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  1. There's nothing wrong with opening pubs per se. However, I think there is an issue with opening pubs when you have the drinking culture that Scotland and the UK as a whole has. And I don't mean that in a Daily Mail-esque "BOOZE BRITAIN" sense; it's about the way in which we visit pubs, where crowds and standing are pretty much the norm. I don't think there's an obvious solution, though, because as soon as you try to sanitise (no pun intended) pub-going to be more restaurant like (i.e. tables and table-service only) takings will tank. It would also be an impossible task to implement such a thing in the vast majority of "local boozers".
  2. Either: Aberdeen should be absolutely hammered for their players breaching protocols (and Aberdeen subsequently hammer the players). or The SPFL and/or SFA and/or Scottish Government have serious questions to answer as to why such protocols weren't put in place. I know we're constantly comparing ourselves to England in terms of football, but let's be honest - they had a military-style operation to get things going again. We just seemed to say "aye, we'll test everyone and wear face masks" (which, ironically, is probably all England actually needed to satisfy Boris...).
  3. Perugia wanted to sign a female player back in 2003 shortly after they put us out of the UEFA Cup. They did have an owner that meant Giovanni de Stefano wasn’t the most batshit crazy person at Dens for the home leg, to be fair.
  4. I’m not really sure it’s fair to count teams twice in the same weekend. A game that’s last on Saturday is likely also to be last on Sunday.
  5. Apparently this is the first Sportscene on a Saturday night for a while. I’m surprised Jonathan Sutherland didn’t mention it more.
  6. It seems the commentary is now being done “live” rather than being dubbed on after the fact, but it’s not clear if they’re actually at the grounds or just sitting at Pacific Quay. The commentary here suggests the latter, but it could just be a poor sound mix.
  7. Stramash! Why was McGregor rubbing his head? Didn’t look to be anyone near it.
  8. I wonder if there's the same restrictions on the number of times a team can be shown at home, as there is with Sky in the Premiership. Either way, I'd be surprised if Hearts aren't involved in the majority of televised games.
  9. Bump. Ally McCoist, Darren Fletcher and John Hartson have joined Sky as pundits, joining Kris Boyd and James McFadden. Ian Crocker and Andy Walker continue on commentary, with Eilidh Barbour presenting. Fake crowd noise will be used, although they don't say if this will be optional via the red button. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11781/12037743/sky-sports-reveals-line-up-for-exclusively-live-coverage-of-scottish-premiership
  10. Maybe she’s living in an alternative reality where she thinks she won. Ann in the High Tynecastle.
  11. Technically, no because the BBC and Premier will also show Scottish games. But unless there’s ever two games on one day, Ian Crocker will commentate on all Premiership games.
  12. Channel-hopped at just the right time to see Brighton score a cracker of a goal at Burnley.
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