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  1. Do you mean it is a requirement that teams must have nine subs on the bench, or just that they can if they wish? Would imagine it's the latter.
  2. It's utter nonsense. Unsure why anyone is even considering it to be so when the only 'source' is a fan of another team who has posted it in this thread.
  3. Considering how loathe Johnston often is to make subs in 'normal' times, he was almost certainly against this! I think this might become a more permanent thing in a few years though, and of course driven by big teams with huge squads with no regards for smaller teams.
  4. Hughes is an utter slaver and says nothing of worth. We'll see how Chalmers works out. Hopefully well of course, but if he doesn't he can always go in to the family of business of school superintendents.
  5. Abandoned game against Kilmarnock is now on Saturday the 12th of February, and fans can re-use their tickets. A startling outbreak of common sense.
  6. We have Fenton who can cover left back. Perhaps Hughes thinks that he could cover right back as well if needed? Or we have Martin who can play left or right back, with Breen or Jones able to cover in the middle.
  7. Another great day of Scottish Cup games yesterday. Wish we weren't so disgracefully shite in that tournament. Miss it.
  8. Aye, get this absolutely to f**k. Up there with having the team run out to 'Teenage Kicks' when Kenny was in charge in terms of sacrilege.
  9. Any penalty that is scored is a good one!
  10. Talking of which, Gary Naysmith is only 43 (and that was two months ago).
  11. This is a must win (aren't they all?). Lose and we'll be bottom by 1 or 2 points but having played a game more. More vitally, we'll only have one more game against a direct rival (whereas we have, for example, three more games against Kilmarnock and two against Partick).
  12. I hate those shite quick round up sections. Lazy nonsense and shows how little they can be arsed. Appalling standards. Also, the Celtic and Sevco games absolutely deserved to be in that quick roundup section, but of course the coward shitebag sycophants would never have that. It's even worse when they dedicate significant time instead to a game that was shown in full earlier in the day.
  13. Nah, f**k that, if we're playing one up front we should be expecting goal from him. If he's 'holding up play to bring others in to play' (which McCann doesn't do) then who is supposed to be on the end of crosses? He sometimes wins 'flick ons', but most of the time to no one because of how we play. Useless, pointless, ineffective caveman football. McCann should not our first choice striker if we play one up front. May as well play Donaldson up there if all we want is someone to win aimless headers.
  14. Ah, that makes sense. Aye, he has a weird leathery neck.
  15. Did I mishear or was Peter Grant introduced as the Alloa manager?
  16. Always foul? How about be more disciplined in defence instead? How about doubling up on a player when needed? How about getting extra men back behind the ball? Force the opposition to try and pass it around in areas that aren't dangerous. A foul at certain times is fine (mostly during breaks where your team is overwhelmed in terms of numbers), and even good play, but every time when the opposition can pass it around (and, again, this can be harmless often) is just giving away a set piece opportunity.
  17. What's the euromillions numbers for Tuesday? 61, 68, 86, 89, 96, 99, 11, 16
  18. BBC Scotland have been doing a Saturday morning breakfast show for a few months now. Guess what they talk about the vast majority of the time... Anyway, these p***ks have a nerve to claim that they 'cover Scottish football'. They don't. They cover select teams from the Premiership (two above all others) and then tell you the score of other games in the country. Soccer Saturday 'cover Scottish football' as much as BBC Scotland do.
  19. It will go one of three ways: 1. Either team will win by a goal to nil. 2. 0-0. 3. Queens will win 2 or 3 nil. It will not be a good game.
  20. He's scored in two games has he not? Although that is hardly better and really unsure what Hughes sees in him that makes him start before Wighton (before his loan) or O'Hara. Agree that O'Hara and McCann is definitely worth exploring more. I never agree that refs want to be centre of attention. Actually think it's a (very silly) bandwagon thing to say. The ref booked Devine for clattering McCann first half. I just think refs get far too much scrutiny and that folk expect them to be 'consistent' from the point of view of what fans see, when the truth is that refs are consistent, but from what they see (which is often from a poorer angle, sometimes obscured by players) and based on decisions they have to make in seconds. Refs get things wrong, but the alternative is utter shite like VAR. I think we have the balance ok in Scotland (except in games involving two particular teams, which VAR won't solve). Refs don't costs teams games.
  21. Annoyed that we never seemed set up like last week. Where were Lawless and Dow supposed to be playing first half? The changes though were effective and second half was far better. It did however feature yet another midfield combination. Hughes just doesn't seem to know his best team.
  22. Yup, one of the reasons it will never happen. Think he will learn and his next role will show that. A step down to step back up would be ideal for him, although no chance he'd step down to League 1.
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