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  1. Yeah he’s the anti-Sammon. Gets himself into good positions but struggles to do anything once he gets there.
  2. I disagree, I think his finishing is usually fine. His reactions are piss poor though, meaning he’s never in the right place for a quick ball
  3. Yet at the same time made of glass....seem to fall over and get damaged quite easily! Def our first 20 but not so great since then. Leitch/ Connolly/Telfer is fine in possession, but not without the ball.
  4. I worry about some people on this forum being allowed to vote.
  5. *thinks post is absolute drivel* *checks poster* *yep*
  6. Were we ever? I’ve not been a regular on here of late so I haven’t seen any stick they may have been getting. I can’t think where they’ve done much wrong.
  7. Your namesake scored the last time we won in the opening day I think?
  8. I love the pause and “didn’t quite work out at Blackburn” instead of, y’know, sex offences.
  9. Yeah, Twitter account saying that it’s on YouTube as well now due to problems with website provider
  10. Camera work here is brutal. Stop zooming in - making me feel seasick
  11. Still can't login, still can't pay...ffs why do we expect anything different??
  12. Now managed to log in, but I've tried laptop, phone and ipad and none will give me an option to pay by credit card. Bizarre. I want to give them money... Even more annoying, turns out I have a PayPal account set up against my email address. No idea on password, but to reset it they want to call me on my house number. A house I moved out of 8 years ago. FFS.
  13. That link not coming up for me. Instead of the Pay by Debit or Credit Card button (which is what I have whenever buying anything from FFC elsewhere), there is Create an Account. Wonder if it’s an iPad thing
  14. Can’t access my account using the password I changed it to, reset password button doesn’t work, no credit card option only PayPal. Going well so far...
  15. On the whole I’m heartened by this. We haven’t played a competitive match since...March? Have lost our best player from last year. And gave a team in a league above a decent run. just getting promoted is the key, and this is positive. And we beat Killie 3-0.
  16. You're embarrassing yourself with this - nothing more than outing yourself as a permarage Daily Mail reader. I so love the Falkirk fans attitude of "this is what I want to happen, and it's happening, so it's too good to be true".
  17. Yeah, we should make sure that everyone has a valid input into how to manage this, regardless of their qualification. You are certainly as valuable as anyone who has spent a lifetime studying contagion. After all, you read a letter in the Telegraph. I think we've all had enough of experts.
  18. Would love to argue back but I understand it! I like TFS from a scale, view and facilities perspective. Lack of a 4th stand is annoying and lack of atmosphere most weeks as well but the location is the biggest bugbear - near nothing, particularly train stations.
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