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  1. That sounds absolutely horrific but I'd still be giving it a try.
  2. Did you send away for that or was it just randomly sent through?
  3. I wonder how the ballet will work. Surely the fairest way would be to put the names of those who missed out on 'Match 1' right in to 'Match 2' without needing to ballet them, just ballet the rest from those who got in to 'Match 1'. Probably fairer than just chucking all the ST holders into a hat on a week by week basis. Interesting that there are more ST than places though. I didn't think we'd have as many as that tbh.
  4. Folk who travel 20mph under the speed limit. But worse than that are the same folk who also only do this on bendy bits of the road but then speed up on the straights. So not only are you stuck behind these c***s for miles but on the odd bit of the road that's straight you have to then break the law to get passed the fucking arseholes.
  5. I don't know, Norwich might be closer to how he'll be used in the Scotland squad. He'll need to hold the ball longer and not have as many opportunities with the ball than he would at a better club.
  6. I thought Marshall was fine last night. He made a couple of really good saves again. I was more concerned about how much poorer we were in the centre midfield after we took out an inexperienced 20 year old; which is both a positive and a negative. The positive being we have something to look forward to if we have a player with genuine class in there. But the negative is how much the entire team performance dips if he picks up an injury in future.
  7. It's the same question - who do you replace him with. I'd love us to get a 'world class' manager on board just to prove that the manager isn't the biggest issue with our national side.
  8. Which is still much better than what we are sadly. I'd love us to be "bang average".
  9. The biggest positive is (what we all knew, apart from Steve Clarke) that Billy Gilmour is clearly ready to take our midfield by the balls. Get a side built around him and we might just have a chance of getting to more tournaments.
  10. Who else was he supposed to impress you against if that's who he was facing? That's when he played for us and that's who you had at the time. Regardless, to say he never did anything against you in those games is even objectively wrong. You're now shifting the goalposts to 'but but he didn't score'. That wasn't what your initial comment was. The "End. Of." is that your initial comment was both bizarre (mentioning QoS as opposed to Livi or his current side; that's like saying 'Dundee United player Stuart Armstrong') and complete nonsense.
  11. Not ideal but have you connected it with a wire instead of Bluetooth? I have about 5 PS4 controllers in my house as I thought they were all fucked. Annoyingly it wasn't until I bought the 5th one (and it started playing up about an hour after using it) I discovered that a common problem is poor Bluetooth connection causing lag/the screen to go apeshit as if you're keeping your finger on a toggle button. Since using a wire they have all been fine.
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