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  1. Embarrassing stuff. Sorry. Think I'll give this site a miss for a bit now.
  2. Porn is shite. I've said this before. However it's creepy and very, very rapey. I am not a fan.
  3. It isn't random. Nicholas played for Celtic/old, dead Rangers.
  4. Genuine answer; they definitely had a chance. Think Milan would have been too strong for them in the final though.
  5. We played Old Rangers at Hampden Park in the late 80s in the Skol Cup - we lost 5-0 and later to be a Par Ian Ferguson scored the 5th with a few minutes still to play but we were on the way back to the car by then. The 6-1 loss in the Coca-Cola Cup was at Parkhead whilst Hampden was being redeveloped. We made 2 League Cup semi finals in a short space of time in the Paton era, we lost 1-0 to Celtic in an awful game at Ibrox where Craig Burley scored the only goal and Jonathan Gould pulled off a great save from a long range Hamish French shot near the end. Ah, makes sense, thanks! Aye the Skol Cup semi was at Tynecastle. I would have been 5 then so wasn't at the game! Seen the YouTube stuff though.
  6. Good shout. The behind the scenes stuff in their features is great.
  7. More evidence that they don't actually have a clue about Scottish football; They think that Maloney's goal against Ireland was against a 'minnow like Lichtenstein'.
  8. We played the old, dead Rangers in the league cup (Coca Cola) in 96. Lost 6-1! Is that the one you mean? We played in the semi final of the same tournament in 97 (after that Alan Moore extra time goal saw us beat Hearts at East End in front of a massive crowd!) as well. Was that at Hampden?
  9. Also Sevco under 21s being Team of The Day for beating Wrexham! In addition Cowan thinks that the old, dead Rangers would have won the Champions League if it wasn't for Marseille's massive cheating.
  10. Haha, I suppose you're right!
  11. What is this "At the Madam" shit from Cowan? He used it a lot on the lunchtime show as well. I get what it means but is it a Motherwell/Lanarkshire phrase?
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