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  1. Anyone else noticed some weird rubber-banding type stuff? Just finished my race at Poritmao and my best time and fastest lap of the race was a 1:16.125, the two closest laps were Leclerc and Verstappen with a 1:16.322 and 1:16.573 respectively. Yet the next fastest lap of the race was a 1:17.070 by Hamilton. There was no obvious tyre deficit or anything like that to explain it so my assumption is the AI was fighting much harder against me, seems weird is all.
  2. Krig, Fara, QBZ and OTS about to get nerfed.
  3. Sainz passed Kimi last year (I think) in a very similar situation as well.
  4. Would he have had a race ban if the penalty points from F2 carried over to F1 (like they should)?
  5. What are you on about? It was Ocon who just wandered over to the side of the track that Vettel was occupying, what is Vettel meant to do? Stroll pushed Vettel wide at the Lesmos on lap 1 I think, which was just weird as he lost 3-4 places because of it.
  6. Mahomes doing Mahomes things.
  7. Daniel Jones should be done too.
  8. Looks like Green Bay should've let Rodgers go.
  9. Get it up Djokovic and get it up those utter c***s of fans.
  10. 40th turnover for Jones. I genuinely thought I had misheard that until Hanson repeated it.
  11. The f**k was that from Rodgers?
  12. Stevenson fumbles on his first carry for the Pats. Bill will not like that at all.
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