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  1. Enjoyed that match - more entertaining than 90% of the World Cup so far!
  2. Not been to Stirling, Darvel, Drumchapel, not seen us play at Elgin or (ridiculously) Celtic.
  3. I thought Nesbitt was really good today. He has an urgency about him that not many of our players have - he misplaces the ball a lot and can be too hasty, but he’s much sharper than previous seasons.
  4. Bad idea for me. It’ll end badly. I don’t like the fact that football fans are treated differently to, say, rugby fans. But we have a massive problem with arseholes at football, drink won’t help, and if you can’t go any length of time without a drink there’s an issue.
  5. Yeah and been a constant in our team last few seasons aswell when we been rotten, but he seems to get no criticism! I take It you’re not on here or at games often? He gets stick (justifiably) all the time. But he’s still a goal threat. He needs dropped from time to time but he’s not a juniors player ffs.
  6. No chance he's going to Pars or QOS after us, he'll be at Darvel or Open goal Broomhill etc, Our top scorer for the season you mean?
  7. Not for me. We need a consistent CB pairing and we’ve not had that for years. We’re not conceding many. Stick with Henderson and Donaldson
  8. I really thought he was going to get sent off in the second half. No wonder he was subbed. Higgy was what I thought as well.
  9. Oh, and Robertson is an absolute c**t of a man.
  10. Much better second half. Lawal was great, and clear MotM, but McCann is rapidly becoming player of the season. Great all round play and belter of a goal. I thought Burrell was quiet and I think credit for that has to go to the centre backs of Edinburgh - I thought they were immense and it took a bit of luck and a bit of skill to get the win. I can see why Edinburgh are so high up the table.
  11. I get your point but it was right from the start - really good in the buildup but as soon as the match kicked off it just went quiet. Fear on the inevitable? Too many part-timers? Dunno, just odd.
  12. Utterly awful game of football. We absolutely played into their hands - we needed to keep the tempo up and Dunfermline knew that and slowed down the game at every turn. Stifling the game, taking an age at set pieces, going down “injured”. And we just settled back and let them do it. Nobody on our team wanted to take the game to them. Should have been 0-0 really but the marking for their goal was just laughable. Can we please finally put to bed this shit about Kennedy being the answer. He absolutely stunk the place out - McGuffie might not be De Bruyne but he’s much better. Yeats as well was really poor and I think needs rested, and maybe Lawal played instead? In truth only Donaldson and Burrell, and maybe McCann, deserved pass marks. Bizarrely quiet crowd as well. Dunfermline are a dully pragmatic team, painful to watch but winning is all that matters really. We won’t finish above them in the league as we are too inconsistent, but I still fancy us to get up in the playoffs.
  13. Thanks. Player/manager is always a difficult balance to strike.
  14. Is Gibson playing because you’re short of fit players, or is it a case of player/manager being blind to his own shortcomings?
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