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  1. If we are lumbered with Brown, surely the price goes up?
  2. Would be happy that, and if goodwin leaves, would be happy with ross, as long as adams is nowhere near our club !
  3. Well one person was so enraged by the refereeing decisions that they wanted your club to take the matter up through official channels. Whatever the f**k that would achieve.
  4. Didn't you hear ? It's nothing to do with the fakes being utter pish, it's a refereeing conspiracy, as well as terrible luck with injuries.
  5. He's not fit enough for either. I think we're all agreed on what he has gained in the past few years.
  6. Yep, no doubt they will respond by shutting everything. Never mind people's livelihoods.
  7. I think it's braidbar and merrylee. I don't know when the announcement is about putting east ren back up a level.
  8. I very much doubt it. The govt did say they wouldn't have regions yo-yoing between tiers, so I would bet the opposite will happen. Clackmannanshire could be in all 4 tiers in the 1 month.
  9. I would normally agree, however it's becoming apparent that hospital/icu numbers literally mean f**k all now to the govt. That's unless they go up of course.
  10. She won't give a f**k either, now she has the votes she wanted.
  11. The flensburger is decent. Had a few last night.
  12. This is my worry. I'm in east ren, and after low cases for weeks, numbers are jumping again. We'll no doubt be back in tier 3. Will Lanarkshire, ayrshire, etc follow? For 1 week that ends up months. f**k knows who the crackpots interviewed in Glasgow last night were, that agreed with this fucking shambles. Glasgow won't have a hospitality sector left.(And for those who moan that a pints not important, it is for me)
  13. The last time she put the west of Scotland up a tier for 'at least a week', it lasted fucking months.
  14. That's just fucking typical. Case numbers low for weeks, then increase as soon as we're due to drop to level 2. Numbers will definitely go up on Monday when people in Glasgow walk the 2 minutes to east ren for a pint indoors. All this with despite the low hospital numbers. Are the euros cancelled in Glasgow too? Might be now the elections won.
  15. This. If Hamilton and county stay up, they will be around the bottom next season. If killie stay up, I reckon they will be stronger next season. After Wright's embarrassing tantrum last Monday, I'm hopeful we can go there and win. Call me pessimistic but we usually dig out a decent result after a defeat in a semi.
  16. If his stats were truly earth shattering he wouldn't be playing for St.mirren.
  17. Would agree. I did think Erhahon needed a rest after our 20 games in Feb, but we certainly looked more solid when he came on. I think we look stronger when both play, but if it's a choice between the 2, then play the guy who will be here next season.
  18. Yes, he's taking it well. Nothing about their penalty, and the fact it was his decision to play Doyle.
  19. Pleasing that it was from a soft free kick after watching burke do it all night.
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