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  1. I think that ultimately, its not something we'll need to concern ourselves with anyway sadly.
  2. Aw get fucked! Delightful goal, but that flag was about 10 years too late! Also, why the f**k should a 22 year old not have composure?!
  3. I'd love to see a comparison of hoofed balls from defenders from our game and this game. Also the number of completed passes for us compared to both teams in this game, and the Czechs (although obviously it is to be expected that the two today would make and complete more since they are far superior; perhaps pass completion would be a better comparison).
  4. Sore one for Pavard. Might have been knocked out momentarily there.
  5. Germany seem to have arisen from their slumber. They're suddenly much quicker and showing more aggression.
  6. The commentator just mentioned that Germany have only recently started playing the system they currently are, as in only in the last two friendlies. That's absolutely mental. It's clearly not working here as well.
  7. Aye, it looks like if they wanted/needed to, France could step it up quite a bit. Die Mannschaft however seem to be spluttering somewhat. When the head pundit (forget his name) said they might find time to dicuss the incident in the tunnel, Keane's tight grin was definitely one of restrained fury.
  8. Goal difference is also important for deciding the best placed teams who finished third is it not?
  9. I don't actually think there ever will be a UBI type model introduced, certainly not in the UK, and almost certainly not in an independent Scotland should we ever achieve that.
  10. A huge, possibly deliberate, misinterpretation of what I said. It's clear from your posts that you absolutely despise me, and I get the impression that you are holding back a bit on what you seem to really think of me (maybe some of it is right mind), and I think that's clouded your thoughts on what I'm saying. I've tried counselling incidentally, with three different people. It's had a limited effect. I've never claiming not working would make my life great or that it would remove my mental issues. It would give me the space and time to work on them though. Folk are often signed off work with stress or other illness for that very reason. I do think though that my life would immeasurably be better and I absolutely would be able to accomplish more and do more if I didn't have to work though. You don't know what I currently do in my free time, or what help I'm seeking or have sought (as well as how effective or otherwise it has been), so I'm not sure how you can judge what I've made excuses for. No doubt, I've made excuses for myself in the past, but I haven't done that for a long time now. In general though having more free time meaning someone can do more things is in no way a controversial point or somehow not true. I think perhaps we disagree on the general point of working. That's fine; some folk like their work, some folk like the structure work brings, some like both, some don't like working in the slightest.
  11. The unemployed don't deserve anything unless they act in a very specific way is what you're saying. They must take any job and they dare not exercise their freedom of choice to turn one down? A horrible Tory attitude that I don't agree with at all.
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