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  1. Just re-watched the excellent Spider-Man No Way Home. In storyline terms, why were Harry Osborne and Eddie Brock from the Maguie universe and Norman Osborne and Rhino from the Garfield universe not there? Strange's spell must have been exceptionally specific given how many folk don't remember who Spider-Man is but who must surely recall interactions with the arachnid lad?
  2. I'd prefer a top away trip, but if not that then aye, a pish(er) team at home would be good. This is the round the Premiership clubs enter. 21st January is the date of the next game in the cup.
  3. Yeah some 3 man commentary can be shit, but I do like the AEW 3 man team. Would not be a fan of Show/Wight or Henry on commentary. Think they're poor in that role.
  4. JR is fine to bring out for special occasions. He was good for Full Gear. Incidentally, he called the 'Jack Perry' stuff two years ago! I like Excalibur. He, Taz and Schavione are great most weeks. I really like their daft patter during the 'picture in picture' stuff (ad breaks in the US but live on the Fite app). Can tell all three guys really enjoy their jobs and (usually) the show and that they're really in to it. That they don't shill catchphrases and nicknames and are allowed to show emotion really helps
  5. Very pleased we've got those awful Scottish Cup stats to f**k today, and very comprehensively. Could, and should, have been more, and think we had at least one more gear to go up. Thought Ritchie-Hosler looked decent today. Shame he had to go off, but looked more precautionary than anything. Hoping for a good draw on Monday. Still loads of decent ties we could get.
  6. Not seen such a comfortable Pars win for a while. Could, and probably should, have been more. Very pleased to see not only a Scottish Cup goal (indeed 4!) but a Scottish Cup win. Bridie was decent. Plenty of decent potential ties in the next round. Draw is 19.45 on Monday.
  7. The former is the most intriguing game of the round for me. I expect zero coverage.
  8. Oaksoft needs better material than 'Woke warriors'. It's too blatant. Needs to be more subtle when trolling.
  9. As if they would have bothered their arse to do anything else. If it wasn't that game it would have been Morton vs QOTS.
  10. Did you get it signed by numerous folk? Or did you write various nonsense on it?
  11. Been talked in to going to this. Had no intention of doing so but now that I'm going I'm actually looking forward to it. Will be good to be in the Norrie again (although was in there for the QoS game at the end of last season). Prefer that stand. Think we should be comfortable enough today. At the very least I think we'll finally get a Scottish Cup goal!
  12. Town (city now!) is a short walk from the ground and East Port would be a good option for beer and football on the TV. The Old Inn is good too although a few minutes away from East Port. Down the bottom of the town, opposite the glen (Pittencrief Park) gates, there's Seven Kings which usually shows games. I would recommend East Port or Old Inn though. Good selection of beers in both. There's a bus stop directly across the road from the main stand if you're a lazy hoor who doesn't fancy walking. Get the 19. Goes to the bus station in the city centre. In the other direction you have the Elizabeathen, although it is set up more for food these days than as a bar, but you'll be get beer and football on the TV. Likewise you can get a 19 if you're a lazy b*****d, but you can walk it in under 10 minutes.
  13. Are you a producer? Thankfully won't hear any of it as I'll be at the game.
  14. Where do Spain, Germany and Argentina fit in to this talk of draws? Unless folk are still stupid enough to be writing off a team after one result?
  15. Don't bother with it. Get the ITV X TV app. It will ask for your postcode. Enter 'SW'. Just SW, nothing else (any English postcode will work though). This will allow you to watch any world cup game live on it. If you want to watch a Scottish programme (although quite why anyone would wish to watch anything on STV is a mystery) simply change the postcode via the settings. Then change it back to SW when you want to watch a game.
  16. Got an email from my supplier (Octopus) saying they haven't had a meter reading in a while. They've never had a meter reading from me, because it's a pre-pay meter.
  17. Good result for Iran, but terrible for Steve Clarke who must now surely resign after that win?
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