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  1. 3/10 at most. Done terribly with no clear path to improvement.
  2. That's Saturday's games moved. Pathetic.
  3. Is that where you shoot the wee fanny and he gets all moody about it?
  4. Jericho on Broken Skull sessions is a bit...meh. I think that's because pretty much everything covered was covered in his books, with him repeating almost verbatim some stuff from them. If you haven't read his books then it will be a really fun watch, but for those who have there is pretty much nothing new.
  5. This match surely won't be long given they have to be done by 04.00.
  6. The Bellas are absolutely pish and always have been. Get them so far to f**k forever.
  7. Shame they never used them. Is that that Dabba Kato lad?
  8. So a 'Nigerian Drum' match is just a streetfight?
  9. Wonder why Hogan didn't want Titus on his boat...
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