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  1. Aye I've decided that Jenny Eclair joins Judi Love and Iain Stirling in my bottom 3 contestants. Just can't take to her at all. Really enjoying the other 4 this year. Is Ivo on the spectrum or is it just his comedic style?
  2. You need to lighten up a bit pal or you won't last very long on this website
  3. This. So much this. Absolutely tragic behaviour. If I was an Everton fan I'd have applauded at FT and then fucked off. Wouldn't even applaud the failures off the park, never mind invade the pitch.
  4. Tbf I'm not arsed if it's staged. I thought it was good to see him sitting up though. Looking back at him going down didn't look very nice at all.
  5. Accies fans - a great bunch of lads. Guy's a fud.
  6. Penalties please with that cheating diving c**t Carlton Morris missing the only penalty.
  7. Would have been outstanding if they cut a hole below that.
  8. I'm almost* over the last major vote the club had to make. I really hope they don't f**k this one up just as badly. *Almost.
  9. I reckon places of worship should still be closed until Covid is completely eradicated. Just to be safe.
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