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  1. To make a serious post, before a return to the brilliant Simpsons content, the stuff that's come out about what happened to McArthur is horrible. I used to take football far too seriously when I was younger (we're talking about 13 years ago here; these days the worst I do is indulge in some pantomime booing and am over it by the time I walk out the ground, which is exactly what happened on Saturday), and a few times was a raging tit at some games. However, it never once occurred to me then to attack someone or spit at someone or vandalise their property. I can't comprehend the mind of such a pathetic, cowardly scumbag cretin piece of shit to do this over a fucking game of football (or indeed anything really). Just outrageously scum behaviour, and astonishingly moronic. The guy(s) who did this need found, need an absolute kicking, need banned from East End for life, and will hopefully be arrested. The pals of the fuckwits responsible will hopefully have a very serious think about things as well and will hopefully know that they are now on a fucking tightrope themselves. The last bit of the statement makes a bit more sense now, although the sponsor stuff is still silly and was probably written in the heat of the moment. I also think that some folk have been going way overboard regarding McArthur. There's definitely valid criticisms to be made and questions to be answered, but some of the stuff being said ('charlatan', 'fraud', 'coward' etc) is nonsense and doesn't hold up to scrutiny. It shouldn't take such horrendous incidents to make folk think twice about this sort of thing, but hopefully this will indeed make them reconsider the language being used and the accusations being chucked about. Still unsure where things go from here, but hopefully it can be done a bit more civilly. As you were. P.S. Who is this 'McCarthur' some people have been posting about....
  2. Guess what part of the statement the vast majority of news outlets are leading with or focusing on... But aye, it's a lad at Dumfries shouting stuff and being 'held back' by a steward and some fans booing that is costing us sponsors... Also, I wonder how many sponsors will be willing to chuck money at the club in League 1
  3. What an insulting big bag of shite that statement is. It's riddled with contradictions and outright lies. Who is it they think they are fooling?! Meggle claimed we played some entertaining football in the league cup (that game in Paisley wasn't entertaining), yet we smacked around a COVID riddled Dumbarton. However, whilst they aren't allowed to use COVID as an excuse, we are. Makes no sense. What impact has COVID actually had anyway? What players have been missing due to COVID? Breen? But then they surely knew the rules around isolation before bringing him over. Didn't they? Surely?! But he's just one of a trillion centre backs anyway, so what difference would he have made? He also mentions injuries. Again, who? Martin, Wilson and McCann. Wilson might have made a difference, but not enough to stop the shite we've seen. McCann has zero goals for the club. Martin has been released. Dow was injured and has been rushed back when a perfectly fit Thomas was available. Also, as the signing of Connolly showed, they could have tried to get another winger on loan anyway. The squad has been badly misused in general. No need to go in to that further, we all know and have all seen it. What are the "issues outwith the manager's control"? What is he hinting at there? Since the next paragraph mentions the disallowed goal on Saturday, it surely can't be that? The goal was rightly given offside incidentally, and even had it stood, there is no guarantee we would have won. The same applies to Wighton's goal at Starks. He notes that the defence improved after binning Mehmet, Graham and the shite formation. Yes, it did, but we still gave away some glaring chances. The defence was breached multiple times first half at Starks for example. Against Hamilton there was a free header they should have scored from. The goal we conceded on Saturday was rank. Three times we tried to aimlessly hack away the ball before Queens scored. Check the highlights. The defence is still far too vulnerable. The 'balance' he notes about attacking is bullshit. The stats have been noted on here about how few shots we have had. It should be noted how few crosses we're getting in, how few chances we're actually creating for the strikers. Why are out wingers so narrow? Why do we play forward so slowly? Where is the link up between midfield and attack? Why do we still shell so many awful high balls to no one? The 'balance' doesn't work when it's only 'balanced' towards defence anyway. We won't be drawing our way to the title or the playoffs. We've scored the lowest number of goals across the entire SPFL. Even Vale of Leithen, bottom of the Lowland League with a -67 goal difference after 13 games have scored more than us. Wigtown and Bladnoch, bottom of the South of Scotland League with a goal difference of -53 after eleven games have scored more than us. Every single team in the North of Scotland league has scored more than us, even though we've played more games than them all. It's obvious where the deficiencies lie here. Meggle mentions that "every single player has the individual qualities to help the team". Do they aye? That'll be why Graham has been bombed out of the squad completely. That'll be why Mehmet was dropped. That'll be why Leon Jones was basically given a big middle finder with the signing of Connolly. That'll be why we won't be seeing Watson again. That'll be why Thomas been dropped, despite starting as captain and despite Dow still not being fully fit after his injury. This will be why Kyle Macdonald hasn't got a look in at all. This will be why Matty Todd and Miller Fenton are nowhere to be seen, often not even making the bench. I don't get how they think things will suddenly change. It's not like we've got several key players out who will make a big difference to the team when they return. Will we suddenly start playing differently despite showing nothing to suggest we will at all? What exactly is the plan to turn things around? We signed a squad for the hideous three at the back formation. Now that that has been abandoned, we're stuck with 382342 central defenders and a really imbalanced squad. We signed really poorly and now the signings don't fit. Pybus is awful. Dorrans is a huge waste of cash. Who of them is driving us forward in the midfield? Allan might impress, the jury is still out on him. Cole, maybe? I'm unsure what sort of player he is. We're running with three strikers too. Todorov I think is ok, but like Wighton and O'Hara is getting no service at all, save the occasional aimless punt. These guys aren't getting any service for the most part. Wighton and O'Hara showed in the Rovers game, and at the weekend, that they can stay sharp and put the ball away if one comes their way, albeit the goals were disallowed (close with Wighton but definitely offside with O'Hara). O'Hara did score at Starks. We have strikers who can take chances. We need to make these chances, but we aren't. He notes that everyone is 'up for the fight blah blah blah'. I don't think the commitment of any of the players or staff has really been a question. I've seen them all trying, but many aren't good enough and the confidence is so low, ably assisted by the management. The stuff about Grant showing that he can handle 'a difficult situation' is perhaps the biggest lie and biggest pile of pish there. Have they genuinely got him confused with someone else? Between the talk of his team playing good football last season and now this, what the f**k are they on about? Anyway: - Grant resigned as manager last season (28.6% win record). He wasn't sacked. Does that show he can handle a difficult situation? - Grant resigned as manager at Norwich (33% win record). He wasn't sacked. Does that show he can handle a difficult situation? - Grant was punted as part of the Celtic coaching staff. Does that show that he can handle a difficult situation? - Grant was first team coach at