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  1. I think I have a good sense of humour but any of these stupid Tik Tok videos just make me cringe rather than so much as smile. It feels like an app created for children but it's used by adults who either think they are funny and/or crave attention. Does anyone on here like/create them and if so could you please explain to me what I'm missing that other folk find so hilarious?
  2. Can you update us 2 weeks after the wee one arrives and see if you feel the same way about being trapped in the house?
  3. Nah it's not like that. The closest it came to animal cruelty* was when one of the tigers went to grab him and he used his stick to get it to go away. It was an act of self defence more than him chasing the tiger to beat it. * By that I mean beating. Breeding tigers to cage them is cruelty in itself IMO.
  4. Sign up to Disney+ for the week and fill your boots with classic The Simpsons.
  5. Aw. Can't exactly threaten to take their phone off them or some similar punishment then [emoji38]
  6. How old are they? Is it not just a case of "get them telt!"?
  7. I was in predominantly for my parents. My dad hasn't been well and if my mum gets it it'll probably kill her off. Might leave it to my Mrs now though because I'm at breaking point with the stupidity of folk. The middle and end walkways are 'two way' though. It's only the main aisles that are in the system so you weave from one end of the shop to the next. Even if you forgot something you would just have to go to the end or middle walkway and go back to the aisle you want, or the next aisle and work back to it. It's an idiot proof system and folk using it incorrectly are either thick as pig shit or just complete c***s. I expect it's a 50/50 split tbf.
  8. Just in Tesco there and they've introduced a one way system, which IMO is a great idea. Of course the whole idea and massive fucking arrows on the floor are still too much for the idiots of the area to comprehend who are continuing to walk wherever they please. Combine this with the fuckwits who have no sense of what 2 metres is I think that will be my last trip to the shop until this is over or I'm seriously going to lose it with someone. I fucking despise humans at times.
  9. We see far more than 15 shouting acid abuse from the stands throughout. They come across as a completely odious bunch. That they support in numbers is irrelevant. The OF get tens of thousands every home game as well.
  10. The way they make it I almost want to see them do well to see newly implemented things work and new signings perform. Then we get a scene involving their fans and I revert back to hoping we see their salty tears. Fannies.
  11. Binged 2nd series of Sunderland documentary today. Great entertainment once more. Hope they make another. My bulletpoints:- - Their fans are incredibly deluded/hyprocritical/fucking knobs. Some highlights "This game (cup final) will be shown all over the world". Aye, I'm sure millions will be tuning in to the English Challenge Cup mate. "One of the biggest clubs in the country" and in the next scene you get "This is a once in a lifetime game" (Challenge Cup final). The player getting abuse in the shop with his family highlighted how much they are complete c***s. I imagine they could have shared a lot more stories like that. I've disliked a lot of QoS players in my time but I would never give a player abuse in the street, let alone if they had their family with them. Loyal fans yet they could only muster 27,000 for the biggest home game of the season because ST weren't accepted?! - Methven will definitely be a p***k and business first. I didn't think he was out of line with the Irish lassie, her attitude was a bigger concern. I found it more annoying when he shot down the young guy in board room when they were discussing ticket allocation. The lad made a valid point that those who had attended the previous Chekatrade games (diddy games) should be given a chance at tickets. He was more concerned about profit. - The women fans really don't come out of it well. Some absolute cringeworthy stuff. Shite like (at 1-0) "I wish the game was finished now". Just obviously drivel. - That "Greatest team, the world has ever seen" song must be one of the worst in football.
  12. I see an Alloa post office agree with this and were on strike about it.* You'd think all PO would be in the same boat. * That's what the article said, it could have been for other reasons they never mentioned.
  13. I see that and raise you, my 3 year old was kicking a ball this morning and asked "do you want to play with the soccer ball, daddy?"
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