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  1. Mitch


    Booked to go at the end of October with the wife (C19 may mean it doesn’t happen). Couple of questions: - Getting from the airport to the city centre. Train the best option? I would just get a taxi but we have a good few hours to kill before we can check in to our hotel. Planing on Uber back to the hotel for the early flight home. - Any tour company recommended for Autchwitz? Seen plenty online, but always like to book via someone recommended. - Anything in particular in and around the city that you would say is a must do? - Places to eat and drink would be good. Generally just go with TripAdvisor but good to hear from others on here.
  2. You’re wrong, we are going to pump you 5-0
  3. Not playing Turnbull isn’t even on the table. If he is fit then he starts. By far our most talented player! First name in the side.
  4. Went with Fiddlerontheroof in the opener. Fakir D’Oudairies for the Arkle and Espoir De Guye in the NT. I’m heading down Thurs and Fri and cannae wait!
  5. I read that 25/02 was pencilled in if the replay fails an inspection. I would say it is unlikely it will go ahead with the current weather and forecast.
  6. He took them to the play off finals but lost the final. I'm sure he also took them up to the Premiership in his first stint. We have moved on a lot since McCall was with us.
  7. For a 0-0, it wasn’t the worst match. Thought we completely controlled the first half, but unsure how much that was down to Hibs offering very little. Thought the second was fairly even, but it would have been robbery if Hibs had sneaked the win with the chance that hit the post. We were always going to struggle in the final third with the line up, but thought they are all done well enough. Gallagher is outstanding at the back and been one of the best signing we have made from another Scottish club in the last 20+ years. Find the comment from a Hibs fan that we are hammer throwers quite amusing. Very much role reversal going on yesterday’s match, with a number of Hibs players picking up bookings (or lucky not to pick up bookings!) due to throwing elbows about! Happy enough with the point and hope St Mirren do us as a favour today.
  8. Decided to bite the bullet and get it booked for December 2020. Got a fairly decent deal on the flights. £300 each, with direct from Edinburgh to JFK on Sunday 29th Nov and returning JFK (via Heathrow) to Edinburgh on Thurs 3rd December. Hotel, I went for the same place as last time (Hudson close to the South West corner of Central Park), but had to bite the bullet and pay £900 for that (4 nights). I stayed in this hotel last time and it was perfectly situated for subway and plenty to do around it. Fairly pleased with the cost, considering the time of year.
  9. Reading that St Mirren and Aberdeen are after Matty Kennedy from St Johnstone on a pre contract. Would be surprised if this isn’t one that we are also sounding out. Couldn’t compete with a serious Aberdeen offer, but we could be an appealing proposition as a stepping stone.
  10. He is out of contract at Sheff United at the end of the season. Would suspect any fee being paid for him just now will be minimal. Still, 15% of something is better than 15% of nothing!
  11. It’s a massive anti-climax. My local started closing at 10pm (it’s family owned), so they can celebrate it together and not have to be working. I ended up going straight down the road and in my kip by 11pm. This year, going to nip up for a couple of pints and we are heading back to a mates house to see in the bells. The missus is driving as she is a bit under the weather. We go away on NYD every year for a meal and an overnight. As I get older, that is more important than going out and getting hammered (also, I generally do that on a standard weekend anyway!).
  12. Absolute nonsense, but if it makes you feel better making a cheeky wee joke then charge on!
  13. I suppose, naturally, it’s more noticeable due to the larger numbers. However is see very little of their fellow fans shouting them down, which I reckon most other clubs fans would do.
  14. Anyone else noticed an increase in some pretty sick point scoring from both sides of the Glasgow Scum? Is it due to the dregs of society having a voice through social media? In the aftermath of the recent match, I seen the use of Lee Rigby, Phil O’Donnell, Lisbon Lions, Fernando Ricksen and the Ibrox Disater as ways of having a go at the opposition. I just can’t get my head around it, especially when the ones using the reference to Lisbon Lions not seeing further titles has posts about the unfortunate death of Ricksen in their recent social media. This is all before the reported racial abuse and the denials from the other side. Clubs built on hatred and nothing more!
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