Birmingham, before scuttling across the city to join Alex McLeish at Aston Villa, where they were both fired within a year. Does that show he can handle a difficult situation? - Grant was part of the awful Scotland set up under Alex McLeish who were pumped by Kazakhstan (that defending reminds of some team I know...) and who were sacked just after a year. Does that show he can handle a difficult situation? The last paragraph just seals the big mountain of shite and nonsense. I was at Dumfries on Saturday. One guy ran over to the barrier to give abuse. He wasn't trying to attack or get at anyone. He might have went a bit over the top with the abuse, but it was just one guy. One guy was a dick at Ayr to Dorrans. Are we to believe that two guys are driving sponsors away? No, what's driving sponsors away, or not helping attract sponsors, are the rapidly falling attendances at East End. Have some sponsors perhaps been sold on being seen by a certain number of people per game? Is that one of the reasons why the club lie about attendances? Sponsors won't be falling for that nonsense any longer, if they ever did. The club could have said that they understand fans' frustrations, but please try to remain civil. That's all they needed to say there. Incidentally, I was at the Ayr game too, and just like at the Dumfries game, there were a bunch of younger supporters who sang throughout the game and tried to encourage the team throughout, despite getting nothing in return. If the new investors have taken a negative portrayal of the club because a few lads shouted a few bad words, they need to have a wee word and perhaps think of the cause here. Why they, and the existing board members, are so desperate to defend Grant I don't know. They're alienating fans and driving them away (witness the lowest away support at Starks in memory, and just fucking wait until you see the crowd at the Kilmarnock game!), and for what? A dud manager who has never been a success and never will, at least not at this level. Crazy, crazy stuff. Fucking mind melting. A huge climbdown and massive, sincere apology is needed here, or else I fear we'll be fighting for our club again, against the club again. The talk of a youth academy seems like an absolute fantasy right now. In principal I'm absolutely for it, but in reality, how do we pay for the running costs once it's set up? How do we pay for the coaches and other staff? The equipment, the upkeep of the pitch(es) and facilities? On sub 3000 crowds? There's no joined up thinking there. I can genuinely see a scenario where the investors think it isn't working out as they hoped and selling up their shares and leaving, especially when you hear of so many fans cancelling lifelines and when you see the attendances we'll be getting at games. And they, and the existing board, have brought it on themselves should that happen. That's the path today's statement has set us down.
  4. Hi, I am having issues scrolling when using the site on mobile. For some reason, when each page loads I can scroll up and down either way, but then after a second or so it sorts of jams, and won't allow me to scroll either way (see the recording I've attached). It's only this site that I know of that I'm getting this issue (other site/forums are fine and I don't experience the issue). I've tried accessing different sections of this site (like the Championship and Premiership forums, as well as the General Nonsense one), but the issue is the same across them all. I'm using Opera (built in ad blocker!) on Android. I have just tried it on Chrome on Android and it's working fine, so perhaps a compatibility issue between the site and Opera on Android? The issue only started occurring yesterday evening. Never had any issues before then. I've reported this issue via Chrome on the laptop. video-1633082739.mp4
  5. Taken on its own, a draw at Starks isn't a terrible result. However, when taken in the context of our season, as it should be, it's a poor result. Are we going to keep 'building' on draws and draw our way to the title* or a playoff place? Is this another 'encouraging' performance, despite yet again not winning? Only some poor finishing by Rovers in the first half kept us in the game for the second. They should have been at least two or three up by the end of the first 45. They passed it around and through us with ease, always having a man available and always having space to exploit. Comrie got absolutely roasted first half. It's almost as if a manager did some scouting on an opposing team, recognised a weakness and exploited it, rather than arrogantly not apparently bothering to find out about the opposition and just assume all will be well. Rovers clearly targeted attacking down our right, and got their reward with the goal. Comrie got far too easily turned/beaten for that too and struggled all half against Zanatta and Dick. Rovers also got a lot of success putting in crosses from our left. It might be that they again recognised that they would get the opportunities to do this (rather than the cutting in of Zanatta and the low driven crosses from the right). The unmarked header should have been a goal. We've been done with that far too often this season and it's crazy that it hasn't been sorted. We had almost nothing going forward and struggled to put passes together. Think we had maybe 2 attempts at goal, neither of which produced a save from Macdonald. Second half we were much improved and got the equaliser. I was very disappointed to see us sit back immediately after that though, rather than press for a winner. What 'encouraging' signs were there to take from that? Terrible management. Dow looks still not up to pace, so he has to not be playing Thomas out of spite. I struggle to think of another reason. Only having three wide players could be an issue in general. Macdonald could possibly play wide, but I doubt we'll see him again under Grant unless circumstances (injuries and suspensions) force him. Kennedy can f**k off with that shitebag diving. No heart, and I fear a lack of final product in general, although his cross for the goal was great. Connolly had an alright game tonight. He had a part in their goal however, as well as the glaring chances they had in the first half. His signing though still baffles me. I still think it's a really poor one. I've seen people fall over themselves to defend Grant by reasoning that he is an improvement on what we already have. He might be, but why then was Grant allowed to sign a load of other centre backs if they weren't good enough? Why was he allowed to sign a load of players not up to standard? What sort of message does this send to a younger player like Jones? The message here is that he WON'T get a chance. Instead, Grant will just bring in someone he thinks is better. The message is that younger players won't get a chance to play and develop. Jones is only on a 1 year contract. If he isn't getting the chance now, when will he get one? Might younger players think twice about signing for us if they think they won't get an opportunity? Going back to Macdonald, he can play wide, but even with an unfit Dow and out of favour Thomas he won't get a look in. Is he making signings for the short term to save his job, rather than to build a team longer term? Is part of his remit not to try and help bring through younger players? If not, why not? Anyway, get Grant so far to f**k. Fire him immediately. Four goals and four points from seven matches, with zero wins, is abysmal. He showed, yet again, that he is awful when the team shat it after equalising and did not go for the winner. He was the dog who caught the car. As I said, are we to expect a load of cautious draw now, and be expected to buy that it is 'encouraging' and 'something to build on'? Nah, bin this jester. Incidentally, I got a good chuckle out of the two commentators and the presenter and pundit all wondering why our league record is so bad, yet not one of them even hinted at the correct answer, with Loy even saying that Grant is "a very good coach". *Title has long gone. Best we can maybe hope for is a playoff place, but Grant needs to be punted for any chance of that.
