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  1. You're embarrassing yourself with this - nothing more than outing yourself as a permarage Daily Mail reader. I so love the Falkirk fans attitude of "this is what I want to happen, and it's happening, so it's too good to be true".
  2. Yeah, we should make sure that everyone has a valid input into how to manage this, regardless of their qualification. You are certainly as valuable as anyone who has spent a lifetime studying contagion. After all, you read a letter in the Telegraph. I think we've all had enough of experts.
  3. Would love to argue back but I understand it! I like TFS from a scale, view and facilities perspective. Lack of a 4th stand is annoying and lack of atmosphere most weeks as well but the location is the biggest bugbear - near nothing, particularly train stations.
  4. Good effort! I can only add Brockville and Annfield into my defunct list.
  5. Mine: 1) Been to 42, although over a fairly extended period of time! 2) Seen Falkirk play at 35/42. Not seen us play at Celtic, Airdrie, Montrose, Peterhead, Cove, Edinburgh City or Elgin (haven't seen us play those last two at all!). Not see us play against Rangers or Queens Park at their grounds. 3) Ochilview was the first visited. 4) Last one was Cove's ground 5) I've not been since the new stand was finished, but I love Tynecastle. Best atmosphere and great pubs, and we've had a few decent results there. 6) Albion Rovers has no redeeming features for an away fan. One of the only times I've been to Cowdenbeath we got beat 4-1. I'll call it a draw!
  6. Shamelessly lifted from Twitter! Of the 42 grounds in Scottish professional football: 1) how many have you visited 2) how many have you seen your team play at 3) what was the first one you visited 4) what was the last one you visited 5) what was your favourite (for whatever reason you like) 6) what was your least favourite?
  7. Tidser was only ever interested in himself, never his team. Great FK from Declan today. Someone’s been watching Ronaldo on loop! There’s no way the keeper could ever save that.
  8. BSLM was great all game. It’s his vision and understanding of play, ability to bring others into the game, that really helps. Great alongside someone with McManus’s workrate. Everyone else was decent apart from Longridge who had a mare. Didn’t realise DaVita was on the pitch until half an hour in. With the exception of the first 45 league minutes against Raith, I can’t recall us ever getting out of second gear this season. For half of the matches that’s enough to win comfortably, and for the other half it comes up short. It’s an odd dynamic.
  9. Took a mate to this today who probably comes with me to one game a season. Entirely self inflicted but at least it was entertaining, was his take, as well as: - Telfer saw a lot of the ball but was dreadful with it; and - how did he (McMillan) not score in the first half. i would give pass marks to Connolly today and (perhaps controversially) Sammon. Defence can all get to f**k. Awful. Still, I don’t recall us signing anyone found guilty of rape, so there’s that.
  10. Christ almighty, a day later and you’re still crying about it? If you keep whining like a 3 year old do you think we’ll just agree to give you the points? Random caps? Check. Posts every 15 minutes? Check. Refuses to let things go? Check. Have you ever considered applying for the audience on Question Time? You’d be in your element.
  11. One of the most hilariously pathetic things I’ve ever read on here
  12. Montrose are a far better outfit than East Fife or Airdrie and will comfortably be in the playoffs. They were much the better team today, although lacking in front of goal. It should have been a goal for Montrose when Mutch got a foul in the first half. We rode our luck today.
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