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  1. I played Stranded Deep in the summer, I really enjoyed it. It is difficult to start with but you gradually get used to what is required. The only thing I find really frustrating is the lack of a map, I tried drawing one myself but I'm no cartographer.
  2. Would agree with this, perfect game mode to level up guns and grind for zombies camps.
  3. I'd say a human being being able to lift the hammer of a demi-God which specifically says you need to be worthy, aka God-like, to wield it is pretty impressive regardless of whether it's Captain America or not.
  4. Verdansk is getting nuked a couple of weeks into March. Rumours are either a new map or Verdansk 1985 or whenever Cold War is set.
  5. That's some pass from Hermoso to Giroud for the goal.
  6. They can't have decided the Chelsea goal based on those angles, surely?
  7. Aggressively stupid? Or possibly aggressively racist? And many other things. You're talking some amount of shite here.
  8. Lovely from Dahoud, who is usually mince.
  9. They have to go for Mbappe or Haaland. I suspect they'll get neither.
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