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  1. Perhaps I’m missing something, but why couldn’t Montrose have played Thursday-Sunday-Wednesday? Neither they nor Cove have a fixture next Thursday, with the first post-split fixtures not until the Saturday, and Kilmarnock are already playing their midweek game on the Wednesday.
  2. This. This is a close decision (insofar as there’s no clear daylight) and it would be nonsense just to go “yea, that looks fine” and overrule the on-field decision without the same level of scrutiny as previous offside checks.
  3. I suppose the theory is that you’re more likely to retain an audience that’s already watching.
  4. It’s still the BBC that chose the slot, not the SFA.
  5. It won't be the SFA's fault. It's almost certainly because the BBC will have blanket coverage of the funeral from early o'clock right through (although conveniently ending in time for the FA Cup semi-final at 5.30...).
  6. Presumably 4pm was the latest that Police Scotland were happy with for the game at Ibrox to kick-off. No other logical reason for swapping days with Aberdeen v Livingston. Edit: just noticed the 11.45am kick-off for Kilmarnock v Montrose. When was the last time a Scottish fixture kicked off in the morning?
  7. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/crowd-gathers-for-gender-reveal-party-at-dundees-baxter-park
  8. Definitely nothing to do with public health. It was simply a case of following the usual flow chart when picking a Saturday 3pm game: Are Celtic playing? - yes -> Are "Rangers" playing an away game - yes -> One live on 810MW, the other on nan Gaidheal. | No V Celtic game only I did think it was odd that Richard Gordon handed over to Liam McLeod to commentate on a minute's silence, though.
  9. Quite literally nothing has happened in this game.
  10. BBC Four have France v England women's football in the schedule for tonight. If that's still shown while Hearts v Alloa isn't...
  11. The local authority travel restrictions were ridiculous even when the virus was rife, but they’re worse now. It’s madness that someone from Monifieth can legally head to Montrose for their shopping, but I’m technically breaking the law if I want to go for a walk around Crombie or Monikie parks.
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