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  1. New 3rd kit released today... not a fan Great play Morelos, final ball just behind Kent
  2. I'd have taken Hagi over Wright but otherwise happy with that.
  3. Nervous about this tonight. Not expecting an open game - Malmo likely to sit in and try to pick us off on the break. Early goal for us would do wonders, just concerned at who the midfield 3 will be as we are short of options/form in there just now.
  4. Opposite for me, been pinged into isolation so I'm sat at home doing Teams calls in my pants. Win some, lose some I guess.
  5. Are you sure that wasn't the empty wine bottles rolling around the back seat?
  6. Has anyone suggested kicking him in the pie yet mate? Sounds shite tho pal, if he won't listen to reason then your idea of moving sounds like the best bet.
  7. Aye some rough parts round there right enough. You live round there or just down working? I'm not far from there, bit closer to Lewisham.
  8. I'm not referring to her remembering her way to a specific house or shop etc. Literally mean that when driving she's unable to follow road signs e.g. Perth to Dundee, unless a sat nav (or me) is barking directions at her. If you can't follow road signs you shouldn't be on the road IMO.
  9. Mine appears to be incapable of following road signs to a destination. Admittedly she's from Yorkshire and pretty much learned to drive in a tractor, but surely most people know what to do when you say "follow signs for *insert place*", and then it's reasonable to expect them not to just drive in a continuous straight line & blame you because "you didn't tell me where to turn"? I'm certain it's in the fucking driving test tbh. Think it's a woman thing, my sister told me the other week she just follows the sat nav every journey she makes & as a result never remembers where to go even though she's driven a route several times.
  10. After years of pub and hotel work I moved into contract catering a decade ago, which is predominantly Monday to Friday and based put of corporate buildings, education establishments etc. No way would I go back now to working weekends, evenings etc. Would love to see the 4 day week brought in mind you, even if that meant 4 x 10H shifts rather than 5 x 8H.
  11. That's good as you'll be needing to sit on it after your morning ablutions are complete
  12. I think your issue here is with people using the horn incorrectly rather than the horn itself.
  13. I thought similar, but there's a legitimate gripe if the place tells you how long it'll be til your order is ready & then miss the deadline by miles.
  14. I mean, its wildly different to disposable nappies though Not if you shit in your socks twice a day.
  15. It's the same here in regards to frozen desserts... I want no part in these shenanigans, it's too fucking hot for this carry on.
  16. That Covid thread on here. Wow. That's a lot of angry, angry people howling into a void & a fair few utter loonballs.
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