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  1. Listen to some “Blue Nile“, won’t cheer you up but their melancholy perfection will match your feelings
  2. The book isn’t clear as to the origins off the name and tbh, I doubt if anyone knows the definitive answer to this now. The merger will always grate with me and it was Jags Jock McDonald who was the architect of the merger as Jags were approaching bankruptcy and saw the opportunity to destroy Caley at the same time. Horrible, bitter man rather than a visionary Cannot comment on the new stadium. Have never been there.
  3. According to the centenary book, “Caley All the Way” , the name was “no doubt chosen by the proximity of the Caledonian Canal”, which had been completed 30 years prior to Caleys formation.
  4. Just listened to it; some interesting insights but you would have thought that it was the Paul Buchanan band; Robert Bell and Paul Moore are hardly mentioned
  5. The Pars had a coloured striker, Dave Smith, in the mid 70s . Remember seeing him play in my student days
  6. Unless its so us Caley fans can gloat? Which of course none of us would ever do................................................
  7. New Guitar Day - a 1990 Levinson Blade R4. Stunning instrument, fantastic neck and with inbuilt active eq - 3 options: (a) bass/treble boost, (b) mid boost or (c) passive; the pickups are passive so even if the battery for the active eq dies at a gig, you can still use the passive option. Three trim pots at the rear of the guitar that allows you to choose the desired level of bass, treble and mid EQ. Not as well known as the Andersons and Suhrs of this world, I would have a Blade over these any day. Very versatile instruments
  8. I have a cassette tape of that gig somewhere; the only time I have heard “The Crossing” (the track not the album) played live. First saw them at the Nite Club in Edinburgh spring 1983
  9. Howard Jones - Pearl in a Shell
  10. A rarity - A Blue Nile instrumental - was the theme tune to the STV music progamme of the same name late 80's/early 90's
  11. SFA website hasn’t got the results up either. Shoddy
  12. Looks stunning; is it Mexican, US or Japan build? Post a review. I’ve a Levinson Blade Telecaster from 1989, one of my most versatile guitars.
  13. "Theres only one Hamish Morrison"
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