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  1. Sneezing under normal circumstances - great stuff. Sneezing due to hayfever or when I'm unwell - hell on earth.
  2. Haven't watched the new ones but went through them on IMDb. A lack of the McPoyles again I see. I expect they are done with the show, particularly when they didn't feature in Trial of The Century episode. Gutted really as I thought they were always a great cameo.
  3. You could be calling the entire train a bunch of c*nts via the tannoy and they still wouldn't listen [emoji38]
  4. Nice to know that behaviour isn't unique to Scots.
  5. You seem to really struggle with the concept of a multi-club forum don't you?
  6. This. If you can lift your head off your pillow it's not Flu.
  7. Seeing Pickford in a relegated side would be pleasing though.
  8. I hope Dean goes. Him constantly screwing up his face really annoys me.
  9. Can't stand Lottie so I'm looking forward to her getting knocked down a peg in the interviews. Dean or Pamela to go.
  10. VAR making an arse of it again in the Leicester game.
  11. What is it you people are watching it on? My internet isn't the best but I haven't had any issue with buffering on the PS4.
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