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  1. Surprised he's not on strike tbh, they usually are
  2. I did the 2nd option mate, hence why I'm whinging about it on here. Relations are now somewhat strained.
  3. If she did then at least she might come up with some creative ways to avoid the taxes.
  4. Only looks at houses about 30k above our price range, then moans like f**k when I say we can't afford them.
  5. Attended my girlfriend's grandads funeral yesterday in their native Yorkshire. Absolutely stunned to find out they refer to the scran etc after a funeral as "a bunfight" rather than a purvey. Thought they were winding me up at first but Google says it's a thing.
  6. Actually got a few this week for a change!
  7. Wait a minute, how come nobody has called out the fact you've got fucking mince pies on the go and it's only mid-October? Even Jesus doesn't take the piss celebrating his birthday this early mate.
  8. You'd think so wouldn't you. Have you ever tried reasoning with the Mrs? I'd get a more practical and logical response if I talked to the porcelain throne itself.
  9. You're right mate that's not on. Send me your address and I'll nip round and have a word.
  10. I can't be the only one who out of sheer curiosity/stupidity checked to see if you could actually check those wee boxes...?
  11. This... wtf is this about? She'd genuinely rather sit there bursting for 4 hours and near greeting with pain than spray a wee drop hand sanitiser on some bog roll and wipe the seat. We'll never understand them. Mine has been nipping my head to go to the doctor for a sprained ankle because it still hurts after ~3 weeks. I pointed out it's nigh on impossible to get a doctors appointment just now, and even if I miraculously did I'd be told to keep weight off it and rest til it heals (which is what I've been trying to do). Best case scenario is a physio referral which will be a waiting list of a year plus - but apparently I'll feel loads better if I follow these simple steps. Long story short I'm now shelling out £80 for a private physio consultation next week.
  12. My issue is that despite working more hours than your average convenience store clerk recently & typically coming home to sit on the laptop til 10pm, it seems that the fact she's on the rag means all my shit has to stop and the world must revolve around her. Literally just wanted 15 mins to myself last night after people barking at me since 8am, but apparently it was imperative that I learn about what Tracy did at work and why it was Trudy's fault and why that means Tina isn't allowed to sit with them at lunch anymore. The names may be made up, I could only hear white noise after the first 30 seconds or so tbh. ETA: ah f**k it never mind
  13. 100x this. Surprised there are any plates left to eat off after she's turned the kitchen into Hiroshima.
  14. Not listened to this album in 10+ years, nostalgic.
  15. Shite day at work, fucking fed up and more to come tomorrow. Got home, opened a beer and tuck in to takeaway. Shouted "Alexa, play music" and she hits out with an absolute banger, Fatboy Slim - Praise You. Fair lifted my spirits so it did.
  16. My Mrs does this, but to be fair keeps them confined to a tiny 3' x 2' cork board so doesn't impact me in the slightest What is wrong with you man, if you've not heard from her by 7 30 crack a beer and then she's Sylvia's problem when she texts you
  17. Why do you think I arranged to meet a the pub in the first place?
  18. Arranged to meet her at a pub at 5.30 after she had her hair done. Sat here for over an hour and she's still not finished at the hairdressers. Actually now I think about it this isn't infuriating at all, I've had a blissful hour in the pub all to myself. As you were.
  19. Raging that you posted that Simpsons image. I was thinking "Head Bee Guy" the whole way through reading
  20. Aye, I get similar. She simply cannot admit/recognise the fact that she's a hoarder. Her work sent her a foodie gift box thing the other day & part of it was a kitchen apron with company brand embroidered on it. After she ranted about how pointless & waste of money it was I told her just to bin it. The apron is jammed in one of the overflowing kitchen drawers now.
  21. f**k sake. Good finish, Gers haven't started this half
  22. Big Bonke Innocent off for an early bath... First was a definite yellow but thought 2nd was a bit harsh. Huge chance for Gers now
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