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  1. That Morton GK is utter mince. If he is going to be your number 1 then you’re in bother. Thought we played well, but we were quite open at the back and a better team would have punished us. I’m not getting excited yet. I’ll wait another month or so before putting on my bet of us winning the treble.
  2. As much as I reckon you’re the worlds biggest troll, you’re spot on with the above. His summer recruitment last year was a disaster and a lot of ‘Well fans would have had him gone around Christmas time. He got lucky that he stumbled upon two players who went off to a flyer in Turnbull and Hastie, along with the signing of Aryibi in January. It’s a gamble either way in renewing now or wait and see how he gets on. I would have probably held off for a couple of months.
  3. Nipped into Tesco whilst in the office yesterday. Picked up a standard £3 meal deal, with a surprisingly tasty wrap. A limited edition jerk chicken effort. Didn’t have high expectations, but it hit the spot! Hoping it isn’t too long before it moves from limited edition to regular item.
  4. Thistle, Motherwell, Dundee, County and Annan for tomorrow.
  5. He had been on loan at Notts County. My mate is a season ticket holder at County and wasn’t particularly impressed by him. I’m sure he lost his place in the side. I thought he looked decent when thrown in, but doesn’t look like he has kicked on.
  6. Not a huge stretch, but there were some roadworks on the M74 around the border. Average speed cameras. Was really quiet when I went passed at the weekend, but looking at a decent wee stretch. Doubt it will have a major impact when you’re going so far!
  7. One of Glasgow Centrals finest junkies started shouting to everyone walking past that I was too tight to give him a couple of quid when I declined. Unless he had a chip and pin machine in his pocket then he was always going to be chappin!
  8. A bidding war is a bit of a myth. He will have his price that St Mirren are willing to sell him for. It won’t be a case of teams offering £50-£100k more to be first in the pecking order. They will meet the fee and then they would negotiate with the player (which is where the bidding war might take place). I recall people suggesting the mythical bidding war for Turnbull. It just doesn’t happen!
  9. Craig Samson is the worst goalkeeper ever to have played the sport.
  10. I’m sure your tour guide will have a good list of the things to see around Delhi. The obvious things like Gandhi’s House, India Gate, Red Fort and Humayuns Tomb will all be on the list. Jama Masjid Mosque is worth a visit. It’s in Old Delhi and it’s great to see the difference between the two parts of the city. Be prepared to leave your shoes outside at the gate and be bare footed walking around the place. I can’t recall if they made women cover their heads, but I would advise women to wear a long sleeved top as a lot of places will expect them to be covered. I may be recalling this wrongly, but I think it was the mosque that gave me a blanket type thing to wear as a skirt as I had three quarter length trousers on and they wanted me covered. I visited quite a few tombs whilst in Delhi, but I think it was Safdarjungs Tomb that stood out the most. Defo worth a visit. Couple of other things. Be prepared to pay “White man prices” for entering any of the tourist spots. Generally only charge the locals about 10Rs (about 12p) but will charge tourists about 250Rs (about £3). Not very expensive, but they fair hike it up compared to the locals prices. Some places will charge you separately for a camera. I had a proper camera with me, but not sure how they manage it with iPhones and such likes these days. For Agra, Taj is the only place worth visiting. As mentioned elsewhere, see it at sunset from the fort and then get in for sunrise. You park up about 500yards and will be carted to the taj on a golf buggy. They don’t allow vehicles within a set distance of the taj. It is breath taking. Possibly the most amazing experience from my travels. Get out of Agra as quickly as possible! Jaipur is a decent city. “The Pink City” and you will see why (although my wife said it’s Terracotta [emoji23]). You have the huge lake that was used to film one of the James Bond films. They were looking to renovate the building that is in the middle into a hotel. That was about 4/5 years ago. Unsure if they actually proceeded with it. Amber Fort is worth a visit and you get some amazing views from the top. You can take an elephant ride up for about £10. Worth it for the experience but it’s not the most comfortable ride. I never done too much else in Jaipur as I was tired from the previous days in Delhi and Agra. Your tour guide will almost certainly take you into one of the local shops, which they will no doubt say it’s their cousins or such likes. Depends if it’s your thing or not, but they will rip you off. When