  6. That's an absolutely disgraceful signing considering how many defenders we already have. We apparently only have 1 fit striker as well. A loan striker should have been the play. Breen, Jones, Watson, Gaspuitis, Graham, not to mention Martin if he ever comes back, all are central defenders. He also played Comrie in the middle too. Why have the board sanctioned this? They need to answer some very, very serious questions here. We'll add this latest nonsense to a very rapidly expanding list of questions they have to answer around Grant. They've fucking lost it. Someone must be having a laugh or actively trying to sabotage things.
  7. That was dire yesterday. So dull. We were just so safe and sterile. Kennedy and Thomas tried to take players on and force something, but weren't effective Kennedy has that ability to go by players, but he always takes at least one touch too many or tries to take on one man too many. Hopefully he learns and puts together an end product, be it a pass/cross or shot on goal (he nearly did so in the Inverness game with his shot mind; more of that please). Our central midfield are slow and uncreative. The ball just gets stuck in there and passed between them. It's plodding and poor and gets us nowhere. We're so slow going forward. Our strikers had almost nothing to work with. Almost no crosses, no through balls, nothing for them to challenge for to get a chance from. Side note, Edwards' run forward was good until he realised where he was an panicked, losing the ball, when a pass for one of the strikers was on that would have put them through on goal with a chance to shoot. Defence looked solid enough, but there was a free header for Mullin in the first half that he wasted. OFW had one of his best games for us, pulling off two great saves, one either half. Where has this guy been?! Hopefully we see more of that rather than the ghost wristed performances of yore. Anyway, Grant has signed a squad for his 3-5-2/3-4-3 formation, but since it has now been binned (hopefully permanently), the squad is unbalanced. There are now 5 central defenders competing for two spots instead of 3. Will this cause issues? No player is happy not playing, but might some of these guys be a bit miffed that they were presumably sold on an opportunity that has now considerably narrowed? Not to mention the waste of wages. Hopefully with Cole back we can see more of him in midfield. I don't rate Pybus and Dorrans at all. Think both are exceptionally poor signings, and would rather see Allan and Cole given a shot in there until we get Wilson back (if he does come back). We also only have 3 strikers now. I think, if possible, we should look to get one on loan, as injuries can happen. If just one of them is injured, then we can be in a position of needing to change one, or both, of the guys starting in a game but have no options. What's happened to McCann incidentally? You'd think this would be a time for him to get a chance as a backup. Seemingly Wighton and Todorov were injured, thus their subs. If they are both out, we're stuck with one striker. More poor squad management. McCann, Wilson, Martin, Breen; what's the deal with these guys? Grant spoke some pish after the game. Said he though Dorrans was excellent and had been for weeks. Strong disagree. He also said that Dorrans hadn't played for 10 weeks when we signed him. It shows. Chucking in a guy who hasn't been able to get up to match fitness is just another poor decision. He obviously needs to play to get match fit, but throwing him in right away in a new team and formation, when everyone is struggling, is poor management to me. Talking of which, apparently Dow isn't match fit. If only we had another winger sat on the bench who is match fit. Baffling stuff. Brainless even. I saw someone mention the point that Grant was hired for his supposed great football, but now that he isn't getting to play his stuff with his players then what exactly is he there to do? Just another baffling facet of this appointment. I spoke with a friend yesterday about younger players. Weren't we supposed to be signing them and bringing them through? Crawford had a good policy there that had some good success (Comrie, Edwards, Macdonald, Turner). Has this now been binned? If so, why? If not then did they consider how Grant would approach this? Did they ask him? Was the youth academy aspect considered when Grant was hired? What I mean is, was there a discussion of it, with an expectation that 'graduates' of said academy would be playing fairly regularly where possible? To be fair, that is some way off, so perhaps not a consideration when they hired Grant, but it's still something to think about. I watched on Pars TV again yesterday, so wasn't at the game, but felt that there was considerable apathy settling in among the fans. A bad state of affairs there. That was not a game to rouse the fans, although I heard some trying. If we continue to get served up such dull, sterile stuff, more and more fans will drift away and stop attending, and some of them won't be back, whilst some may only be back for select games. We're losing fans, yet the club will soon have to meet the costs of running a youth academy. How sustainable is that? I fear that the youth academy will be short lived. I hope I am wrong. Talking of Pars TV, it was pretty poor again yesterday. The club have to address this. Get the guys some proper training. With the colder weather coming up, I imagine some folk will opt to watch the game at home rather than sit in an empty East End, but if there are continued issues they might not even bother doing that. The engagement between club and fan is vital, and if folk are only engaging via Pars TV, it needs to be good or the engagement will be lost, and the fan lost. I've seen people say that they've had issues with Pars TV across other social media platforms too. It's been nearly a year and the same issues are still there. It's not fair on the guys who are operating the camera etc either, as they're volunteers and shouldn't be in a position where they get criticism. The club not addressing things is not helping them. Get someone in to give them a session(s) on operating the camera etc. I did like the co-commentator though. Thought he spoke well. I read last week that folk commended the application of the players. I would agree with that, but I would also say that I don't think commitment has been an issue. I think they've all been trying, but they just weren't sure of the new formation in terms of what they were doing. I think it was quite visible that there was confusion about what to do off the ball when we were playing the nonsense with the back central three. It's too easy when a team is losing to claim that players aren't trying or have 'downed tools', but I think the vast majority of the time it simply isn't true. The lack of confidence is obvious too, and that often has players second guessing themselves and often has guys look to play a safe pass rather than try something that might go wrong. Players often want to get rid of the ball as fast as they can when confidence is low. I don't get how there are apparently so many fans who are still unaware of what a huge issue confidence is for players. Anyway, we're bottom of the league, have scored only three goals and are one of only three teams across the top four leagues without a win. I can't see that changing before the first quarter of games are done with. Laughable and we all know what needs done.
