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  1. That third goal went in and something happened I’ve not heard at a match before. Everyone around me just laughed. That’s where we are now - we know it’s coming, and just sit back and laugh at losing 3-0 to Montrose at home. and it should have been 5 or 6.
  2. Have lost count of the number of goals we’ve lost by players just running through our CBs - and supposed screening defensive mids. You just have to wonder what Miller has to do to be dropped.
  3. Marginally better game of football (from what I could see from that shitty camera) but we continue to be so powderpuff at the back. Didn’t get a replay - what happened to McCann at the goal? There was no LB to be seen. I think this is officially now the worst Falkirk team ever. Brutal. Clyde fans booing Griffiths. Oh the irony.
  4. You deserved a win. No question. We were appalling.
  5. McGuffie was head and shoulders our best midfielder today, and the only one with any attacking threat. Subbing him but leaving Miller - a monumental shitebag of a footballer - on the park was rank idiocy. I just found out Taylor-Sinclair is 30. I genuinely thought he was about 17. He is totally inept and should be nowhere near the starting XI.
  6. I’ll maybe reply here to help you. I’d delete that post if I were you. Accusing a mod of condoning racism is pretty serious. I appreciate you’re a wee bit worked up at the moment for some reason.
  7. The absolute state of this. Real short man syndrome going on.
  8. Pleased to see Dowds back - pushing him out was just such a bizarre move. It is, however, depressing to reach the age that not only was I above our manager at school, but I worked with our player’s dad. It was all black and white back in my day…
  9. They could have at least put them on “sale” on Friday rather than tomorrow. 14 hours notice isn’t great in terms of people being able to make arrangements to get to TFS.
  10. For the first 15 minutes I thought there was a chance we might make a game of that. As soon as Cove scored that was over. First goal was a screamer. Second was our usual weak as pish centre back play. Third was academic. Obviously nothing to do with our defeat, but that referee was an officious p***k. Probably including the odd sending off.
  11. The answer we all want to know is where is the picture of The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies?
  12. He must have been the year below me at school. Don’t recognise him at all!
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