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  1. Well they're absolutely wrong. I think Avanti drivers are the highest paid drivers in Britain and their basic isn't even that.
  2. Said it before and I'll say it again - anyone counting/relying on OT to make up their wage is a complete moron and I have no sympathy for them when that time eventually goes. You should always be living your life off you basic wage with anything on top of that a bonus. Scotrail drivers don't get anywhere close to 80K.
  3. I don't like Man City but I hate Liverpool more so hahahahahaha! Cocks.
  4. The long suffering ones were no better. It would give an interview with those types who couldn't wait to tell us how they were loyal and great fans before cutting to the match and the camera on the fan then giving pelters to the players. It wasn't always the usual bog standard moaning either, some of it was ridiculously OTT stuff.
  5. I've just saved you £50 and you've had a whale of a time completing this quiz. I await your "Thank you".
  6. He could come back with a zimmer frame and he wouldn't be able to tarnish those memories I can remember Bowey being a good example (granted it wasn't that he returned). He was a great player for us at the time but once his engine went it showed him up for being a technically terrible footballer. But when I/We think back to him you certainly don't think about his last season. It's just the fond memories.
  7. League 1 isn't a decent level though, that's the only tiny thing that's making me wonder if it may happen. FWIW I doubt he'll be back but if we were in the Championship next season I'd be a firm "It won't happen" whereas being in L1 has me thinking "Well, you never know".
  8. Results on Monday guys so still time to enter. Don't have time tonight and I'm on the lash tomorrow. Will do it Monday and announce the winner.
  9. "They took over Trafalgar square and now Sunderland are taking over football's most famous landmark!!" Aye mate, a stadium that's about 15 years old is the most famous landmark in the sport [emoji38] Fucking fanny.
  10. Fucking hell. The ball moved slightly but that's a helluva sitter from the GK.
  11. Come on Wycombe. Destroy these wanks and let the Banter Years continue.
  12. Not a bad shout. Close by to him and is a good foot in the door. Thought he may have taken over at Fylde at some point mind you.
  13. You got the information wrong. Move on.
  14. This never happened. Entirely different grade.
  15. I don't know if pay as play deals are actually a thing anymore. Regardless it would be a horrible way to treat him. Make him travel up from Lytham only for him to potentially not be paid. It may well be he calls it a day.
  16. Workers don't deserve blame for taking their days off in any industry.
  17. For the slating Airdrie get at times I've no ill feeling towards them tbh. But this point is why I was wanting QP to win in the playoffs and with respect I hope it happens. QP have the budget to just recruit better players so would have been right up there next season. Airdrie are similar to us in that if their players have a good season they are more than likely going to be snapped up by bigger clubs. Hopefully a major rebuild job at Airdrie is required and they are weaker as a result. Noticed that. Be interesting to see what his next move is if he decides to just call it a day. Would absolutely love to see him back for the season if for no other reason than to give him the send off he deserves. Heartbreaking to see him walk off against Dundee with no fans there. I reckon he could still easily score at League 1 level even as a bit-part player and WG would have the sense not to play him as a lone striker. Logistically it may well be a no go though sadly.
  18. People choosing to take their days off doesn't require defending m8. It will naturally divide opinion. Pay disputes always will. But if you ever decide to look at the tweets I've told you to you'll see some reasoned views about it and not the daft "but but Nurses!?!" argument.
  19. She's absolutely nailed the pee side of things. Havent had any accidents the last two weeks even during the night or at nap time. Bedtime is a mixed bag. If she has an afternoon nap she is a pain in the arse. Constantly up and down and asking for the toilet but she settles after a couple of hours. With no nap she settles within 20 minutes but she's cranky later in the day so it's Sophie's Choice whether to let her nap [emoji38] She's up an hour earlier as well still. Just hasn't been grasping the poo side at all. She's clearly been holding it in though as she isn't as regular as she has been. A good few accidents. However, she just asked for the potty and was away doing what I assumed was a pee. She shouted me through that she had pooped and I assumed in her pants again. But it was in the potty. I'm absolutely buzzing [emoji38] Really hoping now she has had the sensation that this is her from here. Regardless, her progress over these two weeks has been exceptional. Pwoud, very pwoud.
  20. I've given you an answer. If you can't be bothered going to look and put 2 and 2 together then I doubt you're that interested in the answer.
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