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  1. Ricky Foster's 'haud me back' at Somerset needs a mention here.
  2. Why can't a text message be professional? Anyway, far, far too much credence is being given to a random person claiming to 'know' shit. We should be focusing on the fact that it looks like a clear out has begun, and hopefully many, many more are to follow.
  3. Not really seeing an issue if the text explained things well enough. That's if it's true. Could be the usual attention seekers making things up. How would they know? If it is true, how do we know Pybus wasn't ok with it? Maybe he preferred it rather than having to go in to the stadium to be told the same thing? It's a bit of an old fashioned concept that these things absolutely must be done face to face all the time. Pybus is a young guy so he might very well prefer this method of communication. Of course he might not and might be unhappy with it, but we don't know. One person spouting pish on a forum is not a credible source.
  4. Folk wonder why the Tories have been in power so long. Just look at how easy it's been on this thread for their like.
  5. I must have missed the part where the train drivers had any say in Scotrail being nationalised, and also the part where this meant that they could never again have any say about their pay and other working conditions. In addition I seem to have missed that they've all stopped paying tax as well.
  6. Nor should they. Not sure what your point here is.
  7. It's fine. I got an LNER down to Inverkeithing a couple of weeks ago and the bar was serving to folk. As others have said, the ban is only Scotrail (and even then rarely enforced).
  8. The current champion is possibly one of the three biggest faces in the company. Wardlow too. Mox has an argument for being in there. Danielson is becoming face as well. Page has shown that you don't need to have top tier challengers week to week anyway. There's plenty of time to build towards a bigger challenger for the PPVs.
  9. Aye it's not a good film, rather thr least worst of the three.
  10. Pybus is an achingly average player, so absolutely no loss.
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