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  1. Good to see a review led by #TB4. And Dundee Utd.
  2. Apparently the English FA and/or Premier League are still insisting on their own restrictions. Which is why, for example, Sky have been able to squeeze into small studios up here, but in England they either present from Isleworth, pitchside, or (in the case of Leeds v Liverpool) a studio without a window (seriously). Obviously not all are as strict as up here, but there are a few bonkers ones nonetheless.
  3. I don't understand this article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-58488489 A vaccine passport doesn't make things safer for those who are more vulnerable because vaccines don't stop transmission. Surely that's common knowledge by now?
  4. What's the median age of deaths from covid overall in the same time frame? The median age of non-breakthrough deaths involving COVID ("breakthrough" = died after testing positive 14+ days after their 2nd does) is 82. The overall median age will therefore be between 82-84...quite possibly 83.
  5. Only 0.5% of COVID deaths in England from January-July were in fully-vaccinated people, with a median age of 84 (vs. 82 for non-COVID deaths). But clearly we just don't know if the vaccines work.
  6. Nope. It’ll just reinforce the usual “we care more than England” message.
  7. Careful - if it fits in a single box it’ll probably be counted.
  8. Yes and no. If that’s the only space in the ground, then fine. But there was nothing stopping them fitting it out like a proper studio.
  9. If one picture sums up how much Sky care about games not involving a certain two sides, this is it.
  10. It seems like a very flat atmosphere. Do Sky not realise there’s no Celtic or Sevco so no need to turn the mics down?
  11. It’s just as well bleeding eyes isn’t a symptom of COVID or everyone would have been sent home to isolate at half time. The second half was somehow worse.
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