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  1. Still here. Hopefully I can use it as a lesson of sorts
  2. Had one of the most embarrassing events of my life tonight/this morning. Absolutely shameful.
  3. Unionists are trying their best to make this all about the Scottish Government.
  4. Bert will be 80 in 2022. He is the ultimate Pars legend. He is a legend as a player and a legend as a manager. He won the Scottish Cup. He's one of our top scorers in Europe (my, admittedly poor, research puts him joint top with Peebles, Callaghan and Ferguson*). He was one of our best ever managers. He presided over one of, if not the, most popular squad in the club's history. The main stand should be named after him. I mind after the trophy presentation vs Airdrie in 96 (which took ages as the helicopter was apparently hovering between East End and Cappielow but was definitely closer to Greenock than Rosyth, where is ultimately landed before being driven up the road) driving home (my old man, me and one of my best pals at the time) and we passed Bert's house in Gowkhall before the turnoff to Saline. His driveway was full of black, white and red balloons tied to the wooden posts. For some reason I still remember that most about that day. Anyway, Bert is an absolute fucking kin. As well as the above, he's also an absolutely brilliant person. He has time for everyone and is so patient and polite. I've only ever had one genuine hero in my life, and it and will always be Bert Paton. Edit: The saddest thing ever is Bert not being able to speak at Norrie's memorial at East End. Tears everywhere. *Alex
  5. Even waffles? And Fish Fingers?! I haven't had either in years but would be very disappointed to hear of their decline in quality.
  6. The lack of TV money in lower league Scottish football makes it a more even playing field.
  7. Clearly something wrong at the club then. Sack the bord. Crawford out!
  8. It's almost as if porn is full of absolute creeps who have been waving very large red flags for a long time.
  9. Here's some stats. We've played in the top league in every decade since the 1950s. Apart from the 1960s, we've won promotion to the top league every decade since the 1950s. We spent the entire 1960s in the top league. Talking of the 1960s, here's an interesting league table:
  10. Ha, thought you meant that you'd had someone like that contact you about it!
  11. Some serious questions: - Why do you think you would be a good fit for this flatshare? - What team do you support (Sevco or Celtic could be a potential red flag) - What do you like doing socially (could throw up some red flags) - How do you propose to split the cleaning jobs? The guy mentioned in the OP sounds like he'd be fine. I'd suggest a wee bit of social media investigation for potential candidates just to be sure.
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