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  1. That runt sees what he wants to see and guesses the rest.
  2. I see what you mean regarding Kelly, But the fact that he stopped dead gave the attacking player more time whereas if he continued running toward the attacker it cuts down his thinking time and the possibility of making a mess of it. Who knows maybe the attacker would crap it at the sight of the onrushing keeper. However I guess we'll never know the answer to that. I just felt it was poor goalkeeping.
  3. Spot on with this . I sit right in line with the 18 yard box and I saw Kelly start to come and then stop leaving him in no man's land giving the Aberdeen player time to pick his finish. Poor decision making .
  4. Who's going to tell him that he's not going to get whatever budget he wants.
  5. Perhaps if he played spittal in the proper position it would help.
  6. Remind me who did st Mirren play in Europe this season?
  7. I hope he is better than his brother Joe.
  8. You're spot on as they both had blonde hair with occasional streaks of blood which usually happened after they kicked lumps out of the opposition , but big mcvie was even harder and dirtier. They were also able to play football as well if the need arose.
  9. He wasn't that bad , now Joe Efford , now that's dugmeat.
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