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  1. Am I the only one who was gutted to see Eddie go then? Thought he was a great addition tbh and was great value. Will on the other hand is an extremely boring character/the actor is just awful. I wouldn't be arsed if he went tbh. Though I expect he's being kept to tell Mike next season that he's in love with him. Really enjoyed it tbh. And a special mention for Master of Puppets being blasted out on the guitar - outstanding.
  2. I'm probably over-thinking it, I just can't recall ever seeing a trialist officially named and wondered if it meant we were about to sign him. Probably the former rather than the latter!
  3. I noticed Ross Irving was named in brackets next to the Trialist on the match report. I didn't think they named the player unless they had signed?
  4. When you purchase a ticket does it just need to be looked at by the turnstile operator rather than require scanning or anything? I wont get there until 15/20 past on Saturday so the turnstiles will likely be closed.
  5. Erm, no there hasn't. Not working your days off isn't industrial action.
  6. A player I thought we got rid of too soon but I'd still be hoping for a bit of extra quality than that on top.
  7. Scary moment last night at the Mrs's nana's. I was talking to the husband in the kitchen next to the livingroom where the brats were sitting watching tv. They had been quiet for ages when suddenly the youngest started making a bizarre coughing sound and began crying. Went in to discover her faced all screwed up and realised she had ate something she shouldn't have. Started to pat her back before realising it was more serious than a jaggy crisp. She was really struggling. Looked in her mouth and couldn't see anything. Lifted her and tipped her to the side and started hammering her back and she soon stopped making noise and started to turn purple which was extremely terrifying. It was only for about 2/3 seconds (felt like hours) before she started to cough and cry and bit more normally. Still couldn't see anything though and she was coughing so much she was going to be sick. Held her over the sink and continued to hit her back until she threw up and in among the sickness was a 20p piece ffs. Just a bizarre experience all round. She's never been one for putting coins in her mouth and is well past (we thought!) the stage of tasting everything with her mouth. I can only think she put it in her mouth and it's accidently slipped into her throat rather than her attempting to eat it. Was pretty calm throughout and even after the adrenaline settled I was pretty chilled about it, instinct just kind of took over. It could have been so much worse and if she hadn't made that weird sound/it had lodged straight away then I wouldn't have walked through. Social services would have been all over us as well!
  8. I was there as well funnily enough. It was a duet in the end and they did a lovely rendition of Time To Say Goodbye. I also got so wasted I leased a helicopter ffs.
  9. They have loads of cracking tunes in their older catalogue. U2 are like The Simpsons: excellent in the beginning but went on far too long and ended up producing more shite than quality.
  10. Ooft. Wouldn't have known it had been down voted tbh as the TapaTalk only shows up votes. Aye, I'm not sure what part of that factually correct post upset people but here we are.
  11. Not sure you can suspend something that never happened. Taking a chance saying this when the votes haven't been counted yet either.
  12. Mods please move this to the appropriate thread ASAP. Really strong "Good Feeling at Cappielow" vibes here.
  13. Aye I thought Naylor and Oram would have joined Gibson tbh. Oram is smaller than Johnstone but he gets stuck in far more. I can't recall much of Jay in all honesty. That's not to say he wasn't any good, he just wasn't one that stood out for me like the other 3 did.
  14. Aye. Looking likely he'll be getting loaned out to a local amateur side as well as the reserve league, along with Andy Oram.
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