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  1. I'm gonna have a few beers at my old man's place with family and a few pals, then make the 5 minute wander/stumble down to the local after the bells. Every intention of a reasonably quiet one after a fairly messy xmas time but then they're open til 4am and have a band coming on at 2am, so every chance of tomorrow being written off.
  2. Mate, even I'm not that daft.And you've witnessed how daft I am.
  3. After a 3 week wait, found out that I never got a job I applied for recently, thus not getting an £8k pay rise. It's not all bad though, I've decided to just get mortally drunk for the rest of December instead.
  4. I have a similar agreement with a friend to the tune of the non deceased one launching the other's laptop into a river.
  5. I'm a pretty good cook but as has been said by others, it probably helps that I enjoy cooking. Made a cracking chicken curry last night and tonight a salmon and king prawn pasta with a chilli and garlic cream sauce. I found that learning a few practical skills that xan help save you money as well helped keep me interested in it. For example, I'll buy a whole chicken for £3/£4 rather than spending the same on a few chicken breasts in a packet. It's easy to learn how to butcher a whole chicken and gives you enough meat for probably 3 meals rather than 1, and you can also use the carcass for stock for soup, sauces etc.
  6. I might have broken my big toe at football earlier. Too swollen to know for sure yet but it hurts like hell. To add to that we got beat 4-3 after being 3-0 up, I took a head knock and Airdrie fucked my coupon late on. I'm now sitting in the local on my tod drowning my sorrows. So its not all bad.
  7. I'll probably omit that last bit when I tell folk my version of the story tbh. Still, excellent work mate. Cap well and truly doffed.
  8. I remember you telling this story before. Glorious. One day I'm going to try to pass it off as my own. Was she worth it?
  9. No worries bud I appreciate it! Will check their returns policy haha!
  10. Cheers for the advice mate. Around 300 is the budget but i have a bit of wiggle room. Not too bothered about 3D match engine so do you reckon that the £200 one would do me for FM, downloading music, Netflix etc?
  11. It's saved as a template on my phone. If anything decent pops up in January by the way...
  12. And those fucking hair pin things everywhere. Jesus I hated that. Other things I disliked included the ridiculous amount of clothes/shoes they require and the fridge constantly being filled with low-fat versions of things. Despite the latter, the fat cow still never lost any weight.
  13. Delighted to find a thread on here already as i came to post much the same question. Mr X, I too would like to do a bit of office work, web browsing and play a little (probably a lot) FM. The laptop you linked to looks great at the money, but could you give me any kind of hints as to what key specs to look for when shopping around? I'm also pretty clueless at this stuff so really just want to know what kinda stats I'm looking for to meet those criteria?
  14. After getting lines from a physics teacher and him doing this without even looking at thems, I came up with the cunning plan to just write one page and then photocopy it the requisite number of times next time he gave me lines. Handed in the 100/200 lines or whatever, only for the smug b*****d to sit down at his desk, peruse the pages for a few moments then demand 1000 lines for being a smart arse. Thought twice whenever I wanted to piss around in his class after that.
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