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    Booked for January. Going to be stupidly cold, but going to go for it.
  2. 2022 is looking a lot more likely to have a decent level of normality. Cheltenham in March for the festival is booked. Be great to get back to it, as the Ebor a couple of weeks ago reminded me how it is to be back at the racing. Booked up for Egypt, back to the Sensatori hotel that I visited in 2012 & 2013. Got a it at a really cheap price for June 2022. Not booked yet, but hoping to get back to out New York Dec 2022. Will look at that seriously in Jan/Feb time and see how things are looking.
  3. Very much between those 6. Very little between the sides so will come down to who can scrap the best come the business end. Alexander showed that he can get a poor team to do that last season (it was absolutely awful to watch). We are really not very good. Our midfield is crying out for some creativity and none of our strikers look capable of a decent mid teens return. Any defence that has to rely on Mugabi/Lamie as a starter is also going to be in trouble. Kelly could be the difference for us, but it’s going to be a long tough season!
  4. Hibs - Home St Johnstone - Away Livingston - Away Dundee - Home Rangers - Away Where are the points coming from. Hibs, St Johnstone and Rangers will hammer us on current squad/form. Livi is another trip to a pitch that we rarely play particularly well on. Leaves that Dundee game being a huge game for Alexander or the knifes will be out. Crawford (and Mugabi to a certain extend) being given new contract months ago was a joke. Doubt these guys would have been in demand and should have been keeping our own options open. Crawford is so far out his depth that it’s tough to think of many worse who have played double figures of matches for us. Lamie is another who is not good enough at this level. Massive few weeks for Alexander as I think a sticky start to the league will see the fans turn on him. At best, we are looking at shitfesting our way through the season and doubt I’ve got it in my to sit through that pish every week.
  5. If you get the player we had in his first season then it’s a good signing, but last season he was lazy and a waste of a jersey. If you’re on the front foot then he will create chances, but don’t expect him to roll the sleeves up and dig in. Bit of a luxury.
  6. Not one that I’m going to get excited about, but I doubt he is on any sort of wage coming from Maidstone. I went to watch Maidstone when they were in the National League (season they went down). They were diabolical and so were the opposition. This signing is from a level below that.
  7. Anyone know if this lad is decent? Three year deal, so someone must think so!
  8. Mitch


    It’s a brilliant city. I’m booked for New Year. Fingers crossed
  9. Heading up to do the majority of the route the week things open up at the end of April. We booked it last summer and had to tweak our plans a bit, so might be some pretty long days. Staying in Wick, Tongue, Ullapool and then cutting off track to spend the night in Skye. Was expecting to do it over a week, but a few things have cropped up so need to shorten. Will probably feel a bit rushed, but I’m pretty happy to be up at sunrise and on my way for the day. Some of the pics look incredible. Fair buzzing for it!
  10. Concertista done me out a really good win today. Done on the line. Still a good day but was close to an excellent day! I don’t fancy anything overly strongly tomorrow. I’ll still have a punt since I’ve got the week off and will be on the Guinness. 13:20 - Bravemansgame (4/1) 13:55 - Monkfish (2/5). Will be watching this race and not punting. If pushed on an alternative to the favourite then I would possibly go with Sporting John without Monkfish (3/1). 14:30 - Janika (33/1) EW. Seems a really big price for this. Won’t be going massive on it. 15:05 - Chacun Pour Soi easy favourite but too short at 4/5. Put The Kettle On gets a Mare’s allowance of 7lbs but a Mare has never won this race (but I do like that horse!). 15:40 - Easyland strolls it 16:15 - Us And Them EW 14/1 16:50 - Three Stripe Life (15/2) EW.
  11. I’ve pulled together the same for Wednesday. I’ll send it over to you later this morning. I’ll have a look at Thursday later on tonight and then Friday tomorrow night. I’m buzzing for the festival. Gutted I won’t be there, but hopefully next year!
  12. Supreme - Appreciate It (got it on various doubles) Arkle - Shishkin (won’t be betting in this race with it being such a short price) Ultima - Milan Native 15/2 Champion Hurdle - I backed Goshen straight after he won at Wincanton (8/1) but Honeysuckle is going to be tough to beat with the allowance. Mare’s Hurdle - Concertista (various doubles) Fred Winter - I’ve taken Rivière D’etel to win at 12/1 but I really like the look of Homme Public which I have taken EW at 16/1. NH Challenge - Remastered 8/1.
  13. Had a fantastic 6/7 week period, but he offered little outside that. To say he has been poor is an understatement since he returned. Fair play to the lad for getting the Rangers contract, as I suspect his next permanent move will be Championship.
  14. I’ve hardly shown much interest this season and couldn’t quite get excited about it. That being said, the shambles of a position we have found ourselves in at the moment is giving it far more of an edge than expected. Anything but confident for tonight and it is a must not lose for us. We really need to get quality in over quantity this window (easier said than done) or we are in the shit. Lose tonight and the 12/1 on us to finish bottom won’t be available!
  15. Seems the type of signing that we would make if it was numbers that we need, rather than an improvement in quality. Underwhelming!
  16. Jordan White heading to County would be excellent. Gets him out the door (even if it is on loan) and if that is the standard of player that County are hoping to save them, then it can only be a good thing for us!
  17. Yeah, the texture is horrible. Tried to force it down as it was made for me whilst I was living in Bangalore. Managed about half a dozen spoonfuls and had to pretend I had already had a big lunch!
  18. I’m sure he can be quite tactical with a reason not to play to avoid losing any income.
  19. This is a bit of a nightmare scenario for us with Gallagher. 1. He refuses to play to avoid triggering the contract and we are left with a high earner in the stands when we are up to our neck in the shit. 2. We punt him in January for a nominal fee and we bring in a replacement (unlikely to be to the same standard as Gallagher). 3. We agree to allow him to leave in the summer and not trigger the extension. I’m probably in the option 3 position. Whilst we are a club that relies on transfer income, having him available and focused between now and the end of the season is key. Having him sitting in the stands refusing to play is a nightmare scenario for everyone. Don’t think there is any solution that is perfect for us!
  20. I watched him play for Bengaluru when I was living out there. He was deemed one of their star players, but was rank rotten.
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