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  1. Was this before or after they started firing people out the doors as they wouldnt sit down?
  2. What they going to do if you refuse to pay the fine? Cant see some conducter forcing me to forking out a score for a trip from Motherwell to Glasgow Central.
  3. Came in last night and placed £500 on Deportivo to win at 8/11. Thankfully won so I am a fair bit better off! How do you post pictures on forums?
  4. 2.40 Ayr Fantastic Lass 4/1 3.10 Ayr The Salwick Flyer 13/2 3.40 Ayr Ancient Cross 7/1 4.10 Ayr Crow Wood 12/1 Lucky 15. I actually fancy Lochiel in Ayr 4:10 but would kick myself if Crow Wood came home so only smalls bets of 50p lines today to entertain me while off work.
  5. 5/5 on my Placepot. Toms Toybox doing the business by winning at Perth. Last one. Needing Silvo in the next race at Perth to place 1-2-3.
  6. Just a placepot mate. Never bothered with the Lucky. Its your Donald Duck as I had one on at Hamilton last night that was down after the 1st race. Last two to go so will keep my fingers crossed. Just noticed your 2nd horse never placed. What is it they say about betting with the bookies money?
  7. 4/4 so far now on the placepot. Not going to be huge but profit is profit. Fired a bet on that dog aswell.
  8. 2/4 aint the end of the world DJP. Got a wee Placepot on for Perth today and so far I have got 3/3 so hopefully keeps going and make myself a couple of quid. Only a few quid on it for entertainment.
  9. Was it not 20p to the pound? If it wasnt then I got humped! Got it at 11/4 myself. Thought it was humped with the not so great start but came through very well to win tightly on the line!
  10. 4:00 Lingfield Joy and Pain 11/4 to win!
  11. Southwell 14:00 Saviles Delight 9/4 on Betfair Its favourite and should win. Only other horse I would consider backing would be Brut.
  12. 40quid on Liverpool, Carlisle and Hartlepool on Saturday at roughly 7/2 for the treble! Been a while!!
  13. I watched this race on Wednesday night before the Celtic match. Smashing run but Ventura! Was really impressed by his run into the final few furlongs and won easily!
  14. Yip join the club! £20 on Arbroath, Huddersfield & Blackburn!
  15. Cant see past Kauto Star myself! Will be putting a few quid on it today!
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