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  1. Former employee announced that he wouldn't be at work the following day because he'd had "a vision" and the world was going to end the the following month. So he didn't see the point in spending his last days on earth at work rather than enjoying himself. Accepted the nutjob's resignation in a heartbeat & declined to give him his old job back when he called 6 weeks later, with the world having surprisingly not ended as per his schedule.
  2. Starting a sentence but without providing any context as to what she's prattling on about. She seems to say the context part at the end rather than beginning with it, and I'm expected to suddenly telepathically attune to what's going on in her skull. Tonight's example, after sitting in silence for 5 mins or so watching telly: Her: raita dip! Me:..... what? Her: that would work wouldn't it? Me:.... what would work? Her: well there's no sense in it going to waste Me: why the f**k are you going on about some kind of dip? Waste what? Her: well we have yogurt and cucumber in the fridge, I could make dip. Me:......
  3. The only rational response is to burn down the gym imo.
  4. I like how the thread title seems to suggest that the monkey attended the event rather than "worked" at it per se. I'm envisaging that the reading events are Monday nights & rainbow dildo monkey night is Tuesdays, and the whole thing was just a hilarious misunderstanding.
  5. Mine was adamant that if the fans didn't stop booing the Italian national anthem that Gareth Southgate should go out and tell them all to behave or he'd send the players home. Putting her forward to be UEFA president at the next available opportunity tbh.
  6. Italy sparing me from some unbearable English friends & colleagues over the next few days/many years.
  7. £20 each way on Italy at 10s pre-tournament, so guaranteed profit no matter what happens. Offered £212 to cash out but going to let it run. Also live in Central London so I feel your pain - tomorrow will either be the best day at work in a long time or the absolute worst ever Probably not gonna go down the killing spree route though TBH.
  8. Prob shouldn't have said anything... sorry Thistle fans
  9. Bought the Thistle-Pars game to pass the time this afternoon. Decent game so far, Thistle look well on top after the goal, Turner unlucky off the bar there.
  10. Frankly I find the very idea to be repellent.
  11. Probably going to Bangor. I think thats what he said anyway...
  12. Agreed. Throbber you sound like an absolute, well, throbber. A week off from your main responsibility in life and you can't see that it was a benefit to you at all.
  13. No such luck here, London based so this morning has been pretty unbearable. Monday has potential to be a lot worse... hoping they're all too hungover to come to work if the worst happens.
  14. Ah well, this fell well short but shorter price version came in with a Denmark corner on 88 mins
  15. Not strictly a win yet but guaranteed £80 profit minimum so I'm counting it
  16. That's one way to get a bus seat to yourself I suppose.
  17. I live in London, party round mines on the 19th lads. Bring your own carry oot, and no c**t invite wee Nicola. Or those mad twitter bints every keeps quoting.
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