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  1. I thought you were better than that Slipmat [emoji38]
  2. FCE were miles worse than Alloa. I wasn't at the Peterhead game but I'd wager my house that they were far far worse than Alloa as well.
  3. 19QOS19

    Week 4

    Incredible win for The Jets there tbh. Not because Steelers were great but because NYJ did there utmost to gift them the game. I'll take it.
  4. 19QOS19

    Week 4

    Struggle to watch them the now as the rage it induces isn't worth it!
  5. 19QOS19

    Week 4

    It actually pains me how fucking stupid The Jets are at times.
  6. If it was Ibrox the answer to two of those questions would be yes.
  7. Indeed. I expect 99% of the boos will have been directed at the ref but if I was a Leeds fan I'd be furious with the player's idiotic decision there.
  8. Just when you forget what a diving wee c**t Ashley Young is, he comes up with a classic. What a boy.
  9. If he received a receipt for the original sale then I doubt trading standards are going to bother with this one.
  10. Read a wee bit. One says he was a bigot and she was calling him out for it and another post said it was her food and he lifted it to take a selfie. The latter probably makes most sense in the context of that clip.
  11. Few things in one - Asked the lassie to add 10% to our bill tonight and she told me they don't get the tip if you do that. Another lassie asked what the issue was and I explained it. I'm not sure but I think she was the assistant manager. She said that the machines are awkward and I left it at that. What really pissed me off on top of the fact I couldn't leave a tip was that the waitress walked past me soon after and looked like she had had a telling off. I actually pulled her to the side to ask if I had got her in bother and she said "No. It's fine", which suggested she had actually been pulled up. Combine that with the fact the owner happily took my tip the week before and failed to inform me of this (effectively charging me £7 more) I'm pretty pissed off a poor lassie has been telt off for being honest.
  12. Pretty much what MT has said but they do seem contradictory statements to me tbh.
  13. Genuinely daylight robbery on Alloa's part. The goal was the only real threat they had all game. We had enough chances to win two games. But if you squander chances and don't concentrate at the back you get what you deserve. Alloa GK had a cracking game. Some cracking saves.
  14. Bad vibes here after Paton misses an open goal.
  15. Queens absolutely bossing it. Really should have had 2/3. The main positive is we have the lead. The negatives/nervy parts are that we are heading into the wind in the second half and Alloa can't possibly be as bad. If we are continuing with the long ball I expect Ruth or Bange will feature at some point.
  16. Kane leaving the boot in again and again going unpunished. He is a truly despicable c**t.
  17. Can't find the actual thread but Gary Lewis goes into the People You Like... Thread. Genuinely sound bloke. Think because he usually plays a bit of an arsehole in things you stupidly expect him to be the same in real life. Met him a few times now and he always blethers away like he's known you for years. Gid c**t.
  18. No action required: Your fixed tariff is priced below the Government Energy Price Guarantee, so you don't need to provide a meter reading on 30th Sep. Received that text today. Because I'm a lazy arsehole can someone translate what that means? Definitely be giving them their monthly reading regardless the fly b*****ds.
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