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  1. Excellent and informative South League meeting last night with Rod Petrie and Ian Maxwell from the SFA. Be interesting the next couple of months!!
  2. Interesting South of Scotland League meeting last night attended by Rod Petrie and Ian Maxwell from the SFA talking about the pyramid structure [emoji849]!!
  3. Top 10 Goalscorers in the South of Scotland League as of 31st December 2018[emoji460]️[emoji460]️:- Iain Anderson Lochar Th - 16 David Stevenson Bonnyton Th - 16 Johnny Baxter Stranraer - 16 Dan Thom Threave Rvs - 15 Kyle Gilroy Bonnyton Th - 14 David Thomson Nithsdale - 14 Luke Hammond Mids - 13 Dean Smith Mids -13 Tommy Goss Abbey Vale - 13 Lewis West Nithsdale - 13
  4. Lochar played Bonnyton 3 times last season with Iain scoring 2 goals. This season a 1-1 draw was played out with Iain not scoring. Lochar played Stranraer 4 times last season with Iain scoring 3 goals in the games. This season the teams were locked at 1-1 when the game was abandoned, Iain wasn’t the scorer for Lochar though. As for scoring against big teams Iain had a great record last season and this season so far:- 4 v St Cuthberts 2 v Abbey Vale 1 v Uppers Isn’t too bad in my eyes!!
  5. Bit confused here Kenny!! In your other post on another thread you stated that Newton should’ve been 3-0 up at HT in last weeks game and referee ruined game with the red card, yet in your prediction for Newton game this week, you state “by all accounts Newton were good going forward last week” So were you at the game last week or not?? [emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Not sure about Heston and Mids but I can tell you that no money is involved at Lochar Thistle apart from travel expenses to some far travelled away games.
  7. Am I reading right in the Disciplinary List issued this week?? The Uppers lad got a 7 game ban?? Lochar Th had a boy sent off and reported for swearing who also got 7 games!!! Surely shouldn’t be classed the same?
  8. Pitch was booked in advance but the opposition had cancelled a few days earlier. With the other stronger amateur sides already pencilled in for games we were very limited on a replacement. So were thankful for Dumfries Athletic's offer to play instead of cancelling the pitch. The scoreline however does make the game look a little pointless.
  9. Alba Cup Draw:- Quarter Final Lochar Th v Creetown/Uppers Dumfries YM/Nithsdale v Mids Abbey Vale v Bonnyton Th Heston Rovers v Lochmaben
  10. SFA South Region Challenge Cup Draw:- 1st Round:- Vale of Leithen v Tweedmouth Selkirk v Kelty Hearts Wigtown v Gala Fairydean Rovers Leith Athletic v Heriot-Watt Threave Rovers v Abbey Vale Lochmaben v Upper Annandale Lothian Thistle HV v Eyemouth East Stirling v Nithsdale Dumfries YMCA v Lochar Th Stirling Uni v Edinburgh Uni Coldstream v Dalbeattie Star 2nd Round Dumfries YMCA or Lochar Th v Coldstream or Dalbeattie Star Stirling Uni or Edinburgh Uni v Burntisland Shipyard Vale of Leithen or Tweedmouth Rangers v Lochmaben or Upper Annandale Whitehill v Creetown BSC Glasgow v Bonnyton Thistle Gretna 2008 v Civil Service Peebles Rovers v Heston Rovers Glasgow Uni v Hawick Royal Albert Wigtown or Gala Fairydean v East Stirling or Nithsdale Edusport Academy v St Cuthbert Wanderers Spartans v Ormiston Threave Rovers or Abbey Vale v Mid Annandale Leith Athletic or Heriot-Watt v Preston Athletic Newton Stewart v Selkirk or Kelty Hearts Lothian Thistle HV or Eyemouth v Tynecastle Cumbernauld Colts v East Kilbride
  11. Dalbeattie Star v Lochar Thistle has now been postponed on Friday 7th! We will now play Arroyo FC at home. Lochar Thistle v Carlisle City is on Wednesday 19th July.
  12. The Juniors may have one less participant in the Scottish Cup in 17/18. Glenafton and Auchinleck who are in Junior Cup Final are also challenging for the West Super League. So either could possibly win both competitions that gains entry to Scottish. Suppose it is the same with Lothian Th HV, they won the East League so entitled them to gain entry to Scottish Cup plus they also won the South and East Super Shield for the non licensed clubs so could've gained entry in that way also.
  13. Friday 7th July Dalbeattie Star v Lochar Thistle Friday 14th July Gretna v Lochar Thistle Saturday 22nd July Gala Fairydean v Lochar Thistle
  14. Wigtown are not in League Cup. Unsure on the reason.
  15. Threave have a new gaffer, is this official?
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