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  1. Nothing about the Pars beating West Brom and Everton either. The person who wrote the article clearly has very limited knowledge of any such ties not involved Celtic and the old, dead Rangers.
  2. They want to make people work more for less money and less rights, such as holidays, maternity leave and sick leave. They also want to tie employment to health insurance. We desperately need away from these c***s.
  3. Says one of the most corrupt people ever to have lived in the UK. I will genuinely celebrate his death.
  4. Just watched the highlights. As with most other game, so much of our finishing was dreadful. Far too many players really need to work on it. The goals conceded were appalling. For the first, Wighton totally loses his man and gives him pretty much a tap in. For the second, Mehmet massively fucks up his positioning. Really unsure what he was doing there! Some amusing swearing after the equaliser though.
  5. The entitlement of them is mental. They're still being pissy wee babies that the Scottish people had the gall to not vote for them, despite them constantly slagging off the Scottish people and behaving in a scumbag way. Bunch of c***s.
  6. The 'West Lothian Franchise' are closing in on 30 years. At what point do they cease becoming a 'franchise'? That's one year younger than Inverness Caledonian Thistle. It's older than Airdrie. It's much older than Sevco.
  7. Think I've posted this before, but can't be sure! At first it's a pleasant raspberry jam beer, but then the peanut butter taste hits. It's odd, but it isn't unpleasant. Got it in Sainsburys. And yes, I know it roughly translates to 'outsider'.
  8. Supposed to be a pink lemonade sour. It's not bad. Got it in Morrisons.
  9. Yup, great to see so many places that do so many good beers. My only complaint is that lagers have 'de-empahasised'. You used to get a great selection of them. I mind Asda did a deal of three 4 packs for £10, and the selection was pretty good (including Cusquena, Brahama, Mahou, Sagres, Cobra and other good stuff).
  10. There was a penalty check in the Arsenal/Tottenham game today. Was for Arsenal and nothing was given. The check was done as play went on and when it was done nothing happened. Is the ball only given to the team who 'win' the VAR decision when it goes out of play?
  11. We played Estonia at Rugby Park (2-0) and Belarus at Pittodrie (4-1) as well.
  12. Aye Morrisons have a good selection. In fact, were I to rate the major supermarkets in order of beer selection (good to bad) I'd go: - Morrisons - Sainsburys - Aldi - Lidl - Tesco - Asda
  13. Morrisons. They have it regularly, but when I went during the week it was on sale so got 3 of them!
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