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  1. I'm pretty much done with this season in all honesty. Let's get these next three out the way and start to plan our jolly to Brechin in the Betfred group stages.
  2. The full family are, he was the mascot for the Panathinaikos game at Fir Park, would have been a magnificent story if he'd broken into the team and played a starring role for his boyhood heroes, but I think your point is spot on - part of his development will be various loan spells. Might be reading too much into it, but the fact he's still featuring for the reserves suggests relations are still strong too.
  3. If you get a chance, check out the latest Nutmeg podcast where she is the guest. She talks fondly of her time at Motherwell, but still doesn't seem to have grasped her budgeting could have killed us.
  4. Don't know particulars either, but for any young player the opportunity to go down south to a massive club like that and continue his development, is there anything Motherwell can really say other than advise it's a great chance for him? Great post btw.
  5. On the topic of discussing players from other Scottish teams, I'm sorry @capt_oats but I'm going to step on your toes for one post only... Recent signings from Scottish sides Conor Sammon (18-19) - Posed for a funny picture, not very good at fitba. Alex Fisher (17-18) - Keen eye for goal. Nadir Ciftci (17-18) - Bundles of potential, we only saw glimpses of that. Dean Brill (16-17) - Sure he was a good lad, no idea how he was as a keeper. Joe Chalmers (15-16) - Badly exposed on occasions, seems to have flourished at Inverness which is a surprise. Morgaro Gomis (15-16) - Brutal David Clarkson (15-16) - Wasn't a glorious return. Dan Twardzik (14-15) - I thought he did ok at times, but it's not ideal having a goalkeeper who seems to be scraping five foot tall.
  6. Strikes me that Jake Hastie is Jake Hastie's biggest fan.
  7. Fairly scathing assessment given the downbeat nature of the St Johnstone thread in recent times.
  8. I agree on McKenna, a total myth! I hope he stays at Aberdeen, he's played a big part in us tonking them 3-0 on three occasions in the last 18 months.
  9. The human highlight reel was a joy in fairness. Except when it was cold at Dundee and he point blank refused to run about.
  10. I'd go as far to say that Tom Aldred could be our best loan signing in the last five years, probably since Lionel in 2013/14?
  11. There's a few hot takes kicking about on this signing...
  12. I've just watched that for about 10 minutes solid.