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  1. I wouldn't say it's as clear a penalty you'll see, he is definitely on his way down and the ball is heading out of play. In saying that it's still a penalty.
  2. Just when Richard Tait thought he had seen the back of playing left back btw.
  3. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Hopefully it will push down the price of CL Mertens.
  4. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Why is defending corners basically impossible, yet scoring from corners is basically impossible as well.
  5. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    See if they could get the real faces of Barella and Romagnoli that would be smashing.
  6. Firmly Team Garrett here, and that was before the racism was reported. Mason Rudolph is a wee c**t who got what he deserved.
  7. Mr. Brightside

    FIFA 20

    Thought I was the only one that put Spanish commentary on [emoji23]
  8. Rivers has got a serious case of noodle arm now.
  9. That Can goal was something else. Gio Reyna on now.
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