selecting hotels, I would suggest sticking to the big chains (Raddison, Hilton ShangRaLa etc) as the smaller chains are touch and go. Raddison Blu in Agra is very good! If you have a fair amount of disposable cash then consider staying in Oberoi in Agra. It overlooks the Taj and the views are meant to be out of this world. I looked at it but I am sure it was about £500 a night, which ruled it out for me. Eating wise, the big chain hotels are very westernised and will cater to your tastes. The food is not spicy in India so wouldn’t worry too much. When eating out and about, you will see all the usual fast food chains. I would avoid any of the street food places as the quality of the meat is questionable at best. Also, you won’t see beef on the menu anywhere. If it’s being offered then it is likely buffalo or similar. If you do order a curry, if in a western place then it will probably be chicken breast, but if it’s not westernised then me prepared for chicken to be on the bone. Mutton was popular on the menus, but it wasn’t really to my liking. Be prepared to encounter some of the most awful smells and you will very likely see rats and such likes about the cities. India is an amazing country. People are very friendly, but they may come across as rude. They have no concept of queuing and will push in front of you as if you’re not there. You will see a lot of poverty and begging around the cities. Quite often they have some physical disability and will play on it to get money from tourists. People think India is really cheap, but it’s not really the case if your a tourist and sticking to more western places (hotels/restaurants). It’s probably slightly cheaper to eat and drink than the UK, but not miles cheaper. From memory, a main course would be about £8-10 and a bottle of beer about £2.50. They heavily tax alcohol in most states and anything imported will cost you a fortune. Sula is a brand of wine that is made in the country. Not as heavily taxed but it’s not really the best. Any imported wine will set you back about £20 a bottle, which you would pick up for £4-5 here. I can’t really the lager that I was drinking in the north, but it was Kingfisher that was the main brand when I was living in the south. Budweiser was available as well as some other well known brands. It’s all bottled beer and I cannot recall seeing much draft beer or offer anywhere in India. They love their whiskey in India, but same issue with tax making imports expensive. Some of the local stuff is actually ok. They also take their smoking laws pretty seriously in India, with pretty much the same laws as the UK. Cigs are cheap and about £3 a packet. Ill probably add some other bits and bobs as they come back to me. You will have the trip of a lifetime. I will go back one day and do it again myself. I love hearing about people going out for a tour and I’m extremely jealous! Let us know how you get on.
  11. I’ve stuck on Livingston to be bottom (8/1), Dundee United to win Championship (5/2) and Cove Rangers to win League 2 (9/2) as a treble. As has already been posted in here, the Livi to finish bottom odds look a touch on the big side.
  12. Does your work offer any sort of sharesave or equivalent? I started paying into one immediately when I started working at 16. It comes out of your salary so you just get used to not having it. Fair builds up over the years and so long as the share prices doesn’t tumble, you will make more than you would in any high street savings account (by some distance). I’ve always put something away, even now with my wife back at university full time, I still put away into my sharesave and other investment. Just tighten up a little more elsewhere to compensate. You need to have a long term view. You ain’t going to have the house deposit overnight, but will be worth it in the long term.
  13. I done the golden triangle whilst living in India. I’m currently sitting on a sun lounger in Dom Rep. I’ll ping you over the places I visited when out there. A few hidden gems that I wasn’t aware of that our tour guide took us to. One thing I would say is get in and out of Agra as quick as possible. The place is a toilet (even for India). Food isn’t spicy at all. Big hotels will all cater for western pallets.
  14. Sammon is a very good signing for League 1 level. Whilst he had a poor season with us, he has a reasonable level of ability if you play to his strengths. We punted balls to him in the first half of the season, which isn’t his game. He never got a sniff in the second half as we had a settled side that was doing well. Cracking signing for Falkirk, if it is indeed happening.
  15. Spotted that Livi are 8/1 to finish bottom (compared to 2/1 or 3/1 for the other main contenders). Seems quite a big price for something that is a reasonable possibility. I mean that with no disrespect, just seems a bit on the big side.
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