  8. Whilst that was an improvement yesterday, it was still utter dreck. We were flat and dull for most of the game. It was a really boring game. The performance yesterday shouldn't buy Grant a second more in the position. Get him out now. That sort of crap will do nothing for the team or the club. Who will continue paying (far too expensive prices) to watch such awful stuff? Grant's appointment has killed any enthusiasm for the season and the longer he stays the more fans will drift away, and some won't ever be back. East End looks tired and dull, and for too long has been a poor place to watch football. The terrible attendance showed that, and attendances have been falling for a while now. The club had a great chance to help there by making a managerial appointment that fans would get behind which, combined with being able to get back to games, could have really built a 'feel good' factor and seen good season ticket sales. I know plenty of fans who were really looking forward to getting back to East End and were really positive. The announcement of Grant absolutely destroyed that and sunk season ticket sales. The club can lie to us and themselves that COVID is the reason for the awful season ticket sales (apparently even lower than last season; you know, the season when fans knew they wouldn't get to attend a single game), but it was the Grant appointment. They still need to answer for that. The total lack of a walkout however probably shows them that the fans are all talk and nothing more will be done, and they will get away with it (aside from the appalling crowds). I saw some Caley fans complain about Pars TV, and can't argue with that. It might be the worst in the league. They STILL haven't sorted out the issues with glare. They STILL haven't figured out the zoom function. They STILL jerk the camera around far too often. It's not good to watch most of the time, and quite often really hard to follow what is happening. I get that they are volunteers, but people are paying a decent sum for these streams. Can the club not organise training for the folk operating the camera? It's actually really important that this be sorted. For some it is the only way they can watch games and stay engaged with the club. People won't keep paying for a really pish product, and they'll stop watching, stop paying and stop engaging with the club. More fans lost. The club have to address this fast, but suspect they won't bother their arse. I do like the different co-commentator thing though (i.e. having a different person each week). Thought BMMMH was actually pretty good yesterday, so disagree with the Caley fans who thought otherwise. He very quickly noted our glaring issues and gave a good insight to things. McCabe was good top when he was on. Hopefully they have more such people lined up, otherwise they should offer an option to mute the commentary (so fan noise only). Whilst I'm ranting I might as well mention how fucking awful the articles on the official site are. Awful puns (all puns should get to f**k but these are worse than most) with terribly written articles that are full of spelling and grammatical errors, not to mention just general errors. They're packed with cliches and are so dull. Do the club give a f**k about these things? Fin.
  9. I'm not against this (although won't be there anyway), but there's a couple of things I take issue with here. The first is the 'lack of transparency' stuff. I don't agree, unless you genuinely expect the board to make a statement after every single defeat. It comes across as a bit childish, as if they've taken the previous talk about 'transparency' and thrown it back in the board's face since things are going shit. Should there be a statement after every win from the board (a hypothetical situation with a different manager!), saying that the board is happy with the manager and have no intentions of sacking him, just to be 'transparent'? I'm not sure what a board statement would do here? The board could announce that they are behind the manager and wish to give him time. What will that change? There's only one statement we want to see from the board, and that's one announcing the removal of Mr Grant. The second issue with this is that it doesn't really state what the walkout is hoping to achieve. They need to state what the aim of this is, what they hope to happen as a result. Ok, I lied, I have a third issue. The fourth paragraph, where it states that 'the majority of Scottish football' can see that his position is untenable isn't true. It hasn't been mentioned once in any media. I doubt that fans of most Premiership clubs even know or care. I think that fans who do know the situation would agree, but we just aren't important enough for most fans to have even noticed. If/when Grant gets punted, you know that the media will rally round him and talk him up and us down, totally ignoring the facts, and will try and make out that he wasn't given enough time and that this is how football is these days (despite, again, the evidence to the contrary). Grant will be full of excuses. I can see it being a bit like Gary Caldwell. I can easily imagine Grant being invited on to Sportsound, and the usual morons will gush about what a great coach he is and how big bad Dunfermline have treated him terribly (I can almost hear Chick Young saying this sort of pish; perhaps he'll make up some nonsense like he did when Partick Thistle punted Gerry Collins?). Oh, one last thing. I had a dream last night that Grant was sacked. This dream also involved velociraptors though, so not sure of it's accuracy.
