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  1. First one for offside, didn't see much wrong with the second one.
  2. I think it's called Innis and Gunn Taproom, next door to the Grosvenor cinema.
  3. There's one in Ashton Lane, Glasgow as well, but if you're in Ashton Lane, Brel and The Ubiquitious Chip are far superior pubs.
  4. Not had dark Budvar since Bratislava last October, but have loaded my Sub with a dark Krusovice torp and it will be ready in time for todays kick off. Re the mini-kegs, have had some which lasted well over 3-5 days (Paulaner - Hefeweisse, Hybrid - Stout) and others that were flat the second day.
  5. He only retired from DJ'ing at weddings. parties etc. last year. keeps in touch with Bob Ballard who works for the BBC.
  6. Where did you find that? It was my mate Miller who won it that year , but he never actually saw it as I think it went out live. Managed to get a DVD copy for his 50th birthday and he was absolutely delighted to finally see it. Made my morning that.
  7. Cruzcampo Especial from my sub, very nice.
  8. Greenied for using Hybrid. I know wee Rab that runs it and have been down there for a nose about his gear. Good guy, very passionate about beer. Have had a few of their beers in bottles and on draught in The Claremont and The Corbie Inn, but first time I've had a delivery from them. Also got the Bramble Blackberry Porter, really nice flavour, but a bit thin.
  9. Have been steadily getting through a 5 litre keg of Magic Porridge Stout from the Hybrid Brewery in Grangemouth since it was delivered on Friday. Really nice stout, but had gone really flat by today.
  10. From the new beer range at Morrisons (Stirling) Omnipollo - Noa, Pecan mud pie Imperial stout. Genuinely didn't think I would see a beer of this quality in a supermarket. 11% and thick, sweet and more alcohol that I remember from the last time I tried it. Brew York - Sweet Temptation, Chocolate caramel stout. Easy drinking, sweet stout. Northern Monk - Norse Star, Vanilla, Cacao & Almond Imperial Stout. Expected big things from this 9% Imperial stout, but the almond was the overpowering flavour, making it taste like coffee with a shot of Amaretto.
  11. Gulden Draak - Imperial Stout. Really smooth, slightly smokey, and very easy to drink for a 12% big hitter. Not a typical Imperial Stout, more like a 12% Leffe Brune, better not drink them all at once.
  12. Got a delivery from Belgium in a Box yesterday which had that and Gulden Draak Imperial Stout among the beers. Have tried the 9000 Quad before, but not the Imperial Stout, will report back once I've tried it.
  13. I joined last week and received an email from MCT the next day. Maybe it's just because it's the weekend.
  14. Aye, that bar is brilliant, been a few times.
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