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  1. It all depend on results against each other if one team does badly they are going down. Roos County have to play Accies , Hearts and St Mirren before the split , bad results they will be dragged into the battle , good results they will be safe.
  2. Tony Andreu of 2019 is nowhere near as good as Tony Andreu of 2014. He was a decent option for Accies if they couldn’t find anybody better. If he goes to St Mirren or anywhere else we all move on. We have lost many better players and still stayed up. There is little point is wasting a fortune on wages for a player who did very little in his loan spell. Tony will always be fondly remembered for his goal at Easter Road, his goals under Alex Neil and even the penalty that relegated Dundee last season. We do however have to move on and look forward to watching the team that Brian Rice is building. If Tony comes back and haunts us , well that’s the chance you take but he didn’t at Dundee Utd and his form has dipped badly since. I think the injuries have taken their toll and he has lost that yard of pace that gave him space to score so many goals.
  3. It’s still early days and we have a much better squad than this time last year. Oakley & Davies against Bingham & Bloomfield being the main improvement. Guys like Tony Andreu won’t sign for anybody for a while. There will be room for two or three signings before end of August. It will take the pre season and Betfred Cup games for the manger to asses the new players. Don’t be surprised if a couple leave quickly as it’s happened just about every season. The one guarantee is that the squad in April will be different to the one that starts the Betfred Cup, and that’s when it really matters.
  4. Tony will likely wait until nearer the end of the transfer window to get the best deal. Ziggy likely in the same boat as will many of the better available players. Can’t force players to sign in June. I would expect more signings but guess the manager needs to asses his current squad and the young players before making final squad alterations
  5. Woods replaced by Fon Williams Sowah by Easton Gordon by McKenna Tshembie by Fjortoft Imrie by Alston This still leaves scope to replace Killgallon, Keatings & Andreu. I would imagine there will be players available awaiting the best offer they can before deciding on a club and these likely to be deals done towards end of August. We also have youth to promote like Hamilton, Stanger, Smith & Winter
  6. Think it will be Oakley starting with Davies or Oggy , certainly is expect Davies and Oggy to swap over one staring and one sub , could be either way round each game
  7. OFW McGowan McKenna Want Easton Alston Martin McKinnon Miller Oakley Davies Subs Fulton McMann Gogic Oggy Mimnaugh Boyd Smith Winter Hughes Cunningham Fjortoft if signed ?
  8. McKenna is an interesting signing apparently did well at Celtic turned down a contract offer at Parkhead then went on a US college scholarship before he retuned to Scotland in January and played a few months as Falkirk. Now 21 and obviously looking to push his career forward.
  9. As a neutral thought both teams showed they have good goalkeepers, solid in defence but lacked imagination in attack. McMullan’s pace could be the deciding factor if we stays in ode but if Jackson plays St Mirren could have a similar threat. Looks like a low scoring game so the first goal will be vital.
  10. Just as well Accies won as that has to be one of the worst displays of Premier League goalkeeping I have seen
  11. I think it’s a lot simpler it’s a quality issue the players simply aren’t good enough to play at this level. We have a few players who can raise their game to this level but not for 90mins week in week out. Any other season we would have been relegated by now. We are fortunate we have a three game season to save ourselves with a two point lead. It is very unlikely Dundee will win the last three games but Accies need three massive efforts to avoid a playoff.
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