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  1. Nothing happened in the intervening period to make it unplayable. That means one of the officials made an incorrect assessment. It is therefore not unreasonable to ask the SFA to investigate.
  2. We did produce a park that was deemed playable when it was inspected by an SFA-appointed official.
  3. Technically it’s longer, because it’s evening-evening rather than evening-afternoon. But I think a lot of people make the same mistake, to be fair. It’s like English teams playing a league game on the Monday then a Europa League game on the Thursday. It seems too close. Probably something to do with it being the same “midweek”.
  4. No reason not to play Tuesday-Friday. I can’t see it being rearranged for then, but us playing Friday isn’t a reason not to.
  5. On a completely different subject, does anyone know if referees still get their fee even if the game is off?
  6. We don’t know what happened. What I’m saying is that a match is only ever “conditionally on” following an inspection if another inspection for later is called straight away. You should never have a game declared on subject to conditions without that follow-up inspection.
  7. If the pitch is unplayable when the inspection is made, the game should not be declared on. Either it’s off, or another inspection is called later.
  8. There’s been no rain since the original inspection, and it’s been glorious sunshine for the last couple of hours.
  9. Surely it’s not difficult to give the ground staff, say, an hour (so pushing KO to 4pm). If it’s still not playable, then so be it. But at least they would have tried, in an attempt to avoid Ayr having a wasted 240-mile round trip.
  10. If a local ref said the pitch was playable this morning then questions need to be asked as to his competence. Passing an inspection would mean no further (or at least no serious) work would have been done on the affected section. Had it failed with another planned, the ground staff could have done what was needed to get the game on. Edit: assuming it’s not the match ref being an arse. In which case, surely there’s a procedure for a second inspection if clubs disagree with the officials?
  11. I can only assume that the SFA have the power to stop football, whereas the SPFL would have to have a vote. Might it also be related to Clause 12, which only comes into play if the SFA suspend football? Not that I’d like to see it used, mind you.
  12. We were due to play Dunfermline at Dens on the Saturday when football was shut down.
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