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  1. Despite the scorn on here, a fried egg is superb in a roll, on top of either sausage, bacon, haggis or black pudding; whatever is the preference of the day. if I’m having a plate of breakfast, I’d probably prefer the eggs scrambled, made with a splash of milk, some butter and usual salt and pepper
  2. Barrhead Travel just sent me this text in relation to an in-store “Cruise Event” this coming Saturday morning… ”As we observe our national period of mourning and Her Majesty the Queen's upcoming funeral, our 17th Sept in-store cruise event will be postponed. Details of new date to follow. Please contact your local Barrhead Travel branch if you need any support. Thank you”. It’s gone full virtue signalling bonkers with these shops and restaurants all shutting and cancelling, just to look good and “caring”.
  3. Putting aside the carry on and adherence to a plan “London Bridge is Down” that was probably formulated and semi relevant in 1975, what on earth has caused the coppers or authorities to move the Rangers Napoli game forward by 24hrs? They have a static coffin and site to protect until approx early afternoon on Tuesday yet the whole of Police Scotland can’t mange a game of football 40 miles away? Don’t get me started too on the Rangers board placing a wreath at the statue of a (living) former player at their stadium to respect the Queen! I’d 100% agree it would be more respectful if it was at the City Chambers formal memorial to HM Queen but not at the doorsteps of their ground.
  4. If I was leading Ukraine’s army or government, I’d be asking for repatriation of all the soldiers taken (from the siege of Mariupol, for example) as well as the many reported civilians moved out when the Russians invaded. Then I’d be seeking compensation for the destruction and repairs needed to rebuild cities, villages and schools etc. Maybe after all that, I’d possibly consider sitting down and discussing a future amnesty and end of combat action against the Russians.
  5. It’s actually fascinating and newsworthy to watch, for the first time ever broadcast, the proclamation of the new King. All the formalities and gathering of prime ministers etc is quite interesting. Charles approving and agreeing to Penny Mourdant’s job description in effect! What I’m weary of is the relentless non- news coverage on rolling news programmes. The usual types of grief- tourists and show offs with families on breakfast tv this morning, coming for the 2nd day in a row with their kids for a day out and hopefully get on the telly. The coverage will ramp up even more from tomorrow when the Queen moves to Edinburgh then London next.
  6. We’ve had far too much bitter petty tribalism in past few years. Sometimes you have to be better than that and acknowledge how exceptionally well Rangers have performed in Europe in last 2-3 years. I’ve had a season ticket for around 30years at Celtic but I (probably a minority of one lol) think it is good Rangers have qualified and handed PSV their arse on a plate tonight.
  7. *whisper it* as a Celtic fan, I thought Rangers fully deserved to win the tie and it is good for the standing of Scottish football to have both teams at the highest level.
  8. Thanks and I take and agree with your point. So, from my point of ignorance (always worked in non unionised private sector), do you agree a sum figure of around £1500-2000 would be the best way to lift lower paid staff and give more direct support to the most needy? I’ve not followed this too closely but seen this plan on a recent post (I think this is the English plan?) and on the face of it, it sounds a good idea and targets the poorer staff but still gives something to everyone on a higher salary.
  9. The only flaw with dumping a load of additional money into a council (or any public sector body) is that you’ll not get the money flowing directly to improve wages of existing staff. Instead they would probably create a whole new department to administrate this, thereby soaking up a lot of the cash before it hits pay packets.
  10. After reading this last night, I went to the butchers today and had liver for dinner. Served with fried onion, bacon lardons, creamy mash, green veg and a lashing of gravy! I also bought a ham hock to make soup this week, since it feels more like late October than August today. The liver, ham hock and some butchers sausages will definitely make a good few meals and only cost just over a tenner.
  11. I haven’t read the rest of the thread but it was a sticky/ stuffy match. Hearts were poor in first hour of the game. I sit behind the goal and was amazed how Hearts defence went missing when Kyogo scored. Well taken goal though. Hearts definitely improved with their subs and their team looked stronger but without much real direct threat up front. It was a good enough match, I prefer competitive games rather than 4,5-0 drubbings and I’m surprised Hearts were so meek in first half as they should be more confident when playing Celtic and Rangers. I’ll take the 3 points and move on. Good weekend for results.
  12. Not been in this thread for months but you can see the big risk now is the ongoing mental health issues folk have, after two years of this carry on. In Stirling this afternoon, and a guy in his mid 20’s, looked fairly fit/ physically healthy enough yet he was stoating up the road towards the shopping centre with full mask on and literally full-on “March 2020” and bouncing away from other pedestrians. Each to their own, maybe the fella had some vulnerable parent/ partner but after two years and knowing what we know about transmission and masks etc, I can only think this sudden resurrection of COVID in the news (for a version of a springtime flu) has caused a load of folk to suddenly think it’s back to the “end of the world” This is the price we are seeing now, along with socially isolated people/ children struggling or reluctant to return to normal society.
  13. Seems it’s not an unpopular opinion after reading last few comments but I switched telly over and caught a few minutes of Glastonbury...the whole event and experience looks awful. Then again as said by others, you couldn’t pay me to attend one of these festivals but the whole hassle, living like a tramp for days, paying through the nose for literally everything, having to put up with over excited “festival goers” and attention- seekers, watching has- been singers behind a sea of flags and girls on the shoulders on lads in the vain hope they get seen on tv...nope, not for me and I’d close the curtains if this shite was going on in my back garden.
  14. Need some opinions folks on beef olives! I bought some yesterday in a nice butcher in Stonehaven (Charles McHardy on Market Square). Cooked them tonight in the oven but we were surprised to find the filling was oatmeal. I’m all my 52 years, I’ve always had sausage meat stuffing in my beef olives. Is oatmeal stuffed beef olives a North Eastern thing or is sausage meat a weird Stirlingshire thing? I have to say the ones tonight weren’t very nice despite looking great on the plate.
  15. 53 next month. If we qualify next time I’m pushing 58 but considering last time I watched us at a World Cup match getting pumped 3-0 by Morocco in 1998, I am not holding my breath anytime soon. I’ll probably be a grandfather before and I wasn’t even a father if you split the times before last and next Scottish participation
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