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  1. Just binged watched the whole 5 episodes of Halston. Ewan McGregor is outstanding and pleased to hear that the final song was Grangemouth's finest The Cocteau Twins - Pearly Drewdrop Drop.
  2. I've just has theDrygate - Coco Noco, coconut version of Orinoco, preferred it to the Peanut Butter version from Aldi the other week.
  3. Had that on draught in a bar in Hamburg a couple of years ago, outstanding.
  4. Working in Larbert tomorrow morning, will be popping in for a look.
  5. Not a patch on Aldis IMHO Agree, will probably only buy the 71 Brewing - Luminous Nights & Drygate - Coco Noco, have tried a few of the others before.
  6. The bar next to the apartment we've been going to in Italy for years (not last year) has had this on draught for about ten years. Fantastic value for 5.50 Euros a pint.
  7. I was in Cafe Andaluz - booked, Brewdog - booked & Brel - walk in on Saturday. Brel - walk in, Brewdog - booked & The Dhabba - booked on Sunday. Only Brel on Saturday was full.
  8. Got eight of those just after ten as well plus some messages...just over £15.
  9. I've been going to a bar in Italy for about 20 years that sells Salvator on draught for 5.50 Euros a pint, fantastic beer and have had the Viru in Tallinn.
  10. I think they just put everything out until the stock runs out.
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