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  1. Would be buzzing to get Kelly on board permanently what would it mean for Carson I wonder?
  2. The editing was choppy as f**k and the pace really suffered as a result I think. That's fair enough actually Russell I will give pass marks to, but Adams and Oldman should be collecting Razzies for their performances here.
  3. Personally I'm waiting for Lex to open up the "Atrocities against the Uyghurs" thread tbh.
  4. The Woman in the Window is complete and utter dross which draws (unsuccessfully) from about 5 different films. However the thing that struck me most about it was just how weird and off everything seemed. Not one actor puts in a good performance, every interaction on screen is full of weird hammy dialogue, facial expressions and characters just acting completely bizarre. It must be something to do with the edits because some sections of dialogue/interaction just seem to completely stop or change direction without any warning. The plot is just meh, the pacing all over the place and I understand that Anna is supposed to be dealing with serious psychological issues, but at times she acts like the most stupid person in the world. For instance, when somewhat inexplicably everyone is in her house at one point, it is revealed she went into her own basement where her tenant was living which leads to the obvious question of "why were you down there?" and instead of telling the literal truth "I was looking for my cat and heard a meow from down there" she says nothing at all, weird. This wasn't the only instance of stupid behaviour from her. And don't get me started on Ethan and his terrible acting and bizarre interactions with Anna near the start of the film. Also what was with the female detective being a complete and utter c**t for absolutely no reason to Anna from the moment they first interacted.
  5. Is that Choudhury with a Palestine flag? Good lad.
  6. That IDF PR Twitter account is truly staggering.
  7. Found an old memory stick with screenshots from FM 2011, this was one of the weirder ones...
  8. Any info on when the tickets will go on sale for the London games?
  9. Paul Chowdhry was clearly the best contestant lads.
  10. Enjoying the comments from OF fans in that Twitter post saying "oh well Celtic couldn't afford to do this" aye, okay pal.
  11. Monaco is fucking awful and Vietnam is almost as bad. However I absolutely adore Baku, it might be my favourite track.
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