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  1. Feels like they've really cooled Starks off. A shame, but perhaps they plan to 're-heat' him after Revolution when MJF is done with Danielson? Anyway, his stuff with the JAS isn't really interesting. He's already beaten Jericho clean and now he has to beat members of the JAS to get to face Jericho again? Nah, not really in to that. It's a pretty lazy rehashing of the trials of Jericho storyline too, but nowhere near as good. The main problem is the JAS themselves. They're boring. What is the point of them? What do they do? What is their relevance? This pish has long outstayed its usefulness, if there ever was any. It seems like they drag out any feud they're involved in and make everyone come out of it a bit shutter and less over. Also, why is Starks hanging about with a wee dweeb like Action Andretti? The guy is called 'Action' for f**k sake! He's an achingly uncool wee jobber, whereas Starks is a top, cool babyface who had style. I like Starks and think he could be really big for AEW, but they're squandering him just now.
  2. Aye cos anyone who isn't a white male is only there to 'tick a box'.
  3. Is this was the union is all about? No wonder more and more people are wanting out of it and away from the staunch stinking wretches who want to preserve it at any cost.
  4. Wildly disagree he's outperformed 99% of the squad. Chalmers has been good this season and has earned his place in the team, but others have been better. If we were to go up most of the squad would need replaced. There are multiple players who aren't good enough for the Championship.
  5. Disagree, not good news. He's League 1 at best. Should we go up he simply won't be good enough.
  6. What updates can the club give on potential signings? That some players were offered deals and turned them down? That some clubs rejected bids? There's plenty or fans who would say they were lying anyway.
  7. Which would suggest you might think the board are, for some reason, refusing to pay wages for signings. Why? And why do you think they've lied to the fans about it? What is the conspiracy here?
  8. Always thought it was the manager and his staff who identified players to sign. We've been told McPake has been given a budget. Are we now suddenly saying that the board are the ones making the signings, or in this case refusing to make signings? Even though it was confirmed in the summer that McPake tried to make more signings that fell through?
  9. I have a question for all the folk claiming it wasn't a red and that folk who think it was have never played football before and that it was a natural reaction and/or natural for someone trying to get around a player; When was the last time you saw that? If it's such a regular thing, or at least such a natural thing, then surely it must be seen fairly often, and if so must pass without incident? However I no such occurrences come to mind.
  10. League 1 simply isn't attractive, especially to international players. It wouldn't be the case of just a little bit more money, it would be the case of significantly more money to even tempt the type of player who was viable, in terms of visas etc, to consider it. So we're back to the club refusing to spend money then. Why do you believe this is the case? When did the investors say they would be providing large sums of cash for transfers incidentally?
  11. The only way to get international players of the required quality to play in League 1 is to chuck large sums of cash at them, a tactic that famously went well in the past for the club. How much was spent on the training ground report? How much should it have been? What cheap architects were used?
  12. This suggests they are to blame. Is that what you are saying?
  13. Intrusive thoughts and/or catastrophizing maybe? They're shite, very annoying too! The brain is often a dickhead. Daft spongy tit that it is. Stay strong lad!
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