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  1. The Bottle Shop in Alva usually have a few.
  2. Haven't posted my Aberdeen experience and thanks to @Iminavest for his Casc suggestion. Fav bars were Casc for beer, Fierce for a great range and possibly my fav beer from them all, 6 Degrees North for food, Brewdog Ellon for the experience (but jeezo it's expensive), the other 3 Brewdogs after that. Actually, shout out to The Prince of Wales, decent pub grub and 6cask ales. best beers were... Westmalle - Dubble, Wylam - Imperial Macchiato, Schneider Weisse - Tap 1, Chimay - White, Oskar Blues - Horchata. All from Casc. People Like Buns, Moose Mousse, Have a Break & Brew York - Live and Let Pie Bannoffee Stout ( best beer) from Fierce. Dirty Fries and Honey Beer, Mango Beer, Tripel from 6 Degrees North. Had various from the 4 Brewdogs, Sunmaid Stout was the our fav.
  3. Just had one of these, excellent Saison. Unfortunately, they only had two in Lidl Bo,ness, went to Lidl New Carron...none. Have had a few Hybrid beers (delivered to my door, but could've walked round and picked them up) and pleased that they might finally have made it to the big time through this Lidl promotion. Hopefully pick up some further afield, Alloa, Stirling. Did anyone get the Sub Super Nova 10.5% Stout? Sols out in Bo'ness and New Carron.
  4. Heading up to this more with hope than anticipation and Oksannen and McEntee will be big losses. Genuinely don't know what to expect, thot we were decent last week, for most of the game, and still not convinced about the penalty. Can see this going to pens...
  5. Great to see that Grangemouth's Hybrid Brewery seem to have made it to the big time @Bairnardo, some other crackers in there as well.
  6. Had both of those along with Amundsen - Ice Cream Mocha Fudge Cake in Brewdog Kelvingrove yesterday, really liked all 3.
  7. Heading up to Aberdeen in a fortnight and have Fierce, 6 degrees North and Brewdog on my to do list. Feel free to post any other recommendations, thanks.
  8. Superb, but not my favourite Omnipollo. The bar in Stockholm is something else, they have Yellow Belly on tap.
  9. Vibrations Festival in Falkirk. Pigeon Detectives were very good, but Cast were outstanding. Crowd was down on the same gig 2 years ago when Feeder headlined, but hopefully Reef and The Fratelli's can swell the crowd enough to convince the organisers to hold the event again next year. Not often I get to see decent bands on my own doorstep, so a big thanks to the guys who run this.
  10. Saw The Father at the McRobert last Saturday, outstanding performance from Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman was superb as well. Went back last night to see Supernova, great performances by Colin Firth and particularly Stanley Tucci.
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