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  1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and had we parted ways with Alexander end of last season it would be a win win for both parties. Assuming of course that we went ahead and appointed Hammell. There is a serious Q that if the season was not underway and we had more time to conduct a managerial search then we may well have gone in a different direction. Sliding doors and all that. What I can say and have said on here before. The Board are made up of Motherwell fans. They 100% acknowledged (privately) and understood the fans view of the style and nature of Alexander ball a long time ago. And most definitely during our bad run. Securing top 6 was a bonus but had we lost all our games a parting of the ways would have probably taken place. The problem if you can call it that was securing European football. How do you part ways with a Manager having achieved that ? And then you have Alexander who is in a job and understandably wants to stay in a job and wants to experience European football. Losing to Sligo was a miserable experience home and away. But it may well turn out to be the best thing that has happened to Motherwell if we can keep this style of football and win more than we lose. The transformation has been fantastic. And watching players play to their potential and preferred style very enjoyable. As mentioned I guess the real test will come in October .
  2. My takeaway from that is that Shields was on the pitch for 10 minutes and got 1 touch ! I agree with comments on Efford. He is playing much better in this new expansive and attacking approach. Did not think the subs offered much tbh. I know it is difficult to impact a game off the bench but you would hope for a little more from Aaron’s and even young McKinstry. Disappointed with the result but that 1st half was an absolute joy to watch. Hope we can maintain this form and if so a sustained stay in the top 6 will be a distinct possibility
  3. We are all trolling Capt. You should realise that. You should even try it one day. It is quite cathartic.
  4. We are in no state at all. We know we battered a team with a wage budget 3-4 times ours. If anyone should b embarrassed it should b United. Judging by the reaction of the United fans they know they are gash and are trying to troll their way out of acknowledging the truth. The light will soon dawn on them. Remind me who has yet to win in the top flight this season. Totally forgot who it is……
  5. This thread started with someone saying it would not descend into anarchy and insults. Well that lasted until FT today. Whereupon a few United fans above have tried quite frankly pathetic attempts at trolling. I am disappointed we did not stick 4 past that overpaid mob. The sooner they go bust the better and judging by their wages to t/o ratio and payoffs to failed Managers we won’t have to wait very long. Enjoyed the Well performance 1st half. At points you thought there was only one team on the pitch. I am off for a glass of red wine
  6. Should be a few goals up here. Playing great football. But I have seen this movie before….. Van Veen misses penalty, free header and hits the bar. Going to be one of these days
  7. Been out of circulation since around noon. I worry like most that he breaks down but I am also delighted like most that he has returned. About to watch the video with tissues at the ready.
  8. Nope. But I am clinging to the fact that Flow has not been seen this morning explaining that we missed out on targets. Which to be fair he would be more than likely to do if we did not have something to shout about later today .
  9. Certainly backs up the lower budget for this season chat. I guess the likes of Lennon Miller and Kian Speirs can be seen as part of the senior squad since they have played 1st team football and made match day squads. Certainly would have liked a striker and CB for cover. Something may happen today I guess or with freebies. Would be a bit of a let down if no one else joins up.
  10. Snoddy can get tae fcuk. He has an offer from us and clearly is waiting for something better as is his right. I don’t care if he is an ex international. Would rather have Louis Moult in a wheelchair (more than likely) than a player that apparently has not had the good manners to update Hammy as to his intentions. We move on.
  11. How many on here said they would not want him to come back. Simply due to his injury history. I would b delighted if only because it would lift the whole place. He is the best player we have had in the last decade imho. If he went elsewhere that would be a right kick in the haw maws.
  12. By the sound of things that is as exciting as it gets No doubt we are after some players but as of now it is dragging on. I am off to bed Hoping we sign someone, anyone. Not surprised if I wake up to the sum total of sweet f**k all
  13. We offered a deal to Snodgrass. Since then nothing. I am not bitter but I would not want him if we are his only fall back. He can get tae f*ck. We have signed the least amount of players of all the top flight sides. I accept that may have something to do with our squad size but if we sign nobody that will be a red neck…..
  14. Life is real YM. I deal in the here and now not fantasies
  15. Agreed on McGinn and Penney at first glance appears a solid signing. But one injury to either Lamie or Sol and we are in deep sh1t. McGinn could fill in and SODs back to RB but we ARE still weak in this area.
  16. Cool. So you think our central defence is good and that we have cover ?
  17. Thanks Swello. What I have been saying all along. A greenie for you…an argument for me……the world is topsy turvy
  18. Had anyone seen the goals we have conceded lately. We all agreed when Alexander said the defence was not good enough last season. And now we have lost one CB, albeit one that was not likely to feature. Does not augur well unless you believe Hammy has the Midas touch and can get them to perform to a higher and more consistent level.
  19. Genuinely worried about the CB position. Letting Ojala go and not replacing will b a dereliction of duty. Unless as I said earlier we will keep looking at those not under contract. A striker is also a must. So I assume this one player falls into one of those two categories.
  20. No surprise re Ojala. Surely we will sign a CB before midnight . Unless it is a non contracted player.
  21. You ever considered being a sports journalist Capt ? Only problem is you would not want to make things up. Which is a key criteria for the role it would appear. Only club Moult has not been linked with in the top flight is us it would appear . I am waiting for the 3 signings at 10:30 this evening. That and Turnbull to West Ham for £10m
  22. Looks like Moult may be heading north but not to us if rumours are to be believed. Edinburgh clubs and now Aberdeen quoted as being interested. Probably bull. But would be a sore one to see him in anything other than Claret and Amber. Even if it is just for one game b4 he inevitably breaks down. No signings yet. Was hoping after seeing the hot topic button on the thread we had signed someone ! Hopefully an exciting evening ahead. Would like a forward and a CB please. Anything else a bonus.
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