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  1. If a striker did that to a keeper it would be a foul, so I have no sympathy despite it not being a penalty.
  2. Canelo offering Messi a square go isn't something I thought I'd see.
  3. What on earth are you banging on about? @ICTChris asked if teams tend to train the day before and after matches and I responded with what McLaughlin reported (who is probably more in the know than us) as I happened to be watching his report on BBC news while reading the thread. Nothing more, nothing less. No comment about how teams will adapt to the change.
  4. And..... Perhaps you should read the post I have quoted.
  5. According to Chris McLaughlin teams tend to work on set pieces the day before a game.
  6. I was surprised Fernandez didn't start the previous game, I was even more surprised he didn't start tonight. Perhaps he will going forwards.
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