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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Rocketman last night, really liked it.
  2. 12/1 -16/1 for a Scotland win apparently, depending on the bookie. Might have some of that,
  3. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Heysel, 29 - 5 - 85 I remember watching the final in my local as the only Juve fan in there. I had been on holiday 3 or 4 times in Italy by then and had see Juve play Celtic in 1981 (Zoff, Bettega, Scirea, Brady etc.) and not only loved Italy, but loved Juve. I have seen them on a regular basis, was there last year with my son and was meant to go there in April with my wife, but something came up. My son is a member or the Black and White club so gets priority tickets, he can even (apply) for Champs League tickets. Sorry for quoting you Rab, but thought you might have posted something given the date? Most Livepewl fans I've met when I'm down in Liverpool have a vague recollection of these events, but can wax lyrical about Hillsborough for hours. I'll finish in your own patronising style
  4. Gigs

    Feeder in Falkirk last night, brilliant.
  5. Festivals

    Going to the Vibrations Festival later today, but only going to see The Coral and Feeder.
  6. Trainers

    Thank you.
  7. Trainers

    If you could get those with blue stripes I'd be all over them.
  8. Italian Football Thread

    At the moment Conte is basically playing Juve and Inter against each other for his services. Kinda looks like that. I see he's second favourite behind Pep with Simione third fav.
  9. Italian Football Thread

    Allegri to leave Juve at the end of the season. Wonder who they have in mind to replace him?
  10. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Would be unworkable because the athletics season runs during football season or something like that. These access issues are why Syngenta got rejected from the EOS. ^^^Was just about to post this. Athletics take priority at the Stadium, that's why the council knocked the 'Shire back.
  11. Krakow

    Forgot Alchemia, about 50m from Omerta. There's a cracking street food caravan there too.
  12. Krakow

    If you're looking for something other than bog standard local beers look up Omerta and CK Browar.
  13. Thought it was two hands at the time, but still a stonewaller, and well taken.
  14. Russia

    This is my plan for next year too. A pal who went to Russia a couple of years ago said to spend an extra day in St. Petersburg as 3 days in Moscow is plenty.
  15. Russia

    Interested to find out how you get on as myself and my missus are hoping to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but not until summer 2020.