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  1. Aye, Theory absolutely screams 'midcarder' at best. He's very bland. His shite gimmick doesn't help mind. He's not even close to being credible as a threat to one of the top belts.
  2. The team are wearing the home strip from a few years ago for some reason. Do the club keep a load of old strips sitting around at East End?
  3. Is John Hughes secretly in charge of Stenhousemuir? Their play seems horribly familiar...
  4. They've nicked the 'Frankenballer' feature from A View From The Terrace.
  5. I mind there was some sort of sales event where they hired a Billy Joel cover band, but the band only played early Joel. After too many drunken requests to 'start the fire' (a tune the band never played as they were strictly early Joel) the singer got annoyed and tried to square go an audience member. This resulted in the band leaving and one of the salesmen had to stand in on drums with one of the caterers standing in on vocals.
  6. Got this in Marks and Spencer foodhall. As it suggests, it's a nice and light IPA. Good beer.
  7. They've starter selling this in Tesco. Very light, like juice; massive peach flavour! Good stuff.
  8. Not bad. Delivers on the juicy promise. Would not not recommend.
  9. I wasn't born until (very) late 84. Before my time I think!
  10. Of course I have! Saw it loads as a kid. Didn't like it after a while.
  11. I stand by it! They have a load of dreck too mind, and their last good tune was Beautiful Day, but before that they had plenty of top songs.
  12. Alas my man, I have no idea what 'Magpie' is/was.
  13. This stuff is great! Lovely vanilla hint to it. Big fan.
  14. No idea who Mick Robertson is! They're mental b*****ds. They also fire around in packs/gangs.
  15. Somehow gets not only the ice cream flavour right, but also the neopolitan flavour right. Really nice! Also a Morrisons effort.
  16. A good example of the 'milkshake IPA' genre. As it says, it is basic, so you will get better ones, but a nice introductory one. Nice stuff.
  17. Oddly, it's definitely beer when you drink it, yet has a very clear jam and custard flavour. It's tremendous.
  18. Morrisons my man. They do a 4 pack of 330ml cans. I only got the bigger can in case it was pish. It however is excellent, so wish I got the 4 pack. Shall rectify this error soon.
  19. Decent enough for an orange flavoured beer. A bit heavy on the orange; definitely not a session beer, for me at least. Would enjoy within a session, but too sweet to be a session.
  20. I suppose it's more of a reactive or, more precisely, future 'cancelling' in terms of the consumer.
  21. An absolute delight! Got this in Morrisons. Promises jam and custard flavour, delivers jam and custard flavour. Lovely!
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