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  1. Outstanding stuff. Just adding to the underdog narrative.
  2. The only thing I could think of would be that they were allowed call up a goalkeeper in this scenario.
  3. I thought Denver were eyeing up Rodgers before this season?
  4. Just think of the stats Rodgers could pad with Henry, Julio Jones and Brown.
  5. The OT rules are because Americans are allergic to draws (I know they still happen sometimes).
  6. You should just be happy it wasn't a 01:15 KO.
  7. Ah fair enough, I also thought at the time it might have been better for Hill to go down.
  8. Pleased with that, moar football
  9. See the above. Surely they must discuss this sort of stuff in these type of games. He caught the ball in the end zone for a start, plus it would be an unnecessary risk to give up a guaranteed TD.
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