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  1. Oh aye , collum mark 2 done us a big turn , by not awarding us a penalty or a free kick in the lead up to your first goal. He certainly has learned his trade quickly by making sure he panders to the arse cheeks.
  2. Unless you can see the future you haven't a clue what would happen after we scored the stonewall penalty .now why dont you p*** off to follow follow .
  3. They really are a deluded shower of tossers.
  4. If his hand was connected to his left nipple ,then yes .it clearly hit his chest and two of your have admitted it was a penalty . Now p*** off.
  5. Would you have said it was a free kick to motherwell if it happened in the other box I sincerely doubt that , now p*** off.
  6. Nobodies raging , most of us are laughing that such a useless keeper is rated by some people.
  7. It's his fault he is a shite goalkeeper . Built up by the Scottish media to be a good keeper when it's been clear that he isn't.
  8. Does anyone remember a TV programme featuring the comedian Charlie Williams about a football team that was so horrendously bad that it was funny. I've trawled the internet but cant find anything relating to this. Can anyone help?
  9. If this is the case they should be banished to the amateurs and play on public parks. This makes a mockery of the pyramid system .
  10. Can anyone tell me why fans are not allowed in to Glasgow uni matches at airdrie ?
  11. Saturday = check Motherwell at home = check In my normal seat = check Glorious weather = check Willie Collum = ffs
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