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  1. It was as optimistic and as upbeat as Nicola can be, however in reality who wants to go for a drive with the family/ other half to end up somewhere that is closed apart from having a takeaway coffee. I suppose it legitimises folk who might have been travelling to see family and friends but it’s no real change tbh.
  2. ....only without alcohol. You can get a meal and a juice for example but beers need served outside.
  3. Get this passport nonsense kicked right out. Maybe there is some merit for certain overseas travel, although the uptake on vaccination numbers at the destination country will be a factor. Why on earth would I need a passport to enter specified (hospitality and leisure) venues as well as stadiums but for the past year the supermarkets have had “week before Christmas” sales and footfall basically every week? Are the governments seriously thinking a vaccine passport will be a requirement to enter the likes of Stirling Albion’s Forthbank ground with 500 fans but not next door at Morrison supermarket on a Saturday afternoon? Similarly with other grounds the length and breadth of the country.
  4. I think we are simply at the point where the majority of folk are fatigued with the whole situation and don’t understand why/ what the rules are, and on what basis they are implemented. Going for a walk yesterday afternoon, the co-op was as busy as ever with loads of folk popping in for a few odds & ends (as was myself) yet the butcher has a strict two customers only limit. Up the street, the cafe and bakers had the ridiculous plastic shield on the front door and folk packed on the pavement more likely to cause a accident as they huddled and queued for the ubiquitous takeaway coffee. Same as the barber across the road with another group of fellas chatting outside and waiting for their “appointment” in line with regulations. The trendy furniture shop was re-opened and busy but the shoes and gift shops either side remain closed. What the owners of these businesses must think as they see supermarkets in town packed with greetings cards, shoes, clothing, garden trinkets etc all been on sale the whole time. The bar/ restaurant across the road hasn’t been open for months, yet in late Summer in line with keeping customers safe invested in improving table spacing, track & trace, outdoor seating etc. The “data, not dates” mantra was a lot of gibbering pish, as is the paranoia about “third waves” whilst conveniently forgetting the vaccine rollout. We never have had the adult conversation and my snapshot above was just my observations about one village street on one afternoon. Frankly it’s gone beyond “three weeks to save the NHS” or “flattening the curve” and it’s more about personality politics in my view.
  5. I know I’d be as well howling in the wind but with these figures, backed up by the vaccines, there’s no good reason why cafes, restaurants and bars couldn’t open up for Easter, even if we had “September style” no standing at bar arrangement etc. I thought then that most hospitality venues did a great job in the circumstances and I’d happily accept this for a month or so until the rest of top 9 groups are vaccinated. Similarly sports venues should be immediately opened if the stadium, arena can show a plan for short- term access and exiting, until we ditch restrictions. If the weather is pleasant next weekend, there’ll be literally millions of folk in the UK congregating in gardens, parks, beaches with picnics and frankly little risk to the NHS or cemeteries being overrun.
  6. Has the Scottish Government binned the daily televised updates, due to election coming up? Long overdue if so, but I wasn’t sure if they are still going ahead but hosted by Methadone Mick, Leitch & co.
  7. I worry I am a functioning alcoholic. Luckily I rarely touch spirits but I’ll sup beer all night long and frankly hardly have a night off if there is beer in the house. I did dry January a couple times including this year and it was actually no problem but the minute I decide I want a drink, I’ll rattle as many cans, bottles and subs ( for the house beerwulf machine) as is available. I have been like this for at least 10+ years and I’m now early 50s. I had a night off last night and think I’m going to go dry for a month or two at least. Feel much fresher this morning but this “working from home” is wrecking my motivation.
  8. I have “family” in Fallin and they’re the definition of fat bigoted slobs. The village live in a different world to the rest of the country and you’ll find the locals venturing on a day out to the nearby Morrison’s supermarket, generally waddling down the crisps and booze aisles as that is their normal diet. Most of the locals lack any self- awareness and will introduce themselves with funny handshakes and revere to lodge numbers etc, assuming everyone else will be “on their side”. If you aren’t one of them, you’ll be considered to kick with the other foot.
  9. I thought there was not going to be any of the “substantial meal” or time restriction nonsense? Maybe that was just for England but I’ll be furious if we go solo as a nation and stick with early shutting, time and food rules for the next 2 months, and that’s going to mean it’ll be 3 months before we get some sort of normal bar/ restaurant experience.
  10. That’s 100% what I took from her comments today. She made specific references to the April dates and if barbers in Wales are open, there’s no reason by any measure why they won’t open here. I guess garden centres will open then too, as they are generally good sized for social distancing (and gardening is basically all folk can do this Sptingtime aside from walking about looking gormless with takeaway coffees!). Beer gardens in late April follows a wearily predictable England +2 weeks timescale as would indoor hospitality.
  11. So the 5th April is the next key date for things to open, according to NS just now. Followed by next landmark date at “end of April”. I am guessing it’ll be barbers and garden centres open in just over 2 weeks with pubs open outdoors at end of April. Maybe we’ll be allowed to enter some shops and takeaway places already open, rather than be served outside via a plastic hatch at the front door in early April too?
  12. I had mine last Wednesday and they could have jagged it straight into my eyeballs, for what it was worth. In and out Forth Vally College within 3-4 mins, including time for a wee chat with the nurse who was jagging. The upper arm was very slightly tingly the next day but really not a problem.
  13. Next Tuesday is going to be a massive statement on how the Scottish Government plan to either lead the narrative into the coming months or be lead be people’s dissatisfaction and disregard of NS stance. We’ve seen today, despite a slight increase in infection cases, that two of the chief stooges and doom- mongers, Devi and Linda are winding in their views and leaving that halfwit Leitch isolated and looking like a modern day “Comical Ali”. If folk can get a haircut in Wales and there are defined target dates and a sense of forward planning & optimism for people and businesses in England, NS will look ridiculous in the face of clear medical facts and numbers (of vaccinations and hospitalisations etc) if the government thinks letting 4 folk go for a walk outside is the definition of roadmap back to “greater normality”! And that 50 God- botherers can defy the virus in a church at any one time but a dozen folk can’t be trusted to sit in a cafe.
  14. I’ve been to a few of the Baynes and Stephen’s bakers in Stirling and they all have the multiple layers of plastic screes at from door, and coupled with the doddery old assistant and myself wearing masks, it’s really pot luck what you end up getting lol.
  15. I wonder when we can actually be trusted to enter the likes of a baker’s shop or cafe and buy a takeaway roll and coffee etc? I vaguely understand why the government wanted to limit movements and contact in January but tbh I see more risk with huddles of folk standing in groups and usually blocking pavements! I’ve seen folk with prams and pets regularly nearly getting run down by cars and cyclists, as they sidestep a crowd waiting to be served!
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