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  1. Bookies got this one wildly wrong. At least the financial compensation softens the entirely predictable blow.
  2. The bookies odds for this are just barmy. Raith 23/20????
  3. And we need to go hybrid part time, as the full time players we’re getting just now are garbage.
  4. We’ve only got two striker and neither can play in their own up front (Keena needs support, Ruth drops too deep) - so play both. We play two holding midfielder to protect the back 4 yet continue to concede as opposition players are targeting our fullbacks - so play something different. To me, 3-5-2 with Williamson and McCann higher up the park, one holding mid with Telfer and Nesbitt makes far more sense. Play Ruth and either Morrison or Keena as strikers.
  5. It was Hetherington. Whatever happened, it was deserved.
  6. Anyone know what was said? I saw him talking to them, but that’s not like answering back to someone behind the dugout - he’s gone a long way to say something to people he can’t possibly have heard (individually) during the match
  7. Not quite sure what went on - he came across and was speaking to a few of them but no idea why.
  8. That first half was the worst 45 minutes of football I have ever watched. please please stop playing out from the back when our played can’t pass it two yards. I know we’re trying to draw out the opposition, but we aren’t capable of passing under pressure.
  9. I still feel like there’s a good starting 11 there, but there’s some pigheadedness from Sheerin to not play them. He persists with Hetherington or Ross instead of Krasniqi and either Wilson or Ompreon (who to be fair had a decent game before he was subbed) ahead of Keena. We cannot have another clear out at the club though. There needs to be a proper rebuilding, not another entire new coaching staff and playing squad.
  10. He’s garbage. Too small, too lightweight and is the slowest player I think I’ve ever seen for us - even Darren Dods was quicker.
  11. I can’t believe how fucking static our players are. I can’t believe Ompreon was our best player. I can’t believe how honking McCann is. I can’t believe Keena doesn’t start. I can’t believe Miller is a professional footballer. We get bonus points for every 100 sideways passes, yes?
  12. Evening all. Planning on taking in the match on Saturday - tick off the new ground in the leagues. I presume I need to buy tickets in advance (ie, no cash gate). If so, does anyone have a link as there’s nothing obvious on the website.
  13. We do however have 2 very good attacking midfielders in Morrison and Nesbitt (arguably the best in the league)
  14. Always, without exception, a way of saying “I’m an absolute c**t with no social skills”.
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