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  1. One more puddle drinker on the Somerset road end to say Ayr should sign David Goodwillie, and I’m going to put my face into a George foreman.
  2. Does anyone know who the trial is starting in midfield tonight for the reserves?
  3. Does anyone know if BT are showing college football games this season?
  4. This. Aww o’ this. My only grumble is the lack of direct debit. 260 bangers is quite a lot for me in one go, yes I get it season ticket renewal time comes along the same time ever year, but still doesn’t make it easier on the coffers. Direct debit would make life a heck of a lot easier. Also, I have the over whelming fear every Sunday morning after an Ayr home game wondering where my tiny shitty paper season ticket has gone. An electronic card will make easier if it was to go missing.
  5. Send us the link please mate. I fucking cant take the geordies anymore.
  6. Ayr United statement. He is our jobby! Not your jobby!
  7. Forgot about this. Sign me up please!
  8. There’s some mad b*****d who has commented on the Ayr United Facebook saying Shankland is worth more than a million quid...
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