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  1. Was he ever good? A sad goal record against us.
  2. Just finished it. Many, many laughs were had. Lots of Americans shown to horrendous scum. It shouldn't be surprising, but if often is when you see how brazen and dreadful they are on camera. Anti-semitic cakes, nazi salutes, ludicrous moron conspiracy theories, sexual offenders and other appalling scum all show themselves. The UPS man and the babysitter came out looking like good and incredibly patient people.
  3. Oh, and we should absolutely be looking for 3 points. Before anyone mentions him, we seem to be the only team Dobbie struggles to score against. He's got something like 2 in 12 against us.
  4. Aye imagine we'll go 4-4-2 with Dow going back out to his wing and O'Hara starting up top. Fraser Murray will drop down to the bench. Regarding QOTS and set pieces, check out the highlights of their game against Ayr.
  5. Think we're way beyond 'remembering' what such people fought for though.
  6. Robbie Muirhead is genuinely one of the worst ever signings we made as we paid actual money for him. An absolute 'first ballot' player for the worst XI. Total shitehouse. Anyway, that's all I came in to say.
  7. Reckon Alloa gifted us the game due to how they gave us the second. We weren't creating much (save for the chance early second when we had the shot in the box) and were struggling a bit. Alloa doubled up on Thomas to keep him quiet and with no Dow on the other wing we were looking a bit lost for options. That total gift of a goal changed it though and we looked sharper and more confident. O'Hara did really well for the second and that was game over. We really need to start playing in the first half. I thought today that, after getting an early goal, we might kick on. Instead we were turgid and aimless. For next week I imagine we'll revert to 4-4-2 with O'Hara back in the starting line up and Dow back out wide.
  8. Yup, should have been McManus. Hahq, absolutely awful goal for Alloa to concede but nice finish.
  9. Yup, think most folk expected that. We looked best last week when we changed to that formation.
  10. Ian McShane wasn't the brightest when he said that he's been at other clubs and Darvel don't pay as much. I wouldn't expect them to be paying the sort of wages he was on at Falkirk, St Mirren, Ross County and Queen of the South, but that doesn't mean they're not offering much more wages than other clubs in their league. Still, I look forward to the fluffing articles that claim Darvel are 'ambitious'.
  11. You're not a nice person, are you? 'Fat munters'. Have a word with yourself. I am in complete shock.
  12. You can do it all online. Doesn't take long at all.
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