  10. Abysmal shouts. Absolutely fucking horrible, utterly lacking imagination and not actually reflective of the situation at all. There were apparently circa 80 applications before Grant was offered the job. If any are even considered then just fold the club, including Hughes and Levein. Fucking losers the lot of them, get them all squarely to f**k. If the aim is only to do better than Grant, then fine, but if that's the case then why not ask Crawford if he'll come back, or phone up Queens and ask about Johnston? What we need to do is write up a proper brief for the role. What do we want from a manager? Invite applications and interview them, asking them to demonstrate how they meet the brief, using their experience at previous roles. It doesn't need to be one of the usual boring failures. When you invite applications you can often find a gem. Look at Motherwell with Robinson, St Johnstone with Lomas (and then Wright, who came with Lomas) or even Celtic with Postecoglu. The likes of Neil McCann, Jim McIntyre, John Hughes etc might apply for it, but when you ask for applications you often get guys you've never considered.
  11. Are you the same moron who posted the ludicrous theory that the German lads invested in the club so that they could steal the money from a potential transfer of Nisbet? Or are you another xenophobic p***k? However, your general point about them answering about the appointment of Grant is valid. If they had any role they too should be held responsible and answer questions.
  12. Was at this pish yesterday. Left early, with about 5 minutes to go. First time I've left a game early since a pre-season friendly against Gretna in 2007 where I ripped the gusset of my shorts after vaulting a row of seats. Anyway, we were absolutely rank once again. What does Grant see in Graham? I genuinely think we never played the 3 at the back against Arbroath because Graham wasn't available. It's like Graham is his boy and he doesn't trust playing the formation without him, for some mad, inexplicable reason. Graham really is awful. Unreal he keeps any other defender out of the team. Talking of which, what's the deal with Breen? Still injured? Jones, Watson and Gaispuitis are all capable I believe to make up a decent centre back pairing. Get Graham punted from the team, the squad and the club. It's been touched upon, but plying your best players in their best positions is just such a basic thing. Our player of the year last season was Comrie and the young player of the year was Edwards, yet neither are getting played in their natural position. Likewise Dom Thomas and Ryan Dow, and our best striker sits on the bench most weeks. Todorov is actually a decent signing I think, but Wighton is a better player than both he and O'Hara and should be starting ahead of them both, with they having to compete to start alongside him. What is our style of play? I'm confused as to the intent. There is so much pointless passing around the defence who are looking for a forward pass but finding none on, often resulting in an aimless long punt, giving away possession. I don't have the stats to hand, but I think in all our league games so far the opposition will have had more possession that us throughout the game, and the way we play is a huge part of that. Our rank midfield is a big part of that too. Pybus is rotten and Dorrans isn't far behind him. They are so ineffective and slow and seem to have no understanding with the defence or attack. Dorrans was, at times yesterday, looking for passes, but often found none on. Is this down to the confusion of our shape? We haven't had a good centre midfield in years. Crawford struggled loads with, culminating in the dreadful line up at Starks with a midfield full of loan players. To think he chucked Tom Beadling, Joe Thomson and Paul Paton (as much as I wasn't particularly a fan of Paton, he's streets ahead of what we currently have). Then Turner fell out with Crawford too. Imagine having those four still at the club. Would make a big difference. I'd like to see Paul Allan given a chance, as not only would he struggle to do worse, but I thought we were supposed to be developing younger players? Also, what happened to Cole? The confidence seems non existent in the squad just now. We are so soft to play against. Not only are we easy to score against, but the heads go down right away when teams do. I also think there's still a lot of uncertainty, with numerous lads not knowing what they should be doing. See the defence, where far too often players are unmarked. It's like they don't know who should be picking up what opposition player. The board must answer serious questions about this farce. As has been said before, they need to explain why they thought Grant was the man for the job. They need to explain what about his loser record made him the ideal candidate, and what games his shite, relegated Alloa played last season that impressed them so much. They should answer why they apparently rejected every other application and apparently didn't even bother interviewing anyone else. Is that extreme naivity or extreme arrogance? Either way, if/when Grant is punted, they can't be allowed to get away with not answering those, and other, questions about the hiring. Furthermore, I thought that the club was supposed to be signing and developing younger players. I get that not every signing can or should be a younger lad we can develop, as experience is also needed, but which of Grant's signings are supposed to be developing? Jones maybe? That's one of out of 7, not including loans. What is Grant's track record of bringing through younger players? Did the board consider this when he was appointed? Or have they just abandoned this ethos for no reason all of a sudden? But then you consider that an academy is seemingly being built. Did they consider this when hiring Grant? Again, what about his record shows that he would be the ideal man to blood players from an academy system in to the first team? Was this even considered? If not, why not? Grant announced he was leaving Alloa in April. How many teams approached him from then until we appointed him? Is it zero? Zero other teams enquired about him becoming their manager? Zero because he's shite? The club is an a downward trajectory. The board can try and hide behind COVID for the shite crowds, but they're just lying to themselves and us. Just a quick look around at other clubs quickly exposes that nonsense. Season ticket sales are way down because the appointment of Grant just deflated so many people. I bet we all know multiple fans who said they were no longer getting a season ticket once he was announced. Even before COVID, crowds were only going in one way. Very troubling, but a good managerial appointment after Crawford, combined with fans being allowed back, could really have seen a good increase in season ticket sales and walk up sales too. Fans were itching to get back, but once Grant was announced the enthusiasm was absolutely killed, and now there's utter apathy amongst the fanbase. Once you lose fans, it's very hard to get them back. The prices don't help either. It's already too expensive but the prices are only going to go one way. A couple of years ago they said that prices had to be raised to cover costs, but a big loss was down to them handing out a 2 year deal to Johnston and sacking him 6 months in. Then they have the audacity to chuck a two year deal at Dorrans and ask us to continue paying inflated prices for utter muck. A huge two fingers up to the fanbase. Talking of Johnston, that 2 year deal and their appointments of Crawford and Grant show that those responsible cannot be trusted to make the next appointment. In fact they should have nothing to do with appointing Grant's successor. I've seen chat about appointing John Hughes. Abysmal shout. If the aim is only to do better than Grant, then fine, but if that's the case then why not ask Crawford if he'll come back, or phone up Queens and ask about Johnston? What we need to do is write up a proper brief for the role. What do we want from a manager? Invite applications and interview them, asking them to demonstrate how they meet the brief, using their experience at previous roles. It doesn't need to be one of the usual boring failures. When you invite applications you can often find a gem. Look at Motherwell with Robinson, St Johnstone with Lomas (and then Wright, who came with Lomas) or even Celtic with Postecoglu. The likes of Neil McCann, Jim McIntyre, John Hughes etc might apply for it, but when you ask for applications you often get guys you've never considered. The longer Grant is in place the more likely we are to go down and the more fans we hemorrhage. Change is needed, and perhaps not just at the level of manager.
