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  1. Would love it to be Dovi, but I think he's too far back now. Would also like it if Mir won, especially if he managed it without winning a race.
  2. Easy game for us this week at least.
  3. The fucking jumpscares man. I literally let out a yelp the other night one caught me so off guard. They're particularly effective in Super because you're preoccupied with all the other players running about that you forget about them.
  4. Matt Forde. Probably (hopefully) been mentioned already but he has got to be the least funny person on the planet claiming to be a "comedian". He doesn't say anything that you couldn't see coming a mile off. Oh and his (and most others) impressions are shit.
  5. I must be a fantasy curse. That's Sutton, Saquon and OBJ from my team all done their ACL [emoji23]
  6. Excellent scenes in Denver
  7. That was wild. Shame the rain seems to have eased off.
  8. They say ignorance is no excuse but his actions since would suggest he had no idea of what he was saying/retweeting. A Jewish player (don't think even an Eagles player) offered to help him realise the significance of what he had said/endorsed which DJax willingly did and he confirmed the same, he made a mistake. Okay, he's an ignorant dick. Is that better?
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