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  1. We used to have a player called Stevie Murray who was a diving little shit. On more than one occasion I found myself shouting at him for doing so in games so trust me when I say my view would be the same regardless of who Ruth was playing for.
  2. I just find it sad that a young footballer is getting stick for not cheating.
  3. If he goes down he dives/cheats. Just because there's contact doesn't make it a penalty. Regardless of what football pundits say.
  4. Lyle scored an absolute scorcher against Ross County years ago. If it's the same one, it was a volley but he was more half way between the 18 yard box and the half way line. We went on to lose 3-2 after Colin Scott made an arse of it right at the death. I want to say John Rankin got the winner.
  5. It's a fair result but it's hard not to be very angry at that from a QoS point of view. Yet again, two individual errors cost us points. McCabe - just kick the ball ffs and another free header for the equaliser. As pissed off with AJ sitting on his hands again. You think he's getting somewhere then he reverts to type. It's 2-2 in a game where a win is massive for us. We have our most attacking bench we've had all season and he makes one fucking sub. Say what you like about Campbell, he made effective changes almost immediately. AJ sits there hoping for a bit of a magic. I suppose we aren't in a worse position than before KO so should be grateful for that.
  6. He's been anonymous. Surely give Robinson a run here.
  7. Arbroath have upped the pace to their advantage. This is where we really need a player to take the midfield by the balls and dictate play. If they keep this tempo they'll win this game. We're struggling to match them just now.
  8. Will we ever get a side capable of holding on to a 2 goal lead?
  9. Arbroath deserve that. Far too fucking casual from McCabe. Need to get a grip here.
  10. I'll be pleasantly surprised/gobsmacked if he's with us next season. His form alone will see him get a move but I doubt we're in a position to offer contract extensions with the state of the country just now so it may well be a gamble we (literally) can't afford to take unfortunately.
  11. Cuz the boy is on fire! That's some finish.
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