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  1. My point was that they didn't magically get huge crowds as the morons who spew pish about merging clubs always insist will happen. Not that it would make a difference if clubs did merge and somehow got bigger crowds.
  2. Mind when those Inverness teams merged and the new club benefitted from having supporters from two teams? No? Oh....
  3. I think Dorrans has been an absolutely terrible signing and would like to see him gone and his apparently substantial wage being put to better use, but I can't see him just walking away for nothing or a reduced contract. He'll see his contract out I think.
  4. Why would Dorrans be off the wage bill? He's not going to just walk away, and he definitely wouldn't do so for nothing.
  5. Genuinely sad to see so many nasty scumbags with seemingly not an ounce of humanity. Sad as well that so many people buy the total nonsense about benefits etc. Just horrible people who don't belong in a good society. Thankfully for them they live in the UK, so they don't live in a good society.
  6. Haha, f**k sake! They were banging on about the pitch as if it had murdered a load of kids, and seemingly it was stopping Celtic 'playing their game'.
  7. Apparently Kilmarnock have an artifical pitch. You would have thought they'd have mentioned it.
  8. Would be interested to hear the context of the controversial comments. If he genuinely outright called Sunak the 'p word' and did so an insult, then Sadowitz can f**k so far off. If it was part of his routine and not him saying that was what he genuinely believed that I don't see an issue (for example as part of a bit as to why Tories wouldn't vote for him).
  9. Far, far, far too early to suggest that. McPake will have known the budget and restraints before coming in, so sympathy is limited from me.
  10. Is that not a bit of a result (given how costs are predicted to go up)?
  11. Was a while ago to be fair! Not seen it on tap for years. Think pubs had it as their 'stout' option because it was cheaper than Guinness and Best.
  12. I think it's a decent strip. Can get if folk don't like it, but it simply doesn't even begin to clash with our strip, and that's before you take in account the shorts and socks.
  13. This used to be fairly common on tap in pubs about 10 years ago. I'd often have it as my first pint for 'ballast'.
  14. Hopefully. Butch is fucking abysmal and a wee jobber tit. Pete Dunne is a believable cruiserweight who can cause issues with/to the bigger guys (i.e. his Bruiserweight gimmick). Gunther looks odd slimmed down, but he's still huge and still an awesome worker. He's great.
  15. It was also the commentary game on Radio Scotland, despite being the least interesting by far.
  16. Aye, the Old Inn is a good pub! Are you really saying that you thought the shirts in the photo below were close in colour?!
  17. Good fucking christ: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02HG2wZcpYRHYKuMVyUWct4zUMaeYALXe8CChGEbb9JLztgsb81fPfJ4N7s4wWv4fl&id=107773565268319&sfnsn=scwspmo
  18. Shite situation, but the club have no one to blame but themselves. The board made the worst managerial appointment in the club's history, apparently based on a game where we pumped Alloa 1-4, and they then appointed a well past it moronic failure after. They allowed both losers to sign a multitude of players, some of whom to long term contracts, apparently without relegation clauses. We are a League 1 club. We are competing with three other full time clubs in our division and Kelty who can probably offer good wages. Most full time players will want to play in the Championship at a minimum. Ayr, Morton, Hamilton, Inverness, Partick, Raith, Dundee and Queens Park are full time and are all instantly more attractive than us simply because they play at a higher level. In addition there are the rising energy costs. I imagine the board budgeted for some increase in those costs, but when the budget was set was probably a couple of months ago, and energy costs have went up more than expected since and might go up more. Probably best then that some player budget can be swallowed up by these rises rather than maxing the player budget and then having to find extra funds for the increase in energy costs. That's all total guesswork mind, as I have absolutely no idea what the club's budget is. I imagine we'll make a couple of signings in the next couple of weeks, but can’t see too many and think the squad will run light until at least January. Just have to hope we get lucky with njuries and suspensions. It's good that Hamilton, Todd and Macdonald can play more than one position. Anyway, despite the above it has been a great start. Three wins out of three, top of the league and no goals conceded. The two home games have seen less than stellar performances, but full points are very welcome. We now go in to a very tough period where 3 out of the next 4 are away, with the home game being against a good Airdrie side, followed by a home derby game. We should have Dorrans back soon who can hopefully add some attacking threat to the midfield. Personally I'd like to see Hamilton, Mochrie and Dorrans as the midfield three if McPake insists on going 4-3-3. Cautious optimism here. We won our first three league games in 20/21 and had a great first half of the season, but fell away badly, although still ended up in the (good) playoffs. New manager and teams though.
  19. Victory! A good result. By all accounts a horrible game, but three points ground out will do. Three wins out of three with players out and a thin squad is a good start.
  20. Aye, my mate at the game says it's been awful. Surprised he's not left yet!
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