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  1. It wasn’t as close as it seemed. His foot was off the ground which gave the illusion of being onside based on the 18-yard line. There was clear daylight between the VAR lines.
  2. It looked like he was looking away but there was that wee glance down just before he made contact. Shithousery of the highest order.
  3. The annual “where can you buy the cheapest Christmas dinner” articles are always a bit out there in terms of what the “journalist” buys, but The Courier’s take this year is basically Supermarket Sweep with a £30 budget. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/food-drink/2793297/which-of-the-big-5-supermarkets-can-you-buy-christmas-dinner-for-four-for-under-30/
  4. This is never going to end, is it? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-59540250
  5. I’m not sure where this idea comes from that because a tie involves two top flight teams, it’s high on the list of potential TV games. Livingston v Ross County probably won’t even have extended highlights on Sportscene.
  6. I picked Frank Williams not Frank Williams, so in the interest of fair play* I shouldn’t have been awarded any points. *For which I hope there’s a bonus of 92 points.
  7. It’s backed up by knowing that a goal has a direct impact on the game, but sure. No, because not everything has the same impact on a game as a goal does.
  8. If a foul is missed in the build up to a goal, by definition it’s a serious missed incident because it had a direct impact on the game.
  9. VAR checks all goals and they can be ruled out (or in) for any error, not just obvious ones.
  10. Not for me Clive. One hand on the ball can’t be seen as possession. Even if that’s the rules, the rules are an ass.
  11. The decision was not made by the SFA any more than it's the SFA's decision that Scottish referee's enforce the offside rule. They merely communicated the rules as they stand, as is their duty as UEFA member association.
  12. This wouldn't be "Rangers" deliberately misleading their supporters in an attempt to drum up a siege mentality against the SFA and SPFL would it? The reason that Saturday 3pm games can't be shown in England is because the English FA still has the blackout in force.
  13. From the Championship coverage, but still Sportscene.
  14. I think they had to double-check that the whistle didn’t go before the ball was in the net. It did seem closer in real time. I suspect that without VAR that wouldn’t have been given.
  15. That’s never given as a free kick in midfield. Very soft.
  16. There's a full card of Premiership fixtures the following midweek which would likely rule this out for Monday night. The only caveat is that Hearts' fixture that midweek is against Celtic which could be moved to the Thursday for TV. But even then I'd imagine the cup picks will be made before Sky make their league picks.
  17. Premier get the first two picks, but even if they didn’t they know they can take Alloa v Celtic as first pick safe in the knowledge the BBC won’t go to Ibrox.
  18. Alloa v Celtic and Sevco v Stirling on Premier, natch. Auchinleck v Hearts and Kelty Hearts/Montrose v St Johnstone or Killie v Dundee Utd look like BBC picks.
  19. https://www.theifab.com/laws/latest/free-kicks/#procedure You’re welcome.
  20. If a team decides to take a quick free kick, the normal rules around distance don’t apply. If your player thinks that taking a quick free kick is the best option then ends up firing it off an opposition player 3 yards away, that’s not the referee’s problem. Only if a player stands right on top of the ball in a deliberate attempt to prevent the quick free kick is there an issue.
  21. Sounds like the flare has set off the fire alarm in that stand.
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