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  1. 73 bus is cheaper and gets them nearer the ground (15 minute walk from the top of Princes Street, with the delights of Albert Street thrown in for free). So really no excuse for a small away crowd.
  2. That whole thread is something of a misrepresentation of the true position. The first Tweet says Sky have the rights to 230 games. They don't. They have the rights to "up to" 48 games (plus both legs of the Premiership play-off final). Being the exclusive broadcast partner doesn't give you the rights to all games. It gives you the option to select 48 games - it's then those 48 games they have the rights to show. There's then a further Tweet about BT and Amazon having "secondary rights" to the English Premier League. They don't. They have rights to a certain number of games in the same way that Sky have rights to a certain number of games. The EPL offered 7 packages: Sky won 4, BT won 2, and Amazon won 1. Calling them "secondary rights" suggests that Sky bought what they wanted, then the EPL offered some scraps to BT and Amazon - which is absolutely not the case. It's also worth remembering that there's 180 EPL games that aren't shown live in the UK, so our position isn't really that much different. It's just the SPFL decided to offer a single package of (limited) live rights to a single broadcaster, rather than multiple packages of (limited) live rights to several broadcasters.
  3. Next week’s Sunday programme starts at 11.45am.
  4. I’d also suggest that Willie Gibson implied it, and it was the referee who subsequently inferred it. Next week on Pedant’s Corner…
  5. Ironically, this is the only top flight fixture not to feature a “provincial team”.
  6. Overall I think we deserved the win but we didn’t half make hard work of it. We should have had the game buried but Mulligan should have passed to McGowan, then how Rudden missed the follow-up I’ll never know. Still far too nervy in defence for my liking as well. A couple of scares where Raith really should have capitalised. Ref was shite.
  7. Curious that this week sees the frequencies splitting to provide live commentary from one of the 3pm kick-offs.
  8. It falls well below the standards expected of a live game on a mainstream channel. A frame grate below 50fps (looks like 30fps) Lack of pitchside microphones to capture full audio from the stadium Limited camera angles, including no cameras on the 18-yard lines Commentary clearly off-tube from Glasgow (fine for overseas games; not games played in this country)
  9. That was their choice after discovering that the commitment to more cameras was costing them a fortune.
  10. When the games have been in this country, the BBC have been host broadcaster. Its overseas games they have no control over. That’s not true, even in the centralised group stages.
  11. That doesn’t really help, because for a game in this country the BBC shouldn’t be “piggy backing” off anyone. They should be the host broadcaster. That they aren’t is equally tin pot.
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