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  1. Not quite accurate; the 7-0 away to Airdrie came after the Thursday night Scottish Cup game against Hamilton with the SFL having refused a request to push it back 24 hours. But the idea that he played the youths out of spite is sound.
  2. Pathetic. We deserve nothing from this game on that first half showing and I can’t see us improving.
  3. The new(-ish) scanners at Schiphol where laptops and liquids can stay in your bag are fantastic, though.
  4. What device are you using? If it’s a Fire stick, change the resolution to 1080/50p in the settings.
  5. Cracking UHD stream for Burnley v Man City on Amazon. As good as if not better than “normal” TV.
  6. My guess is the contract with the SFA doesn’t allow clashing games.
  7. There is, it just doesn't show as a through journey because it gives less than half an hour (the official connection time) to get between Queen Street and Central. 21.56 DEE - GLQ 23.22 23.50 GLC - MTH 00.14 The game should finish around 9.10pm, which is enough time to walk to the station.
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