  13. The appointment of Grant was unpopular and I think it has cost the club some season ticket sales. It has been said before, but I genuinely think he was the first guy they interviewed, and since they thought he interviewed 'well', they didn't bother to interview anyone else. I reckon most of us on here could interview 'well'. We could all be positive and talk about attacking and entertaining football. I would love to hear who else applied and if they bothered to even talk to any of the other candidates. It should be a question that must be asked at the next opportunity, and we need answers to that. Grant was part of the management team at Celtic under Tony Mowbray who were all fired after being pumped 4-0 at St Mirren. Grant was sacked from Aston Villa and Scotland, and resigned from his role as manager at Norwich. Worth noting that Alloa didn't extend his contract, but it is fair to note that this was probably Grant's choice, as he wanted to move on/up. It has been pointed out that his terrible Alloa team only won 5 games last season, the 5th being a narrow win against us on the final day of the season as we rested loads of players for the playoffs. We beat them in the two other encounters. I don't get it when anyone claims his Alloa team played good football last season. They simply didn't. Not just because they were relegated after only winning 5 games, but because they did not play good football in general. When we dicked them 1-4 last season we didn't even play that well, but went up a gear in the second half after they equalised late in the first. We all wanted him to do well, and still do, even the many who thought his appointment was a dreadful one. However, it is looking like he won't. Because he can't. Because he isn't good enough. But we still hope he will. His signings have been poor. Graham is the obvious one, as he is terrible and should be sent back to Dundee United immediately. Even against Stenhousemuir he was rank. Gaspuitis is probably, rightly, furious that he can't get a game ahead of this utter jobber and a right back. Before some folk start with their pish about left or right sides centre backs, I will point out that if a professional footballer cannot play in a position a few yards either side then they have no business being a professional footballer. If a player cannot do the basics with both feet, then they are lazy shite and we should not be settling for such garbage. In fact, I'm pretty angry that we do, and that so many other people accept this, from both the fanbase and the club. I'm not asking or expecting players at this level to be able to put in great crosses with both feet, be able to curl in a great free kick with both feet, be able to skin a player with both feet, be able to shoot from distance with both feet etc. What I do expect is for them to be able to do the basics with both feet, including simple passes. Why do fans accept when professional players cannot do this?! It takes as little as 30 minutes a day (not counting weekends) to practice being comfortable with both feet in doing the basics. f**k lazy players, and how dare they claim to be professionals. In fact, how fucking dare the club charge us such prices to see players who cannot be fucked to put in the effort to use both feet to even a basic level and, worse, give us coaches and management who think that such garbage is acceptable. Anyway, we are terrible. It has been painfully obvious that the formation isn't working and that quite a few of our players aren't up to it. I really dislike that we aren't using the squad to its strengths. The 3 at the back has to go, unless he tries some different players there who might work. We have about 87 centre backs, so if he persists with Graham and a right back in that formation. then the rest might as well leave. I suspect Grant has fallen in to the trap of going for a popular formation and thinking he can make it work. AJ tried it, but he had Devine and Durnan. At least Grant has options, one of whom is a proven international player who has looked decent in every game he's played for us. The midfield is awful. Thomas is never a central midfielder. Not that he really played there for us as such. He appears to have a Zidane for France free role. He has been all over the place, in both senses of that phrase. He is a winger, and a really good one at this level. He absolutely needs to play as one for us. Him and Dow on either win is as god as you will get in this league, Dorrans I think is a desperately poor signing. I thought he looked really poor at Dundee last season. I live in Dundee and know a couple of Dundee fans through work, and they were not impressed at all with him last season. Pybus is a garbage signing. Absolutely no one rates him. Cole was awful last week and cost us a goal, but may come good. Jury is out. Wighton is our best striker and must start when fit. He should never be out wide or behind the 'front two'. His strengths were obvious last season. Stop trying to shoehorn in a front three and instead make O'Hara and Todorov work to be the one to play alongside Wighton. If you think Wighton and Todorov can't be a front two then you should probably stop watching 1980s football. You probably think that a 'big man' struggles to control a ball. Get fucked. I think there are also questions about the plans of the owners. I understand that they will finance the training ground and academy (although is this confirmed?). However, how will the club finance the upkeep of them going forward. The club made a substantial loss recently, and only a moderate profit the other few years (which, combined, didn't come close to the loss). How then will the maintenance of these facilities be funded? Season ticket sales have been going down for a few years now, as have walk up sales. Prices are at the limit as it stands, so the club can't increases costs without losing fans. It has proven very difficult to attract fans over the years. When we had great players, finished 4th in the SPL, were in the Scottish Cup final and qualified for Europe, we struggled to break 5k. How then do the club expect to get more fans, be it getting existing fans back more or getting new fans, when it is more expensive for poorer fare for a poor overall experience? Grant has said the aim is to win the league. For that to happen, the team need to be on it from the start. Claims of the team needing time to 'gel' etc don't cut it
