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  1. Be interesting to see how he does with Peterhead. If he does relatively well I can see him rocking up at Palmerston in future. He was very keen on the job last time.
  2. I just assumed Viking*TON had broke someone.
  3. That was a good watch. Flat earthers really are complete morons. I wouldn't even waste my time arguing with them because as this video demonstrates they have absolutely no interest in the truth, they just continue to spout their bullshit regardless of the evidence presented to them.
  4. Put the reply in here MWNB so it's not clogging the match thread. We definitely played well against Montrose. We didn't deserve to be 2 up of course but the second half we were excellent and comfortable even with 10 men. I can't comment on the Morton performance as I wasn't there but in all honesty results are all that matter for me now. I'm long past the stage of "aye we got beat but we played well". Give me "we were shite but we got the 3 points". We're far enough into the season that WG should know his best side and be getting some kind of consistency from them but we're nowhere near it. Results like Montrose are more surprising than a regularity unfortunately. We really need to start getting a run of games together (that don't include the two cannon fodder sides at the bottom) if we have any hope of a Top 4. But there's been no evidence to suggest it'll happen. He must not train well... Ridiculous the boy isn't featuring. He's clearly not shown enough to be a regular starter but the boy's pace is incredible and should surely be getting used off the bench at the very least?
  5. No, just don't vote for him. You don't get into the top 3 without receiving a shitload of votes. He clearly wouldn't have been out right away even if the voting system was to vote out the least liked.
  6. Not seeing any contact there. He'll absolutely be claiming it though.
  7. A positive off the top of my head was G-Tech. Have had to phone them a couple of times and they've always been friendly and helpful. One of the occasions was the roter bit was fucked but I had thought it was the battery so forked out for a new battery. My Mrs told them this and they sent out the new part free of charge as I had forked out for a battery.
  8. I have never used a bidet so have no idea what the protocol is. But once you've rinsed her arse what do you do? Sit about until your hole is dry or waste loo roll/have it stick to said hole or be totally manky and dry it with a towel?
  9. Aye sorry, I never saw your earlier post. My ariel connection has been dodgy recently so thought maybe just my end. But HD was fine on the other channels. Glad it's not just mine. HD is now back fine but we'll see how long that lasts. I only have it on in the background the now anyway but don't appear to be missing much.
  10. Anybody elses picture crackling or is it just my dodgy ariel? Completely lost HD.
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