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  1. Aye? That's absolutely awful stuff. Hate folk who pay minumum wage, let alone below it. Sounds like an absolutely dreadful person. A 'grand plan' of Muslims to 'take over'. Fucking hell.
  2. We're not actually too far away from a decent starting XI if we can get everyone fit: Mehmet Comrie Watson Gaspuitis Martin Thomas Wilson ? Dow O'Hara Wighton It's the squad depth that is concerning, as we'll obviously have injuries, suspensions and the need to set up differently for some games. Think we'll be ok in defence (we have Macdonald, Martin/Edwards and Graham as cover) and we really only need one more up front after the Todorov signing (this is where a loan could help), although I remain unconvinced by McCann (but hope he can prove me wrong and do the business). It's really the midfield that is the issue. Pybus is a really poor signing I think. Like everyone else I hope he totally proves us wrong, but I'm not confident about that. Wilson has been injured for a while now and that has to be a concern, likewise Dow. We desperately need cover out wide anyway, and McCann isn't a winger, despite previous attempts to make him one. Allan looks like he'll be getting a shot in centre mid, so hopefully he can deliver. Crawford's best asset was identifying players and getting them signed. I think there's talent throughout the leagues to find, and Crawford did it every season. So far it seems Grant doesn't have the same nous. Let us hope we can see more guys in next week.
  3. Turns out that Zelina Vega isn't actually all that bothered about a union in wrestling after all.
  4. An absolutely hideous start from Ukraine. They didn't so much sit back from the first whistle as sprint back. That's their shite game plan of all out defence out of the window already. Pish marking/defending too. Can see them getting pumped now. They've come to defend and are already fucked.
  5. Remember, this guy is an admin on that site. He regularly removes posts that dare criticise the club and removed posts often instead say 'Utter bollocks' or similar, with no recourse for the poster. The site owner made this 'man' an admin and has obviously consented to this style of admin for many years. Anyway:
  6. I am incandescent with fury. That long promised embolism may well be pulling up, especially when you see what I post next.
  7. I got almost the exact same reply, word for word (the only difference was an added line to me). I replied that if that was the club's response then it was not acceptable and that those running the club will have their competence called in to question. I received no response to that.
  8. Yes, but a draft wouldn't come close to even starting to solve that given teams can sign players from elsewhere, and given that they'd just be able to buy players drafted to other teams anyway. Part of the reason drafts work in American sports is that they are 'contained' so to speak, i.e. there's only one league, or only one where any half decent player and above plays. Teams in those leagues can't just go and sign players from other countries or poach the best players from the domestic leagues below them, as there aren't any. If you introduced a draft here Sevco and Celtic would just hoover up even more younger players in to their own youth systems, and push harder for 'colt' sides to ensure that. I don't know how to address the financial imbalance. I don't think you can unfortunately. We live in a capitalist society and laws, including laws of the game, are all set up to serve the richer clubs. Genuinely, the best hope we have is for Sevco and Celtic to f**k off, which is one of the main reasons why we can't allow them to have 'colt' teams in the SPFL.
  9. All of the basketball teams can afford top wages for a start. Imagine if you were a top football player but got drafted to Hamilton or Inverness for example. That player would be losing out big time on wages when they could have instead signed for Aberdeen or Hibs for greater pay and terms. That would just discourage players from joining such an academy system.
  10. Seems like some folk on .net can't help themselves. This particular scumbag is an admin on that site too. Seems like the dreadful arseholes with abhorrent views are feeling emboldened to post their racism (and other bigoted and discriminatory nonsense) after those articles were posted. The 'muslim grand plan'. Fucking hell. Dangerously close to 'The Great Replacement' garbage.