  14. No, you aren't. He actually totally misses the ball after swinging at it with his right foot, and it hits the inside of his left leg and goes in to the net. He wasn't the only one at fault there. Thistle smash a long ball from well inside their own half. Comrie headers it clear to Macdonald, who gets dispossessed far too easily. They pass it back then pass inside to Cammy Smith, who is allowed to run in to the box and put the ball across the goal almost unchallenged by Cole, with Cole making no effort to stop the ball across the goal. Horrible defending with three guys at fault, all from an aimless long ball. For the first I first thought that no one tracked the run of Docherty. Not true. He actually stands still and absolutely no one bothers to mark him. When the corner is put in he takes two steps forward and, remaining utterly unchallenged and unmarked, has an easy header. For the second Graham, Dorrans and Watson are standing just behind the penalty spot with two Thistle players, one of whom is Holt. When the corner is put in, Dorrans stands still and Graham and Watson both follow the same Thistle player. Holt simply runs to the back post and has a totally unmarked header in to a totally unguarded net, as Mehmet appears to have hands made of smoke since he flaps at the ball and it goes right through him. Three desperately poor goals to concede, all easily preventable and down to abysmal defending.
  15. When fans of other teams say they have bet on us winning the league; why? We appointed a guy who won five games in the league last season and saw his team comfortably relegated . I've seen folk say we have a good squad/made good signings. Have we? I think Todorov has been a good signing. That's it. The rest have a lot to prove. Mehmet had looked suspect. Dorrans has looked inconspicuous. Graham had been awful. Pybus has done nothing and looks like he'll do nothing. Likewise Breen and Cole. Jones has yet to appear. Kennedy looked like an average jobber last season, save one excellent game at Palmerston. That was just the games of him I saw to be fair, so he might have been great in the ones that weren't on TV or a stream when he played against us. They could all of course come good, or even some of them could, but I can't see that being enough to have us be consistent enough to challenge for the title. I hope I'm wrong and Peter Grant is DX crotch chopping in front of me after they all prove themselves to be great players. We could sort the defence (since we have about 89 defenders), but if we are to persist with the current formation(s), where are the goal chances coming from? In the League Cup home games we were firing in loads of crosses, but our two league games haven't allowed that, which is no surprise given we've not only played better opposition but also teams who can read our intent like a large print book and take easy appropriate action to stop it.
  16. An absolutely wretched performance today. The only positive was Ryan Dow coming on as a sub. Nothing apart from that. A lot of us were absolutely against Peter Grant getting the job, and I have no doubt that his appointment cost the club quite a lot of season tickets. He might come good, but it isn't looking that way so far. Obviously I hope he does, but I have my doubts. Unsure why anyone said his Alloa team played good football last season. To me, you need to win to play good football (although you can play shite and win mind; my point is that winning is a prerequisite of 'good' football). Grant and his Alloa team won 5 league last season, the 5th being against us when we rested quite a few players for the playoffs in the very last game of the season. The club said he interviewed 'well', and I am not inclined to doubt that. However, I imagine a lot of us on here could interview 'well'. My impression is that he was the first guy they interviewed and thought he would do. I think they didn't bother to interview anyone else, as they thought (inexplicably) that they had 'their man'. The German lads don't get a pass on this, as 3 of them were on the board. Peter Grant strikes me as a total Taser Face of a manager. I hope I'm wrong and he gleefully gets it right up the many fans who have doubted him. I'd happily gorge on humble pie if that happened. He said he's entertain the fans, but so far he's only really entertained the away fans in the two league games. We haven't kept a single clean sheet under Grant. It's all good and well playing an expansive formation against dross like Stenhousemuir and Dumbarton, but the warning signs were there against St Mirren and even Partick Thistle in the league cup group stage. Last week we were terrible, but grabbed a draw. The formation didn't work at all. We could barely string passes together and our central midfield was just puzzling. It was weak and disjointed and couldn't keep the ball. We punted the ball loads too. A big striker, Ugwu, terrorised out defence, especially Graham. When we have a central back 3 and someone runs at them, it seems like they don't know to do. Happened today with Rudden and Graham, especially Rudden in the first half. We again struggled with possession in the middle of the pitch. There were times we just needed someone to stop and look around, but that isn't Thomas' game, and Dorrans hasn't done it yet. Thomas should never be a central midfielder or, worse, a free role Zidane type. He's a winger, so fucking play him as one. We really need Wilson back, but who does he play with? Both Cole and Dorrans have looked rank so far. Ironically a good option was playing against us today (Turner). We have no balance in the centre of the pitch. Which brings us to the biggest issues, heavily hinted at above. The formation. I fucking it when some formations become popular and jobber managers think they fancy it. The 3-5-2/5-3-2 is quite the thing in international football just now, but those players are the best of their country, and not Scottish Championship players. You can't expect to crowbar players in to a formation and for it to work. You need to sign the players for that formation, and drill them on it. We don't have the players against Championship teams. Against League 1 teams it looked great, but it hasn't worked against teams a level above. As noted before, what is our central midfield?! The back three has a total jobber and right back in it. They aren't skilled enough to pass it around when pressured. AJ tried this formation, and whilst it worked for one game (2-3 at Tannadice), it was very quickly exposed and, because he signed players for that formation, when he changed back to 4-4-2, he struggled, and ultimately it was a big part of him being