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  1. Clach info

    I thought he was from Beauly!
  2. Clach info

    Is he still at Clach? Always looked better then average when I’ve seen him play
  3. Scottish Cup Memories

    I travelled up from Edinburgh for this game with a St Johnstone supporting colleague. We were right behind the goal where Ian Polwarth equalised. We were going mental and he looked ashen faced. Bloody great day in the Howden End
  4. Guitarist Thread

    I’m selling my Reverend 390 - as you might guess from the title it has three P90 pick ups. They are excellent guitars for the money, great necks and very versatile with the bass contour contro (which rolls off the bass and makes it sound more fender) only selling it as I have bought a Gibson Firebird and have two other P90 equipped guitars - PRS McCarty Soapbar and PRS SE One. Mine is up for sale via “Strung Out” in Glasgow. Never gigged with it as I’m basically an acoustic player
  5. Caledonian F.c. Thread

    A successful Ross County team in the HL had a bigger support than Caley or Thistle, so no real change there, plus whilst County got support from the whole of Ross Shire, none of the Inverness clubs got much support from outside of the sneck. I have heard that a few Thistle fans elected to follow County but I very much doubt if any Caley fans would ever support County as the rivalry was too strong. Sadly, most of the people I stood with on the Howden End no longer attend football and have been lost to the game.
  6. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Thanks for the reply; would like to know how they came to this figure
  7. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Just out of curiosity, where did you get this figure?
  8. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Find that very hard to believe as not that many arriving after the ko.
  9. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Haddington usually get 70 at their games I've been to, with no travelling support, so Boness c 100 - 110 today today;
  10. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Haddington v Bo’ness - 170-180, approx headcount 5 minutes after ko
  11. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    69 at Haddington, counted 10 minutes after ko
  12. Guitarist Thread

    I got my first PRS in 2001, it was a Custom 22 and although a great guitar, I felt that my Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro (an outstanding early example from 1992) did the same job only better. I swapped it for a McCarty and that was the beginning of my PRS haul. I have three McCartys (regular model, soap bar and hollowbody i) and combined with my SE One take the place of Gibsons. I’ve a core model Starla which is close to a Gretch, and a Swamp Ash Special which is very Fendery. The build quality in all cases including the SE One, is superb. Second hand, they can be a bargain and I’ve seen CE 22/24 as low as £700.
  13. Guitarist Thread

    Yamaha are good at all price points. I'd an SG2000 for 12 years and much preferred to any Les Paul, only sold it as it was a heavy brute. For years I wanted a Gibson 335/345 because I'm a Bill Nelson fan. Never found one that I liked or could justify the money being asked. Finally settled on a Yamaha SA 2200 about a year ago that is a fantastic guitar in every aspect and way better than any Gibson I've played
  14. Guitarist Thread

    Fenders bleakest period was from the mid 70s to late 80's. When squier was introduced in 1982, their early models were superior to anything US Fender were producing. These guitars were much hyped and I bought one late 82.they were no better than ok which lets you know how bad US Fenders were at that time. Gave up looking for a good Gibson when I discovered PRS and it's been addictive as I now have 6 of them.
  15. Doesnt seem to be a Hi Hi thread, so I'll start one. I go to Millfield from time to time and always enjoy my visits there, usually see an entertaining game and in addition, the best pies I have ever tasted anywhere, let alone at a football match. Not long ago, I was at a Scottish Junior cup replay at Haddington where the home team were 4-0 down with something like 12 minutes to go and came back to 4-4, eventually winning on penalties. Today came close to a re run. The home side were 4-0 down after 28 minutes and at what seemed a combination of being overwhelmed by Dundonald as well as according them far too much respect. At that point, a double figure defeat was on the cards. The second half saw Haddington come out with a much more positive attitude and they pulled it back to 4-3, should have equalised with 4 minutes to go with a through ball that led to one on one with the Blubell keeper but the chance was scorned. Great game and nice folk as well including club official Dave MacKay who gave me a run down on the clubs situation. The first half suggested a club that was going to be over run; the second half showing suggested one that if it repeats that attitude and with the addition of a couple of old heads in the mid field and at the back, would see be a team that should be frightened off no-one in the league. For Dundonald, Ross Drummong looked classy and Archie Campbell was prominent in attack. Interesting offer of some "Dundonald Dope" by a member off the travelling party as I left the Bowling Club after a post match pint; turned out the substance in question was snuff! Pity more locals dont turn up to support the Hi His, its a nice set up and a great location. One of non league footballs more picturesque settings.