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  1. I hope he is better than his brother Joe.
  2. You're spot on as they both had blonde hair with occasional streaks of blood which usually happened after they kicked lumps out of the opposition , but big mcvie was even harder and dirtier. They were also able to play football as well if the need arose.
  3. He wasn't that bad , now Joe Efford , now that's dugmeat.
  4. And how many innocent people have your beloved IRA murdered?
  5. Most games that that fud collum refs are remembered due to his antics.
  6. A couple of weeks ago Celtic and their fans were talking about winning it. Arrogance as usual is their undoing.
  7. Because that was the last time that your team were better than everyone else in the league , but yet you still think that your team are better than every other team in the league.
  8. What level is this you speak about? We left the nineteen eighties more than forty years ago.
  9. You've got to remember that Celtic were without three major players last night , COLLUM CLANCY and MADDEN .
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