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  1. Is your line out of support or what you think is acceptable? I don't really give anyone "abuse" at games but will sometimes air my displeasure with whoever has 'upset' me. I think if you give it to one set of folk (say officials) then you can't have a go at someone for having a pop at their own players. Unless of course your reasoning for not doing it to your own players is down to you seeing it as counterproductive.
  2. I hate snow in any game. Absolutely detest the stuff. Stick with it though. Without giving spoilers, I felt the same when we met Sarah again but just go with it. I did enjoy Days Gone but felt it was almost a mini hybrid of RDR2 combined with TLOU. If it had come out before these two games it would have likely received more praise. The hordes gave me the absolute fear and I think I only managed to destroy 2 before shitting it and leaving the rest.
  3. Racial abuse? It's part and parcel of the game though, at all levels. I think there's 'football abuse' and then there's 'too far'. I rarely shout any direct comments at players (I think the last time was at Alan Martin GK after yet another clanger. And to show how much it takes to make me shout at an individual, he was actually subbed at HT. That's how bad he was) but don't have any issue with fans doing it providing it's in relation to their performance. Getting personal is an entirely different thing though. Being PT doesn't make a difference. I've watched lower league football and witnessed fans getting frustrated at the players. I think if people have to pay money then they're going to make their feelings known if they feel they're being short-changed. The argument about "How would people like it if they got abuse at their work" is a two way street. No one would want to be abused at their work but the flipside of that is if people did their job so badly (like a lot of footballers do) then they'd be for the chop. Regardless of how bad a game a player has he'll still be in a job (for a year anyway) and on full pay.
  4. Pays 157,000/1 on Bet365. Best put a pound on now
  5. TV synopsis's (that right?) that give fucking spoilers. Just finished a season of a show (won't say which one in case folk are or decide to watch it) where the cliffhanger is two folk being resuscitated. It ends with us not knowing if any of them survive. The show finishes and it comes up to tell us " X person's family come to terms with their death". Absolutely fucking raging. More so that it wasn't the one I expected was going to die.
  6. I suppose you could argue that they're all in the same boat, or at least the large majority are. They're all relatively unknown quantities at this level but will know if they put in the effort and get the results then they'll be putting themselves firmly in the shop window. I know it's frustrating that we lose players fairly quickly if they perform well for us but the flip side to that is that potential signings may well look and see that if they can show what they can do for us then they too could get a bigger move.
  7. Cheers. Is the email confirmation (which I assume I'll get) the ticket or would I need to print something off?
  8. At least this is one thing the horrible little weasel hasn't managed to wriggle out of. Take away nothing from the tragic news though. Awful news for the poor boy's family.
  9. Can you pay at the gate for tomorrow's game or is it necessary to pre-purchase?
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