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  1. I assume the conversation went thus, you're nothing but a diving cheating barsteward, take that ya p***k.
  2. I might be wrong with this but this season's Scottish could have worked out perfectly if it had only included teams from highland /lowland/ south and east leagues. and league 2 That would mean no juniors /amateurs /north caledonian and also exclude caledonian Braves south team and Stirling uni east team or Glasgow uni. By my reckoning round 1 would have 96 clubs with 48 winners progressing to round 2 to be joined by league one meaning 58 clubs with 29 winners going into round 3 to be joined by 10 championship clubs meaning 19 matches with one bye to round 4 to be joined by 12 premiership clubs making a total of 32 clubs in round 4 and so on till the final 2.
  3. Not as long as we have known about curtis mains inability to score goals.
  4. He will learn how to dive in the penalty box , a Celtic speciality.
  5. First game v st Mirren in a league cup section match in 1968 , the well won 6-0. This was a Saturday and on the Monday night played Albion rovers in the second division (motherwell had been relegated the previous season) and won 7-0 and it's been all downhill since. What a season that was , we won the league and scored over 100 goals and this was the legend Joe wark's first season.
  6. I wonder how he will manage without thomson/collum and Clancy ensuring that the opposition are weakened and making many many dodgy decisions ensuring his club benefited.
  7. Having just seen the highlights I would be more concerned at your goalkeepers efforts at our goal. However if green arse cheek done the same thing against blue arse cheek , we all know the rhetoric from the great unwashed. Its within the rules etc. And st brenda would be silent. One way street with this shower of mutants
  8. Its normally Celtic that come out with this , when they get a dodgygoal/penalty in their favour.
  9. Griffiths's needs no help in ending his career , he is well on his way to do it himself.
  10. Don't get too excited lillie fans , you seem to forget about the Celtic minded ref you have on Saturday. But best of luck anyway.
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