  11. But it doesn't need to be one or the other. Also you seem to be suggesting that a good league cup run means a poor league season, and by extension a poor league cup run leads to a good league season. One has nothing to do with the other, as past seasons have shown since the section format was brought in a few years ago. Both or neither could happen. Also it's not like there is an actual choice that the team gets to pick anyway. They could plan to 'write off' the league cup (i.e. use it as a pre-season to get players and a system sorted for the league) and could have an awful league season. They could also have a great season, but then you'd ask why they wrote off the league cup for that if they had the players. The season now starts with the league cup, so it is the responsibility of the manager and club to have most of the squad in place by then, unless they genuinely are writing off the league cup, but given they will charge fans to view our games (be it in person or online) they can't claim to be writing it off. All conjecture anyway, and I don't get the impression the manager or club is writing off the league cup.
  12. Sorry to 'hog' this thread. Don't worry, I won't be posting on here again for a long time after this (hopefully never). I dislike when I get in the state I got in to the other night. It doesn't happen often thankfully, but I don't like it. I spew out a lot of hateful nonsense towards myself and come across as horribly self pitying, all of which just makes me dislike myself even more and add to my guilt and issues. I appreciate the advice and kind words. Thank you. I know how to lose weight, but the issue is my mental block over it. It's hard to explain, but it's like I have a set 'routine' at times of what I eat and how I eat, like an addiction. I often eat healthy meals, and enjoy them, but then for some reason my brain makes me feel bad about having them again, urging me to have shite instead, to the point where it feels like a physical weight on the top of my head, and where I feel anxious and antsy, and fidgedty. It's like some sort of horrible 'itch' that isn't quite physical and isn't quite mental. It's horrible and so hard to shake. I am exhausted. I know I am dying but still struggle on. I've struggle for years and years. I just wish I could have some sort of emotional 'release'. I feel like I'm blocked up at times, like I have some sort of dam that I need to break. I often shed a wee tear at some sad shit, or often at stupid random stuff (sometimes I feel emotional for no reason and the daftest of things will cause a wee tear), but none of that really helps overall. It sort of 'delays' things. I want to be able to smash this emotional dam that I feel and grieve over my lost past. I want to be able to break down over it, to really acknowledge it, let it hit me, and for me to 'cleanse' myself of it. But it won't happen. It feels at times like there is a physical weight in my chest and head/face, but I just can't break it down. I've been trying for years. I also just feel so alone. I know that's my fault (see my previous post), but it just hurts sometimes. It's not because I live alone. I quite like that most of the time. It's more that I'm truly isolated. I can't just go out for a couple of beers with someone if I wanted to. I don't have any friends here. The few friends I have live elsewhere, and I can't expect them to come up here just for me. I don't blame any of them at all; they all have lives and issues of their own and shouldn't ever feel they need to try and 'take care' of someone who is supposed to be an adult. I just wish I had some friends here. Even a friend. Unless I'm drunk, I'm far too ashamed to try and mingle with anyone new. I'm just so fat and repulsive that I constantly feel it, and constantly know that I'm being judged and assessed as a worthless fat p***k. No one wants to be friends with the fat c**t. So many issues revolve around me being a stupid fat f**k. I just need to sort it, but as noted, I have to fight myself, and it's so hard. It has made me often consider death. And there's also the issue of being single, which I touched upon last time. I won't bore you all again with the same shit. I just feel so sad too often. I am exhausted. I need time to myself to try and heal, but I'm back at work on Monday (been off for 2 weeks on 'holiday'). I know I'll go back exhausted and anxious. I need at least a month off, almost certainly more, just to unwind and try and relax and try to address issues. But I can't have that, or I'll lose my job. I haven't had an actual 'holiday' (i.e. go someone not home for more than a couple of days) for over 20 years. I would love to just f**k off up north to an isolated caravan or some shit for a couple of weeks but can't afford that and don't have enough holiday days at work. I'm just so tired and just want some breathing space. I've been drowning too long to believe that the tide's going to turn (great film by the way).
  13. When Aladdin uses his final wish to wish that the Genie looks like a ridiculous jakey.
  14. Because that's ineffective, prehistoric pish that begs for a turnover of possession.
  15. Who mentioned panic? I specifically said 'concern'. Concern is not the same as panic. All you note could happen, and the concern could be assuaged.
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