punted. Also, if we're signing players because they are left or right footed and therefore can only play in the right or left of a central defence, then we're signing the wrong players. It's fine to have a stronger/dominant foot, but it is absolutely unacceptable to have players who are can't use their 'other' foot, or are so uncomfortable doing so that they can't pass with it (or aren't confident enough to try it). What utter prehistoric pish. It's 2021. Any c**t who is one footed is simply lazy. It takes 20/30 minutes of work a day to practice with your weaker foot. That's all. Any player too lazy to do so needs to f**k off. It's unreal how widely accepted this bullshit is. No one is asking for or expecting every player to be brilliant with both feet, but we absolutely should expect full time players to be able to comfortably pass the ball with both feet. We need to settle the f**k down. Send Graham back to Dundee United. He is nowhere near good enough. Why is he starting before Gaspuitis?! Vytas should be starting every game. Him and Watson should be the central pairing as part of a back 4. Vytas has looked solid in every game he's played for us, and he's and experience international player. Why the f**k is he behind a shite LOAN player?!!! Craig Wighton, our best striker, should be starting almost every game. Todorov is a good player and a good signing, but no way he should be in before Wighton. Either start Wighton and Todorov, start Wighton and O'Hara, or start just Wighton alone. Don't give me the pish about a small and big guy, or bollocks about 'holding play up' or, even worse, 'winning flick ons'. Todorov flicked the ball on a few times right to the Thistle defence, because he was the furthest guy forward. The captaincy changed arms twice today. When Thomas was subbed it went to Comrie, and when Comrie was subbed it went to Watson. That's an issue. Give it to Watson for f**k sake, and reinstate Dow as VC. P.S. Is the East End Bounce now in the business of censoring criticism? I noticed there was a thread on there called 'Fans moaning' which was a rant about fans questioning the performances and the manager, and also noted my post on here asking questions about the finances of the club. Apparently some folk were saying that the club were spending irresponsibly, or something to that effect. Either way (*), that thread was deleted from the EEB forum. Very .net behaviour. I still haven't heard anything about the (what I thought were at least) reasonable questions about the club finances. Worth noting that they posted a huge loss a couple of years back that was more than all of the profits of recent years combined. There are absolutely questions to be answered and it doesn't help if folk choose to attack other fans over legitimate questions. Talking of which, that's why I don't post there. I used to post on that site. One day I was discussing something with another member. They started in the in on the 'seething' patter, so I called them out on it and told them to f**k off with that nonsense. Turns out it was an admin, who started with the "How dare you! Do you know who am I?! You can't dare question admin" pish, then banned me for a day or 2 (can't mind the exact time) so that I could 'cool off' (code: so he could 'win' the discussion as I couldn't respond). I could not be fucked with that .net level of admin c**t behaviour, so never posted since, and won't again (but obviously still read it on occasion). P.P.S. Folk who have 'inside knowledge' and post it here are utter rats. Just utter snitches who betray the confidence of the person who has told them stuff (or even if they've overheard it). They betray the confidence of the person they know for attention on a football forum.
  17. Not been posting recently and won't be for a while (still read the forum occasionally), but wanted to comment on a couple of things. Firstly, yesterday's performance was really poor and really concerning. Peter Grant was talking about challenging for the league. Not with those sort of performances we won't be. A very disappointing and disheartening start to the league season. We had an almost full squad and a decent bench. There are no excuses for turning in that sort of utter dross. Grant talks a good game, but he needs to back that up. Secondly, and more importantly, questions need to be asked of the club regarding finances. Last season will surely have seen a big loss due to income not being close to matching outgoings, for obvious reasons. Add to this the bad news about having to replace the floodlights, and it needs to be asked how the club are affording things like 2 year deals for Dorrans, especially when the club have said they are running behind on the season ticket budget. Perhaps the German investors have 'plugged the gap', but that's information we need to know. The club should not be in a position again where they are paying out more than they are getting in, and being behind on season ticket budget strongly implies that they are. I'm also concerned that they are surprised at the season ticket sales. To me, and others, it seemed pretty obvious that sales would be way down, due to the COVID situation and due to the appointment of Grant. Those who made the decision to appoint Grant should have been prepared for the consequences, and that they aren't suggests an alarming disconnect between them and the fanbase. Season ticket sales had been steadily falling before COVID anyway, and history shows that it is very hard to get those fans back; usually you don't. I think the club need to answer questions about the finances, as there are glaring issues from the outside. That they had to rely on director loans very recently was alarming and, frankly, not acceptable. How is the club being funded now? How are they meeting the running costs and player and staff wages now? How is this floodlight replacement being funded? How is the gap from being behind on season ticket sales being funded? Without answers, there is only speculation. I'm surprised that there haven't been more questions about this. Hopefully fans aren't getting complacent. A lighter end; this article was an absolutely lovely and moving read: https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=A_Once_A_Year_Love_with_Dunfermline_Athletic_Football_Club&ID=13252
  18. Aye? That's absolutely awful stuff. Hate folk who pay minumum wage, let alone below it. Sounds like an absolutely dreadful person. A 'grand plan' of Muslims to 'take over'. Fucking hell.
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