  8. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Aye, I packed Neuer and some French IF.
  9. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Just saving for Mertens now.
  10. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Packed two in FIFA 18, nada in FIFA 19, I must be due one.
  11. Mason Rudolph just got obliterated.
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