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  1. If you go with Bordertown let me know what it's like. I have that on my list. I got a few episodes into The Rain which was decent. Need to get back to it though.
  2. Cardiologist saying George wouldn't have died if the coppers weren't on top of him. I know it's America but f**k me, the evidence is overwhelming. There's no chance he get away with this, surely?
  3. How do you feel when you look at this perfectly still image? giphy.mp4
  4. The answer is 'No, it isn't fair'. But I don't feel guilty as they're bred for that purpose. I know it's mental logic but that's my thinking. I've thought about going vegi as well but I really do love meat (ooh er) and any replacement I've had has tasted awful. I think folk are so wanting meat substitutes to taste good that they kid themselves on that shite taste nice. I hardly eat any veg as it is so giving up meat the now would probably result in death for me. In what way? The way it's been filmed or you don't believe what you've watched?
  5. Watched this the other night having known little about Jack Charlton. He was some character and definitely didn't forget he was from a working class background. Maybe harsh on Bobby/the way it was filmed but I got the impression he had forgot where he was from so understand the feud. It was a really good football documentary but the dementia side wasn't discussed as much as I had expected. I wouldn't have wanted him exploited of course but I didn't think it portrayed just how hard it is for the family to live with the disease. His wife came across really well an obviously did remarkably well with him. Did it say what type if dementia he had? Thankfully it looked like there wasn't much aggression from him and it was more that he had 'checked out'. A really good watch though. I watched the latest Louis Theroux one the other day and didn't think it advanced the story at all. I'm a big fan of his stuff but it felt similar to the Saville one in that he was making it more for his own sake - 'Aw man, I wish I acted on the signs' type thing. I have to say I thought he was portrayed as the person he was in Netflix absolutely spot on. The first episode or two gave the impression he cared about the animals and they were his life but it didn't take long for the cracks to appear and by the end we saw him for what he was. A self indulgent arsehole who cared only about exploiting the creatures. I think they focussed too much on whether or not Baskin killed her husband (she absolutely did btw) and not enough on her hypocrisy. She was giving it that big cats shouldn't be caged (while standing in front of her own caged cats) but we never got to know why she didn't introduce her cats into the wild. I'm betting there would have been a few who could have survived. She wanted the empire to herself and was driven by the money but had more sense than Exotic and could compose herself. The majority of the folk who featured on these documentaries came across as complete oddballs.
  6. I get it a bit what he was saying but it feels different for me rather than contradictory. My own justification is we farm animals specifically for consumption. Going into the ocean and slaughtering these creatures (whales) just feels different somehow. The Japanese slaughtering the dolphins purely for the sake of it was genuinely depressing. We are such a greedy species. The only fish I have is tuna and the odd fish supper but I think I'm done. I won't be preachy about it but I've seen enough to make me question the morality of it. I don't buy eggs from caged chickens either for the same reason. I've watched things on abattoirs before and though not nice to see animals dying I've felt comfortable with the way it's done. I have a really bad feeling after watching Cowspiracy later tonight that I may be considering a vegetarian diet...
  7. They've been hit or miss this season so the guy maybe couldn't attend/hasn't had the time.
  8. I thought you were going to go for the 'Person alone in house with a crazed maniac on the loose. Person hears a noise in the house (mobile phone in The Invisible Man case) that shouldn't be there. Rather than get the f**k out and call the police, said idiotic person goes towards sound and inevitably runs into trouble'.
  9. Seaspiracy. Fucking hell. I really had no idea things were so bad. We really are a destructive and disgusting species. I was always skeptical those 'Dolphin Friendly' stickers were a lot of shite but to the level they are was just depressingly frightening. One of the head guys saying "well we can't guarantee it'll be dolphin friendly" was just unreal. The biggest eye opener/shock for me was that the biggest threat to the ocean is fishing nets and our plastic consumption doesn't come close to the problems they cause yet not one big organisation addresses it. Corrupt to the core. Worth a watch but I have to admit I feel extremely deflated after viewing.
  10. But the whole point of that shows the power they have.
  11. That was my thinking. I think Wise is definitely bent and I took what they were saying that it was another copper's DNA as they are tested so they can be ruled when testing DNA at crime scenes.
  12. Rewound it. The picture was Davidson so doesn't give us anything. I thought the relation was another person within the force by the way they were speaking?
  13. Should have been more specific with the long ball comment. I'm not against the long ball approach if it's working - which it clearly has been this season. But when it's not working in a game (like yesterday) the side needs a Plan B. We do try and mix it up and for small periods we did yesterday. We looked good with it on the deck and arguably that's when we started to get a foothold in the game but then we reverted back to the failing approach of going long. Same lineup for me on Tuesday but the manager needs to read the game and instruct whether they go long or keep it down.
  14. I'm a big fan of a front 2 but I don't think it's a system we've played all season so wouldn't be for him changing it now. It's not the first time I've read about us needing to be more attacking than we were against ICT. I'm not really sure what personnel changes make us more attacking. Dobbie in for a CM? It's getting the balance right. I still think we have CM's that are average at best but with an extra body in there they're better supported and better defensively. If you take out a defensive player in there we'd be far weaker through the centre. The players who started weren't the issue on Saturday. Pointless long balls is what made us less threatening. Keep the ball down and we'll be more threatening.
  15. Find the differences in the pictures though.
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