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  1. Don’t worry, there’s not a hope in hell’s chance of your game being on TV.
  2. Reporting Scotland report on David Robertson being appointed Peterhead manager. In his interview, he’s asked about Michael Beale.
  3. No. In that season, they picked Aberdeen v Livingston as their second pick in the fourth round. They picked Hibs v Motherwell in the quarter-finals (along with Rangers v St Johnstone).
  4. Every game Celtic and Rangers played in the Scottish Cup between 2018/19 and 2021/22 was live on Premier Sports. Whether Viaplay have a different approach remains to be seen.
  5. What about on “safety grounds”? AKA the BBC want to show it but don’t want the expense of scaffolding for every camera. Although it might lose its appeal as a pick if not played at Recreation Park.
  6. I was thinking this also. Surely though if viaplay take the Edinburgh derby the beeb take st Johnstone v rangers as their first pick? Then you're looking at something slightly different for their 2nd pick? Viaplay have first two picks, which is why (as Premier) it’s always been Celtic and Rangers for as long as both were still in.
  7. I suppose that Viaplay might have a different perspective on picks, and take the Edinburgh Derby. But hopefully not because that would mean BBC would likely show Celtic v Morton.
  8. Celtic v Morton and St Johnstone v Rangers on Premier, obviously Hibs v Hearts and Darvel v Aberdeen on BBC I’d say.
  9. If the rules say that’s a penalty, the rules need changed.
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