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  1. Such a giro attempt at photoshop.
  2. Fantasy Football 2016

    Forgot about this. Sign me up please!
  3. There’s some mad b*****d who has commented on the Ayr United Facebook saying Shankland is worth more than a million quid...
  4. Holy shit that seagull
  5. Does anyone know who the trialists are?
  6. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Alloa friends, have you resolved the one turnstile open for away fans debarcle?
  7. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Bloody Ayr fans posting on their own teams game thread.
  8. Fantasy Football 2016

    Tie breaker is the highest individual score. However, here is the breakdown.
  9. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    Is the social club open tonight?
  10. Fantasy Football 2016

    No Fleaflicker this year?
  11. You need to have a swatch of the guy that suggested we should be signing Jermaine Pennant on the SRE FB. Absolute minter.