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11TH MAY 1991

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  1. Will Pollok actually finish a cup tie without being thrown out in disgrace for brawling?
  2. Weather forecast is fairly hellish for tomorrow.......
  3. Great to hear that we have had to order a bigger supporters bus on Saturday to satisfy demand......
  4. Proud to be a Bankie after a memorable day yesterday
  5. So does that mean we have a full squad to choose from?
  6. Will a red card in a league game rule out Bilbo for the Scottish Cup tie on Saturday?
  7. Looking forward to the last game of a fantastic year today
  8. How many red cards is that for Pollok now this season?
  9. Looking forward to a first trip to Carluke for many years, any tips for bars between train station and ground?
  10. Anybody supplying updates from Petershill tonight?
  11. Anybody supplying updates from Petershill tonight?
  12. Fingers crossed that the weather improves before tomorrow night.....
  13. Looking forward to this tonight. Fingers crossed we get another big crowd....
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