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  1. I fear for Berwick. If they finish bottom, as seems very likely, then comparisons with the Cowdenbeath teams of the last 2 seasons, when they finished bottom will not make easy reading for Berwick fans. I was at both of Cowdens home games in the play offs and yes, they came through them but they could so easily have lost both. Against EK, it went to the lottery that is penalties; v Cove, it looked like the HL side had it won at ht as they had been so far ahead in the first half. In the second half, you got the impression that Cove thought that too as there was a complacency/arrogance about them and this combined with Cowden rolling up their sleeves was enough to see the Blue Brazil safe. Its hard to imagine Berwick rolling up their sleeves, not surprising given the managers post match comments on here. His berating of the players at various points will combined with his total lack of acceptance of his own responsibilites in this, looks like it has already cost him the dressing room. Once that happens, a manager never gets it back. His man management skills seem very poor for this level. I know people in both junior and EOSL circles and his repuation was of someone who had an ego far greater than his ability which seems to be exactly the case. By this point in both of the last two seasons, Cowden had made appropriate managerial changes that gave the club some impetus and they had some players who could win them games. Harvey has recruited players not up to the required standard which suggests he did not understand the actual level of game he was stepping up to. Its probably fair to say both Cove and EK have stronger teams than Berwick. I hope whoever does end up bottom of the league survives as Berwick and Rovers both have great tradition and incredibly loyal sets of supporters. Cove and EK have neither.
  2. ICTFC 18/19

    Thank You
  3. ICTFC 18/19

    Where was that game played?
  4. Any Eagles album - all bland as it gets but still lauded
  5. Revisiting old albums

    The Blue Nile's second album, "Hats", is 30 years old in October this year. I bought it the day it came out and in all the time since, have not heard anything that has had the same impact on me. Great album that still gets listened to regularly
  6. If your team Folded ?

    Well my team did fold, or more accurately, murdered in 1994. I go to games maybe every second Saturday but 25 years later, there’s still a massive hole in my life . I’ve enjoyed taking in games at grounds I might never have otherwise visited and met some great football people as a result, but I miss the emotional attachment that I had for Caley and could never feel that for another club.
  7. Clach info

    I thought he was from Beauly!
  8. Clach info

    Is he still at Clach? Always looked better then average when I’ve seen him play
  9. Scottish Cup Memories

    I travelled up from Edinburgh for this game with a St Johnstone supporting colleague. We were right behind the goal where Ian Polwarth equalised. We were going mental and he looked ashen faced. Bloody great day in the Howden End
  10. Guitarist Thread

    I’m selling my Reverend 390 - as you might guess from the title it has three P90 pick ups. They are excellent guitars for the money, great necks and very versatile with the bass contour contro (which rolls off the bass and makes it sound more fender) only selling it as I have bought a Gibson Firebird and have two other P90 equipped guitars - PRS McCarty Soapbar and PRS SE One. Mine is up for sale via “Strung Out” in Glasgow. Never gigged with it as I’m basically an acoustic player
  11. Caledonian F.c. Thread

    A successful Ross County team in the HL had a bigger support than Caley or Thistle, so no real change there, plus whilst County got support from the whole of Ross Shire, none of the Inverness clubs got much support from outside of the sneck. I have heard that a few Thistle fans elected to follow County but I very much doubt if any Caley fans would ever support County as the rivalry was too strong. Sadly, most of the people I stood with on the Howden End no longer attend football and have been lost to the game.
  12. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Thanks for the reply; would like to know how they came to this figure
  13. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Just out of curiosity, where did you get this figure?
  14. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Find that very hard to believe as not that many arriving after the ko.
  15. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Haddington usually get 70 at their games I've been to, with no travelling support, so Boness c 100 - 110 today today;