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  1. You're an exceptionally stupid person with a very ugly soul.
  2. Forecast. Doesn't mean it will happen.
  3. They'll blame their embarrassing showing in the May election on 'unrest', 'upheaval' etc due to having to appoint a new leader and will then blunder on doing the same, sure that this time it will definitely work and continuing to be so laughably out of touch and irrelevant. Their irrelevance is their biggest issue. They have become utterly pointless in Scotland.
  4. Had a mental experience last night and I still don't know if it was a dream or if it actually happened. Basically I 'woke up' gasping for breath, but could barely breathe, like something was inexplicably stopping me from taking a normal breath. It was a massive struggle to take a breath, like I had to fight to do it, like I was fighting for my survival. At the same time I 'woke up' my arms felt like they weighed many times they normally did, and it was an incredible effort to lift them. Not only that, it felt like if I failed to raise my arms, I'd die. It was incredibly realistic and I really don't know if it was real or not. It was terrifying as it felt like I was genuinely close to death.
  5. He's a scummy troll who is the billionth alias of a tragic poster. Ignore him.
  6. Yup, 0-0. I will watch this, but here is a list of things that will almost certainly be better: - Puppetry of my penis - Anal bleaching - Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day - COVID 19 - The Vest from the West - The Pars under Davie Hay - Skol lager - Crispy pancakes
  7. Folk who ask if there is anyone who could do better are basically saying that McInnes is literally better than every single person in the world at being Aberdeen manager. That's mental, absolutely mental. Of course any new appointment is a risk that could potentially go either way, but that isn't an excuse to accept stagnation.
  8. McInnes did a very good job lifting Aberdeen as a club when he came in. He's got them finishing up near the top regularly instead of pretty much anywhere else the previous lot did. He has taken his team to the latter stages of the cups often, including a few finals, and even won Aberdeen their first cup in about 20 years. They definitely got unlucky on a couple of occasions by coming up against an imperious Celtic, but on other occasions shat the bed massively. However, he has a limit, and I feel he's very much reached it. He, like so many other Scottish managers, had a huge shitebag streak, especially away from home and especially in Europe. It's the sort of pish attitude that won't take a club past a certain point. He's had some great results in Europe (Gronigen and Rijeka) but obviously there's a ceiling a club like Aberdeen have. The teams who have put them out in the last few years have been decent, but if anyone can take Aberdeen further, I doubt McInnes is that person. Anyway, Aberdeen should let McInnes go at the end of the season. They should be looking now for a successor.
  9. Wonder Woman 84 5/10. Thought about a 4 here but some elements saved it. Fucking hell though, haven't cringed as much at a film in a long time. The entire opening bit with Diana as a child was crazily cringey but also pretty funny. I laughed through much of it. It was absolutely pointless though. The scenes where Diana was jumping and running around were just embarrassing to watch, but when she learned to fly my spine straight up snapped due to cringe. That's fortunate, because it meant it wasn't able to snap when Barbara turned it to a reject from Cats. I would have been mortified if I was ever caught watching that scene. Also, her kicking f**k out of the horrible drunk sex offender was great, but I get the impression it was supposed to be part of her heel turn. That's a shame, as Kirsten Wiig was pretty good in this, save for that cat nonsense. Pedro Pascal was great in this too, and looked like he was having a great time. It's a pity he had such terrible material to work with. Chris Pine was good as well, but as noted by previous reviews here, he served almost no purpose other than to fly an unfeasibly fuelled jet. Other folk mentioned earlier that Gal Gadot is a terrible actor, and this was no more evident that in the scene where she was giving that awful speech to the world (at the end after Max was getting everyone to wish shit).
  10. Twice. Would be a great signing. I imagine a few clubs are watching him now.
  11. They had a wee circle jerk about John Hughes earlier. Apparently he's a brilliant/great/magnificent manager and quite a lot of chairmen are going to regret not going for him.
  12. Adam Pearce no longer in the match against Reigns at the Rumble. Instead it will be Owens, the guy who has been beaten at every opportunity and who has no pals to back him up
  13. A bad/shit thing not happening is better than the 'seethe' and other tired nonsense that could result if the bad/shit thing happens.
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