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  1. Hey, he's been fine for us this season! Has only conceded 2 goals in 6 games, and one of those was away to Ross County.
  2. Jack Ross: Ok lads, keep it tight for the first few minutes this half. Dundee United:
  3. There will be some hookers in the red light district who won't have received a pumping like that.
  4. Ah shit, it's Road 96. Confused me, as there are frequent references to 'Route 96' in the game! But aye, good game (on Game Pass) and definitely worth a shot.
  5. WHAT'S THE GOALIE DAEIN?! Fucking donkey stuff. Total ghost wrists from the United keeper. Also, very amusing.
  6. Oh, was keen on United winning this but hearing their fans sign that dogshit "Everywhere we go" song has me now leaning towards them getting pumped.
  7. Who is the United number 14. What an absolute atrocious haircut! Genuinely disgusting.
  8. Eh? We'd just do what we've always done in these situations, that being give the tickets to the away club to sell. Also, why would we have given Kilmarnock the same number of tickets as they have season ticket holders?
  9. It'll be that comical misspelled door. Nah, Hearts were absolutely shite in the Covid season as well. f**k Milne so much for that. Massive c**t move and massively moronic. The fucking idiot was blinded by greed but only succeeded in fucking his own club, along with almost every club. Scumbag.
  10. Don't know, but feels hotter than that. No idea who that is. Nah, nothing glorious about it.
  11. Far top hot today, and was far too hot yesterday. Looks like being far too hot tomorrow too.
  12. There's a cracking one at the docks as well (Marco's I think it's called).
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