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  1. Jermaine Hylton is really beginning to find his stride and show himself as a more rounded player. His contribution to the third goal was brilliant and even better was how many players we had bursting a gut to get there to put the ball in the net.
  2. Thanks Luke. It's something that I'll look at in the new year, things are pretty hectic for now with my own work, doing a lot more writing recently and this as well. I agree though, I think there's room for both.
  3. https://motherwellfc.podbean.com/e/stephen-robinson/ If you are having any issues accessing the links, give this one a go instead.
  4. I hadn't read much of Twitter. Oh how I wish that was still the case.
  5. I thought our approach to today's game was pretty positive, played on the counter well and created a few half chances. The second goal came at a time where we looked to be really in the game, but even then I've seen times where the roof has come in after they score at a crucial time - that rarely looked likely to happen. We've come through two visits to Glasgow unscathed and won the two home matches, fairly optimistic going into the festive run of fixtures.
  6. Was carrying an injury ahead of the Aberdeen game, though I sure as to why he’s still not back.
  7. He didn't have any sort of pedigree when arriving did he? How did he end up doing Sky in the first place? I've just looked and he played one game with Zaragoza.
  8. He was made redundant following administration. Spent most of his time with the club doing punditry on La Liga game for Sky. Eric Black was the manager after Davies, with Butcher his assistant - Butcher's role in his demise here is a bit overstated...
  9. Wee Al won the battle on the park, scored the winner and ingrained himself so deep into Bartley's mind - a wonderful victory on ever single level.
  10. That’s Robinson into favourite for the Hearts job, bringing back memories of when Billy Stark was 1/4 to be appointed our manager. If it is the situation they want to appoint by the middle of next week, it suggests they are a bit further down the line than most teams would tend to be when they only sacked their gaffer seven hours ago? Pretty hopeful this is all guess work on the part of the media.
  11. I'd like to see Scott back in tomorrow night. Mugabi did very well, though up against a team that are unlikely to come to Fir Park and attack, I'm not sure if there's much sense of going three at the back. *To clarify, that wasn't a dig at Killie, more just as to the general pattern of our home games outside of the Celtic 2-5 second game of the season.
  12. I will not have (Goggsy 99 out) the Fir Park tunnel banded around this forum willy nilly.
  13. Just the three sips of cider for me last night...
  14. And even then 0/9 points from this week still wouldn't give me fears of a relegation dogfight - I just think the next two could give us a really good insight into what the rest of the season holds for us.
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