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  1. Said with absolutely no hint of irony [emoji38]
  2. That car could buy my house 3 times over. That'd be getting sold right away.
  3. Modern world. Folk have to announce to the world when they do a 'good deed'. Folk like that do these things more for themselves than the actual person they are supposed to be helping IMO. A few Christmases back my brother put a homeless guy up in a hostel for a night. He never announced it all over FB and we wouldn't have known about it had he not casually mentioned it to my mum on the phone later on. Folk will sell their souls for some fucking Likes on FB.
  4. Because down voting a post and not commenting on why you've down voted it is shitbag behaviour IMO unless it's an offensive post. It's not me who has sparked any kind of feud. You're the one making a mountain out of a molehill and again, where are you getting this "personal attack" nonsense from? I never even commented on the game in question because I haven't played it. Neither have you yet you feel the need to criticise it and have a go at people who are enjoying it. Once again: bizarre behaviour on your part.
  5. [emoji38] "looking out". It was the last posts on this topic and everyone saying how good that game looked/is. As per you had to go against the grain and slate it. As mentioned above, it was hardly going out my way. And I'm never offended by anything you say. I find it more hilariously tragic you spend time on a gaming forum disliking games. As I said, mental behaviour.
  6. Yes lots. If I didn't like games I wouldn't come on a Glgaming forum moaning about almost every game that's mentioned. That would be mental, wouldn't it?
  7. Genuine question: if you didn't have hatred towards Gretna, what were your respective feelings towards them?
  8. No idea tbh. When I was last in the chemist discussing teething I mentioned Bonjela and they never advised against it. We used it with the eldest and had no issues. Though she is a bit of a nutter. That could explain it right enough.
  9. I started watching the US one and have enjoyed what I've seen. I question folk that say "X is a better version than Y". They are two totally different shows with the US one just loosely basing itself off the original. The US one has had some outright physical comedy laughs. That's not what the UK one was all about. Two different shows but equally funny IMO.
  10. No. Should I be concerned? Feel free to join in with the knicker-wetters among our posters if your answer is yes.
  11. This (last) season against QoS: WI, DI, LI*. It was hardly a surefire 3 points at Palmerston for you. * That was the game where Brownlie scored to get us the 3pts that kept us above you in the end. I'd be more angry at him if I were you...
  12. Swap Aitken with MacFarlane and I'd agree. We'd likely never have got those guys had it not been for Gretna. I don't agree with Aitken though given he had previously been with us. I don't think I knew any QoS fan who didn't utterly despise Gretna either tbh. I hated everything they represented and felt genuine joy when they went tits up. The only sadness was for the couple of hundred real Gretna supporters who were there before Mileson (and are likely still there).
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