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  1. If the store was reasonable I'd just get a digital PS5 but it's a rip off like you say. They do do regular deals where you can pick up a bargain but for the most part the prices are ridiculous. Missing a trick big time. If it was £5/10 cheaper than everywhere else they'd make a fortune as everyone would surely use it.
  2. Got our kitchen from Homebase and haven't had any issues tbh. They were slightly cheaper than Howdens. They never installed it, I got my own joiner to do it. But the quality of the materials is fine. Had it 3 years now and it still looks like new.
  3. Ah right. Aye he seemed to have a whore of a patience.
  4. He had an off day certainly but he wasn't any worse than Shields. Both have been great up until now. Too early to blame the surface but I did think any time he got the ball it got stuck in his feet. I haven't noticed that before Saturday, or at the other games at Palmerston tbf so it may well be he just wasn't at the races.
  5. Pays 100/1. If we play like we did against Ayr we are capable of getting something here. If it's similar to Saturday's performance then we really are in trouble and -2 @ 9/2 is printing money. Maxwell back in the side should give us a more natural back line but someone at the back really needs to step up to the plate at take charge now. The lack of shape was utterly embarrassing at times against Raith. If the CBs can't take charge then Ferguson needs to step up. Fitzpatrick and Shields were anonymous on Saturday and that kills our attack instantly. Dobbie can't do it alone. If those two show up this week we can at least cause some damage. Would be over the moon with a point here*. * Providing it's not at the expense of a 2 goal lead.
  6. I'm surprised you've only just noticed that. It's been happening for years. Similar to foul throws, I blame the officials. We usually get beat at Palmerston nowadays and when we're behind, goalkeepers naturally hold the ball longer. I think I counted to about 15 seconds at one stage last season. I assume the 6 second rule is dead or they just don't bother to enforce it. Time-wasting in general annoys me tbh. I'd love stop clocks to become part of the game and be used any time the ball goes out of play. This would cut it out and make the game actually 90 minutes long.
  7. Agree with all apart from the UPS guy (assuming we're talking about the one with the daughter). I was gobsmacked he helped put her back in. For that reason he belongs with the other nutcases in the film. Thought it was quite funny in parts and as mentioned elsewhere, his daughter steals the show. 6.5/10.
  8. To be (relegated) or not to be (relegated) - that is the question.
  9. Gibson has looked ok going forward for us. Certainly against Ayr last week he was fine. It's just wrong to say he's done at this level. Is he a LB? No, and we will be in trouble any time he has to fill in there. Maxwell will be back for this game anyway surely?
  10. Nup, McKee is to blame there. You're right that he got a touch to the ball but had he been in a better position he'd heave cleared it comfortably so saying he got a touch to it only makes it worse. He close enough to Duku initially that he literally has a hand on him. Instead of staying that tight he drifts away from him. He then gets needlessly closer to our own defender rather than the attacker and the goal is the result. Why he doesn't stick with the attacker until the ball is cleared is beyond me. It's lazy defending on his part and it's exactly the same as the goal he cost us last week.
  11. Those goals really are absolutely awful from our point of view. First one, McCabe fails to track his man but I'd blame Buchanan almost as much. He's marking no one. You could argue his man is Duku but he's nowhere near him either. That ball could have just as easily ended in the net if it was passed to the right. Second goal, McKee (for the second week running) fails to mark his man and it's a free header. Third, McCabe looks like he should be tracking him again and once more Buchanan is in no man's land. Trying to play the offside trap or just couldn't be fucked running anymore. Appalling regardless. The fourth is possibly the worst on of the lot. The midfield is nonexistent and the closest man in the middle of the park to the attacker is our RB ffs! Ayo takes all the credit for no. 5. Just atrocious defensively but not all down to the actual defenders. The midfield need to start doing their job correctly as well.
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