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  1. Anybody know the CFC squad for tomorrow`s game?
  2. If the Bens defender had not scored that own goal and we had been playing next goal the winner we might still be playing.......
  3. Any thoughts on tomorrow`s game at Benburb? What team/formation would you like to see after last week`s disappointment?
  4. Regarding the reporting of what happened yesterday, I approached two of our Directors at the end of the meeting and asked if a summary of the meeting would be sent to all our Trust members and I was told that would not be happening........ I believe it is up to our eleven person Board to inform all our Trust members sadly that will not be happening.....
  5. Interesting meeting this afternoon........
  6. Has Matt Bamford or any of the Committee issued an official statement yet? Have any of the other clubs of the Committee members issued an official statement yet?
  7. Will Clydebank FC`s rep [Matt Bamford] take an active part in the SJFA meeting this evening? Does anybody know the Official Clydebank FC position ahead of tonight`s meeting?
  8. Anybody got any thoughts on the meeting on Sunday?
  9. CFC 2 [Little] Glenafton 2
  10. CFC 1 Glenafton 1 [pen] Black red card for Bankies
  11. CFC 1 [Little] Glenafton 0
  12. Clydebank FC 0 Glenafton 0 HT
  13. Can somebody post updates for those of us that cannot make it today?
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