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  1. You might not like betting against your own team either, but 9/5 against a team without an away point is crazy. Would imagine the well fans lumped on the 7/5 available midweek.
  2. That Morton keeper! His own team were constantly screaming at him. How the f**k does he get a game?
  3. monthelie'


    Brian Cox is brilliant. All the children are instantly dislikeable, be good to see Rhea f**k them over. Wish Kendall would stop stuttering !
  4. The Hamilton fans probably raised concerns, as he spent most of the second half rolling around in apparent agony, begging the linesman for fouls. Maybe a boot if the face was exactly what he needed.
  5. Kris Boyd in the stand on Sat. f**k knows what he would have made of that shitfest.
  6. Would agree with most of that. Thought St.Mirren looked better against 11. Don't know why Accies didn't have more of a go.
  7. Would agree with that, thought Jackson showed a bit of class at times. Was unfortunate to be the 1 up front, and as soon as we changed to 2 up front, he was dropped. Don't think some ever forgave him for the pen at St.J'stone.
  8. Yes, long gone are the days when Neilston were our feeder club !
  9. There's no way he should be the chief exec. He hasn't a clue. Club legend, but not a chief exec.
  10. And prepare to queue for hours, as there is 1 person in ticket office, and queue is huge.
  11. Punt Paul McGinn ? He's has been fairly solid this season.
  12. I thought that as well, especially first half on Saturday.
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