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  1. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Gtaf. You honestly think that the ball bounces the same on astro as grass? It really does not. What grass pitch(es)? What artificial pitch(es)? And, always, any examples?
  2. Dennys - any good?

    This is a country where folk queue for hours to get an average, vastly overpriced donut when you can fire down any local bakery and get a superior one for a fraction of the price with little to no queue
  3. Things you want to share with P&B

    Who's looking after Renton when you're away?
  4. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Why would you ever need Siri when driving?
  5. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    The date is already set (Saturday 23rd March) and last year it was a 16.00 kick off, so it will surely be the same this year. They should play it at East End Park (no reason except that we should be playing County away that day).
  6. Rise of Astro Pitches

    The bounce is weird? On what artificial pitches? What areas? And compared to what grass pitch? Also can you give an example or two? I've seen 'weird' bounces on loads of pitches.
  7. Calling Cards of Morons

    Anyway, back to a football theme; When a team is playing badly and fans of that team claim that the players lack passion and aren't trying.
  8. Calling Cards of Morons

    Aye Stone Island is probably decent quality but due to the wee dicks who wear it it's a jakey brand exclusively for arseholes who think they're hard (and are almost certainly not).
  9. I had totally forgotten about that! Anyway every Square Go event is on the ICW Youtube channel tomorrow/today (Sunday) from 15.00.
  10. The worst of Wrestlemania

    Ugh. That's easily one of the worst HHH burials. If the racist heel got his comeuppance then it would have been a great story. However it was a short match where the racist heel pinned Booker a full 21 seconds after hitting the pedigree. A win for the racist heel was bad enough but a win for the racist heel in a short match where a single finisher put Booker out for 24 seconds (minimum, as I don't know long he stayed down after being pinned) was a disgrace.
  11. The Wrestling Thread

    Balor as a face could still work. Have a lot of Demon vs Phenom nonsense and you could work out a decent enough 10 minute match I think. But face Balor has been shit, because they've given him the character of 'man who smiles' which has worked for approximately zero people ever. I'd bill the match as career ending for Taker (like they did with HBK/Flair) and they can work the Demon/Phenom shit and have Balor win. Big hugs and tears in the ring, Taker goes to a knee to do his pose to signify his respect for Balor and the passing of the torch, with the commentators emphasising it. Balor, emotional, nods and is so humble. He leaves the ring and goes backstage to allow Taker his moment. Taker, in tears, thanks the crowd (no mic), then heads up the ring. He stops at the top, turns to face the crowd, and throws up the fist like he's done so many times before. Then Balor smashes him from behind and kicks the shit out of him. Next night on Raw he talks about how WWE is full of old c***s hogging the spotlight and how younger hungry guys like him are held down. He gets bitter about he's done everything asked of him, how he's smiled and smiled and smiled and it got him nowhere. He says he is the future of WWE and that any old timer who gets in his way will be taken down. Cena comes out and after a lot of trash talking it leads to them in the main event with the winner being number 1 contender to the Universal title. Main event comes around and Cena looks to have it won only for Gallows and Anderson to interfere and give Balor the win. Balor and (The Club) then gets drafted to Smackdown during the draft and says that he's still number 1 contender but now for the WWE title. Some c**t like Orton or Hardy (has to be a veteran) can come out and claim that has to prove it and demands a match with the winner being number 1 contender. Balor will do it whilst giving it all the stuff about how he's the future etc. He beats them (Club interference if you want). He goes on to fight whoever is champ at the next PPV. Absolutely none of that will happen mind. Taker won't have a retirement match for a start, and if he did he wouldn't face Balor. Balor will continue to be a smiling babyface that totally cripples his character. I'd personally love the Taker stuff to happen with Ciampa but it absolutely wouldn't work. This Mania is far too soon as more folk would need to know who Ciampa is (a lot of casual fans don't watch NXT) for it to mean anything and to work. Next year's Mania wouldn't work either as Taker would be even more far too gone.
  12. Me too! The last couple of times we went out with some Arbroath fans (they post on here, very sound lads) and they showed us the good pubs and much fun was had by all
  13. I desperately hope we stay up for loads of reasons, but one of them is so that we get 2 trips to Arbroath next season. It's absolutely one of my favourite away days and grounds, and I also quite like Arbroath the town as well. On the last day of last season I went up and had a nice wander down to Pleasureland (lost £5 on the poker machines!) then had an enjoyable stroll back up the promenade, including a wee visit to the lighthouse museum. Got a chippy from the one at the docks which was exceptional and sat and ate it in glorious sunshine watching the waves smash off the seafront. Had a wee stroll around the old town before sitting at the bottom of the Wetherspoons ordering beers off the app whilst the sun poured in through the window, listening to the last day drama. A quite magnificent day.
  14. I must have missed Arbroath beating Dunfermline this season (although given how shite we've been I certainly wouldn't have bet against it!). Raith vs East Fife? Does he still sport the trackies with tie combination? I confess that I didn't really pay attention to his clobber during our hiding at Starks.