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  1. My quote was more to do with emphasising your use of Scottish stereotypes as a way of insult.
  2. Still, a nice change from your anti-Scottish drivel stinking out the place.
  3. I'm paraphrasing but I remember watching a criminal show where a head psychologist made a valid point in response to a sentence like that - Animals don't treat other animals like that. Only the human breed are so horrible. Just caught the end of the story on BBC and was almost in tears with the video of the wee tot on the floor saying "nobody will feed me". Absolutely heartbreaking. Violence doesn't solve anything but I sincerely hope those two c***s have plenty of hot water with sugar heading their way. Hope the Jury are well looked after. I can't even bring myself to read the full story never mind sitting through it all.
  4. Absolutely shameful we never got a better view of the steward taking that moron on the pitch clean out [emoji38] (Dunno if everyone else would have seen it. I'm watching on a channel called Spark which seems to have some pretty different angles).
  5. Not at all. I'm saying that's not what he did at all. He's put his leg out to draw contact from the Arsenal player and that's exactly what's happened.
  6. If the Arsenal player wasn't there there's no chance Fred puts his leg out like that, he keeps running. The Arsenal boy has clattered him but Fred has well and truly bought that and knew what he was doing. Shielding the ball had nothing to do with it.
  7. Eh? The ball never touched his left foot. He's clearly moved his left leg into the Arsenal player.
  8. Incredible. Fred makes the contact an is awarded a penalty.
  9. Yeah I thought the first two episodes have been good quality so far. The first one was really well rounded up.
  10. Indeed. Gibson to RB, Nditi to CB with Johnston benched is the best solution but it's an absolute stick on that one of Cochrane or McGrory are for the chop.
  11. Well that was a letdown. I thought he was gone.
  12. Similar approach on Saturday please AJ. Still looked dodgy at the back on the rare occasion Morton got forward but going forward we created plenty and it was refreshing to see. Can't fault the effort from the players either, were all over Morton whenever they never had possession. The pessimist (/history) makes me think he'll shit the bed on Saturday and try and stop Thistle playing rather than play our own game. Good confidence booster at the very least.
  13. If that's your biggest concern from a Morton point of view after tonight can you pass me some of what you're smoking please?
  14. He's been Morton's best player tbf (not much competition mind you). The shit side of being a goalkeeper. Unless he saves penalty in a shootout later, it doesn't matter how well he plays after that howler, that's what will be remembered.* * Not for very long of course.
  15. My mate messaged to say the linesman had dropped his flag around about the time of the chance. It would certainly explain how he failed to see it.
  16. "Evens itself out over the season" and all that.
  17. Is anyone else struggling to see the ball when it's at the far away end? Not sure if it's due to the pitch glare, the shite camera angle or just my eye sight but I can hardly make it out.
  18. Yeah. Morton are unbelievably shite. I mean we aren't much better given it's taken an og to have us ahead but that they are so bad gives me a glimmer of hope we may not finish 10th.
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