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  1. Haddington Athletic 4 - 0 Bathgate Thistle Mc Bookie.com Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 5 August 2017
  2. Millfield looking none too shabby just before kick off
  3. Hopefully got this copied right - league fixtures 05/08/2017 Blackburn United - Downfield Dunbar United - Glenrothes Fauldhouse United - Dalkeith Thistle Haddington Athletic - Bathgate Thistle Kirriemuir Thistle - Whitburn Juniors Musselburgh Athletic - Tayport Thornton Hibs - Arniston Rangers Tranent Juniors - St. Andrews United 09/08/2017 Arniston Rangers - Tranent Juniors Bathgate Thistle - Blackburn United Dalkeith Thistle - Haddington Athletic Downfield - Kirriemuir Thistle Dunbar United - Musselburgh Athletic St. Andrews United - Thornton Hibs Tayport - Glenrothes Whitburn Juniors - Fauldhouse United 12/08/2017 Arniston Rangers - Blackburn United Bathgate Thistle - Thornton Hibs Dalkeith Thistle - Musselburgh Athletic Downfield - Tranent Juniors Kirriemuir Thistle - Fauldhouse United St. Andrews United - Haddington Athletic Tayport - Dunbar United Whitburn Juniors - Glenrothes 16/08/2017 Blackburn United - Whitburn Juniors Fauldhouse United - Bathgate Thistle Glenrothes - St. Andrews United Haddington Athletic - Dunbar United Kirriemuir Thistle - Tayport Musselburgh Athletic - Arniston Rangers Thornton Hibs - Downfield Tranent Juniors - Dalkeith Thistle 19/08/2017 Blackburn United - St. Andrews United Dunbar United - Dalkeith Thistle Fauldhouse United - Downfield Glenrothes - Arniston Rangers Haddington Athletic - Kirriemuir Thistle Musselburgh Athletic - Bathgate Thistle Thornton Hibs - Whitburn Juniors Tranent Juniors - Tayport 26/08/2017 Arniston Rangers - Haddington Athletic Bathgate Thistle - Tranent Juniors Dalkeith Thistle - Blackburn United Downfield - Glenrothes Kirriemuir Thistle - Thornton Hibs St. Andrews United - Musselburgh Athletic Tayport - Fauldhouse United Whitburn Juniors - Dunbar United 02/09/2017 Downfield - Dalkeith Thistle 09/09/2017 Blackburn United - Tayport Dunbar United - Arniston Rangers Fauldhouse United - St. Andrews United Glenrothes - Bathgate Thistle Haddington Athletic - Downfield Musselburgh Athletic - Thornton Hibs Tranent Juniors - Kirriemuir Thistle Whitburn Juniors - Dalkeith Thistle 16/09/2017 Arniston Rangers - Fauldhouse United Bathgate Thistle - Dunbar United Dalkeith Thistle - Glenrothes Downfield - Musselburgh Athletic Kirriemuir Thistle - Blackburn United St. Andrews United - Whitburn Juniors Tayport - Haddington Athletic Thornton Hibs - Tranent Juniors
  4. The last farewell Tuesday 13/6/17 Following tonight's Management meeting Newtongrange Star will play in the Super League and St Andrews Utd will play in the Premier League following Kelty Hearts resignation from the Junior F.A. John Reilly General Secretary ERSJFA
  5. So, the knock on effect on the Premier League would be...
  6. You know, I think you will . I'll add my congrats here and also say it'll be good to lock horns with both of you again. Oh, and any odds for all 4 East Lothian Junior clubs being in the same division next year?
  7. That's where I am as well. It's a shiter
  8. Well done Blackburn - you've been knocking at the door long enough
  9. Downfield 0 - 1 Haddington Athletic McBookie.com Premier League, Downfueld Park, Dundee 15 April 2017
  10. Haddington Athletic 2 - 2 Bathgate Thistle McBookie.com Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 8 April 2017
  11. Haddington Athletic 5 - 1 Glenrothes McBookie.com Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 18 March 2017
  12. I've just come a conclusion on the main game and really enjoyed it . Didn't do too much with the alchemy/crafting/herbal side of things but brawn is sometimes enough. Given that I can be easily discouraged when not getting through a certain level (the bane of my gaming career), kudos goes to the story-line for keeping me going
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