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  1. Pleased to see Dowds back - pushing him out was just such a bizarre move. It is, however, depressing to reach the age that not only was I above our manager at school, but I worked with our player’s dad. It was all black and white back in my day…
  2. They could have at least put them on “sale” on Friday rather than tomorrow. 14 hours notice isn’t great in terms of people being able to make arrangements to get to TFS.
  3. For the first 15 minutes I thought there was a chance we might make a game of that. As soon as Cove scored that was over. First goal was a screamer. Second was our usual weak as pish centre back play. Third was academic. Obviously nothing to do with our defeat, but that referee was an officious p***k. Probably including the odd sending off.
  4. The answer we all want to know is where is the picture of The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies?
  5. He must have been the year below me at school. Don’t recognise him at all!
  6. I genuinely can’t remember Burgoyne! If we don’t include loan players our options up front look a lot poorer…
  7. As a distraction…what would be the best starting XI you could make out of the dozens and dozens of players we’ve had since Hartley’s first summer?
  8. Nah, as a league 1 level striker he’d be too much of an improvement on what we have.
  9. No. We’ve got to get it right. That’s all.
  10. True, but the last thing we’d want is to be taken to court and have a costly settlement. Just do it properly. As I say, we don’t need a DoF.
  11. In which case your previous employer would have been very close to breaching employment law I’d have thought. Doesn’t matter here, we don’t need anything close to Holt’s remit.
  12. I really think we need to temper our expectations. We’re not going to get a new starting 11 just because we have a new manager - and recent experience has suggested that would just be a worse version of the same. We need to stop getting worse, we need to stabilise, and make a decent fist of the rest of the season. Playoffs is realistic. Winning the playoffs may not be. Work on the presumption we’ll still be in league 1 next season, and think about bringing in some part-timers while we are.
  13. No you can’t, unless it’s whilst working notice. That would potentially be constructive dismissal. You either sack him for gross misconduct or other breach of contractual terms (difficult to argue potentially but would depend on contract) or make the role redundant. Redundancy is a cheaper route to go down, but the club needs to be validly taking the post out of existence. We can all see a valid argument for us not needing a DoF role, but it does need to be properly considered before acting.
  14. If the intention is to make the DoF position redundant, appropriate consideration of this would need to be given by the directors once in post. I don’t think you could go down that route before Tuesday.
  15. Good for you. And we’ll all continue thinking you’re a c**t.
  16. I don’t think anyone is arguing to keep either of the muppets are they? Just over who is the least worst alternative.
  17. You really are a weapons-grade c**t. If you’ve come on here in a rage, calm down. If this is you calm, you need to reassess your life. Idiot.
  18. Remember when we were pissed off about the likes of Riera not getting a game, or Yogi’s inability to sign a decent keeper? Halcyon days.
  19. How do I block someone? Particularly someone with multiple accounts?
  20. At what point in recent history, did things switch from reasonable exchange of views on a forum, to deliberately making an absolute c**t of yourself on a forum to wind people up? It’s that Brexity thing - I’ve made you angry so I win, despite the fact we all lose.
  21. Can’t even win A View From the Terrace award…
  22. Bookies got this one wildly wrong. At least the financial compensation softens the entirely predictable blow.
  23. The bookies odds for this are just barmy. Raith 23/20????
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