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  1. One of my all time favourite players, not really sure why!
  2. Coyle incoming. Put your mortgage on it.
  3. Whoever made that (a) is an odd individual with too much time on their hands, and (b) a fucking genius.
  4. Never a teenager I don’t think the key point is whether she was 7 or 13
  5. There was a pic taken at TFS a few years ago of the crowd, including a girl (early teenager I’d guess) who was obviously really upset. Laughing boy decided it would be great for a meme, in his usual grinding a joke into the dirt way. He was told several times to stop by mods as it was deeply inappropriate- of course, he immediately stopped, being the intelligent and responsible “adult” that he is. Oh no, wait...
  6. If McKinnon is still in post for this, there has to be some sort of protest. In a ground like this there is no hiding place.
  7. I’ve not voluntarily missed a home game since we moved to TFS. I’m not going back until McKinnon’s gone.
  8. How many sides of your ground have been used in the last decade or so?
  9. Raith put the clocks back then stopped playing...same as every year. Someone open a window. This place smells of Fife.
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