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  1. Must've seen them about a dozen times now. Excellent as always and as VT says the older stuff went down better. Same here, second time this year, consistently excellent.
  2. Yeah, probably too many tracks from the new album, but thought Youth and Fear of Flying were the best of the new stuff. Thought it was still a great gig though.
  3. Went from Bratislava to Vienna and back again 2 days later a fortnight ago, absolutely no problem. I think it was about 25 euros each way for both of us.
  4. centralTon


    Fairly compact and easy city to walk about in. Hell Hunt, Olde Hansa, Beer House were our favourite bars, Depeche Mode bar was fine, but after you've heard "Just Can't Get Enough" for the 3rd time, you probably will have had enough. We found Tallinn to be more expensive than Prague, Gdansk, Bratislava and Krakow, our only other city breaks in Central Europe. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Toompea Castle and Town Walls and the city centre in general are worth a visit. Didn't really go much further afield than the centre as it was minus 26 degrees when we were there.
  5. Sparta's Stadium is probably a 15 min walk up through Letna Park, but Slavia's is out in Prague 10 and takes about 15-20 mins by tram. Can't remember the tram number, but it was easy enough to get to, Bohemians Stadium is a couple of stops before Slavia on the same tram route.
  6. Yes, should've mentioned that. Zlaty Bazant (Golden Pheasant) and dark Zlaty Bazant are widely available in most bars.
  7. Bratislava Castle, UFO Bridge Tower, Slavin War Memorial (if you have time), St. Michael's Tower, Slovak Pub for food and drink in Bratislava, not been to Vienna.
  8. 12/1 -16/1 for a Scotland win apparently, depending on the bookie. Might have some of that,
  9. Heysel, 29 - 5 - 85 I remember watching the final in my local as the only Juve fan in there. I had been on holiday 3 or 4 times in Italy by then and had see Juve play Celtic in 1981 (Zoff, Bettega, Scirea, Brady etc.) and not only loved Italy, but loved Juve. I have seen them on a regular basis, was there last year with my son and was meant to go there in April with my wife, but something came up. My son is a member or the Black and White club so gets priority tickets, he can even (apply) for Champs League tickets. Sorry for quoting you Rab, but thought you might have posted something given the date? Most Livepewl fans I've met when I'm down in Liverpool have a vague recollection of these events, but can wax lyrical about Hillsborough for hours. I'll finish in your own patronising style
  10. Feeder in Falkirk last night, brilliant.
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