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  1. This after Blue Rose Code in Falkirk. As usual with Overtone it’s excellent.
  2. This from The Wee Bottle Shop in Alva, excellent.
  3. A 'Spoons somewhere? Only reason to go into one IMO.
  4. Aye, but in a quirky way, really like it and the brewer was giving my son tips for his home brew. Now walked to Brewdog Stirling, 16,000 steps and 10.5km.
  5. First part of my walk today from Dunblane to Stirling. Pit stop at Allanwater Brewery, this is their very nice Hefeweizen.
  6. Hybrid is literally a 5 min walk from my house, unfortunately they don’t let you buy at the brewery, only online with delivery. Some very good beers and I think the Slopemeister Brewery bottle there as well.
  7. This is absolute value for money at £1.49 in Home Bargains (Camelon). Peanut and biscuit flavours and 5.2%, will be buying more.
  8. Bought that on VT’s recommendation, thought it was really good.
  9. This was excellent. As it’s from Vault City it’s obviously a sour, but it’s quite subtle and the cherry and chocolate elements are definitely there.
  10. Will do. Had the Tonkoko and the Imperial Tonkoko in Brew York last summer, both excellent.
  11. Aye, Bravehop is really nice. Loving your 6 North glass, wish I had taken one when I was in there last October.
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