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  1. To be fair to him, that's exactly what he'll do. It would be better if he could just pass the ball to a team-mate but even when he did lose it he wouldn't just 'throw his hands in the air' and expect to be bailed out.
  2. palmy_cammy has pretty much covered it. He's been a good servant and I wish him well. He will break up play and won't back out of any challenge but his distribution is utterly woeful. I'm not surprised to see him go (or disappointed tbh) as he clearly wasn't going to fit AJ's style. Even in the few games he's played under AJ he managed to slow down our attack any time he got the ball. I'm not suggesting we'll be playing silky football next season, but someone who takes as long as him on the ball (before then struggling to find a team-mate!) isn't what we need.
  3. Porcelain is a cracking tune though.
  4. Good to see the knicker-wetting starting early. 1) The majority of players will be on holiday now. 2) Johnston has already pointed out that players can hold off to see if they get better offers. I hate to say it, but Queens aren't exactly going to be the most lucrative choice for players. If we have no other players signed by the middle of July I'll start to shit the bed. 5 days after our season finished, not so much.
  5. Moffat and Doolan are both good players but I'd be very skeptical about them working as a front two.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I have a conversation with those machines after I've paid which goes like:- Checkout: "Please take your change..." Me: "Even notes?!" Checkout: "especially notes" True story. Simpsons fans will get it B)
  7. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Feel a bit sorry for Ayr fans just now. Their dedicated thread seems to be attracting folk posting stuff that doesn't in any way relate to their club. Some guy a few days back was spamming it and there was a breakdown last night with c**t's and accusations of homophobia flying around the place. I think they should start a new thread and burn their current one to the ground.
  8. Calling Cards of Morons

    Nah, definitely black trainers. Anyone under the age of 25 who wears completely black trainers always looks like a complete c**t of a person. It seems to the chosen attire of today's 'NED'.
  9. Red Dead Redemption

    Currently on offer at £12.99 ( an absolute bargain I have to say). PSN is normally the most expensive place so it might be worth nipping in to Game *shudders* or somewhere like Cex to see if it's under a tenner.
  10. The New MILF Thread

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus still pumpable at 58.
  11. He was almost completely anonymous against us in both legs. The only thing of note he did was blow a one on one, not even hitting the target. Given how poor our defence has been this season it speaks volumes that he never looked like scoring. You don't score that many goals being shite, but I think it would be too big a jump for him at this time. And if he would be partnering Dykes then I could guarantee Livi wouldn't be scoring many goals via their strikers.
  12. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Keep scrolling. It's nothing worth reading tbh. Very tame by Juniors standards.
  13. The New MILF Thread

    Favourite Pornstar thread for this pish. SHOW US YOUR DOGS thread for this pish.