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  1. Except it would not have. Page 7 - post started with “f**k her”. A 96 year old women that did not know nor ask to born into the royal family.
  2. Because your posts are so erudite. And don’t b so fkin lazy. They are there if you bother your arse to look.
  3. Whit. So you post you have not read many……but have not read every post. We have Sherlock Homes on the case And if you did read every post you would know I don’t vote Tory. Apart from that your post has been very accurate
  4. For the last fkin time ! Read my post again ! I have said I see there perspective !! If people want to hate the Queen and Monarchy then 100% fine by me. I even understand why. I have said myself there are plenty of royals I do not like at all. There are politicians in Scotland on £150kPA. By all accounts Blackford is a millionaire. And yet there are food banks. Is that not immoral also ? Or do you just choose when it suits your purpose. For the FINAL time. No moral crusade. Just basic human decency. There is absolutely no need for the quite horrendous and vile posts that followed her death. It is not clever and is a rather sad indictment on the individuals themselves. There are plenty of people in life in politics that if they died I would hardly care. But I would not feel the need to rejoice or celebrate their death and post as much………
  5. Totally agree with this post apart from the very 1st and last sentence. I 100% understand that there are many people who could not care less about the Queen passing. And more so that are angry that there are many events sporting or otherwise cancelled as a result. What I cannot agree with or understand are are posts that are unnecessary and overboard in terms of the vitriol, hatred, and even celebratory nature around her death. There is a huge difference and you seem intelligent enough to be able to understand that. I and the very few others on here (that have kicked up a fuss) would not even have posted or responded had all the posts been like yours. That is 100% a fact.
  6. I have met the Queen on two occasions. She once told me she was shocked at how far Dunfermline had fallen down the leagues. And she once had a horse called Dunfermline. Thought you might have picked up on that DA B.
  7. WTF - Where have you been the past 24 hours. Here is a clue. Look back at the pages since the announcement was made. Ric probably wins the worst post and will be no doubt proud of that fact.
  8. That is a matter for debate Edit to add. Just seen Stringer Bells post. Great minds and all that..
  9. I vote Lib Dems. Have a tattoo of the St Andrews flag on my back and I am a patriotic Scot. But I recognise the work the Queen did for the UK and for Scotland. So…..
  10. Tbh up until the Queen died and I read some awful disrespectful posts I commented on football only. Shame it has turned out that way
  11. Glad you do mate. Red = negative. Green = positive. I don’t know how many green / red dots I have. And as I said don’t care for the hard of thinking.
  12. What utter utter drivel. Undercurrent - pmsl at that. There is no undercurrent with a lot of posters the last 24 hours. Just pure hatred. Basically if you are not a Tory Hating Independence supporter you do not (in the main) fit on this board. That is clear for all to see. If you dare to have alternative views you are red dotted all over the place. Not that I give a sh1t. Some of the posts on here about the death of the Queen have been VILE. And they get green dotted. Sad but not unexpected.
  13. Just looked -8. Was hoping for more I understand that in the main P&B philosophy is basically Tories are c***s, the royals should be put down. Westminster should be burnt to the ground. etc etc. Thankfully there are a silent majority that keeps this country on the right path and will do so for much longer than a generation ......
  14. Nobody is forcing anyone to be sad. Whether you like it or not the Queen has been our Monarch for most if not all of our lives. To some (especially in Scotland and on this Board) they could not care less. Fine. But for others they will acknowledge this is more than just a 96 year old lady passing away. Despite how I come across I am not a royalist and dislike a fair few of them. But the Queen never asked to be born into the Royal family. She did her best to represent the UK during her 70 year reign. She absolutely loved Scotland and thankfully there are many north of the border that appreciate that. I do. The next two weeks will be a tough watch. Certainly I hope next weekend fixtures go ahead, assuming the funeral is into the following week as anticipated.
  15. I won’t be Frankie Boy. Just enjoying a bunch of eejits getting bent out of shape for an 96 year old lady that passed away earlier today. Pathetic
  16. Get on with your bitterness you mean. I am no royalist but I recognise the Queen dying is more than just an old lady. Hate to break it to you but it will be going nowhere so I hope you stew in your rage which I suspect you will
  17. It is the Queen for fux sake. She died in one of her favourite places on Earth. Aberdeenshire. You may know that part of the world
  18. Does not work like that. I remember being pissed off when Killie v Motherwell was called off because of the death of Princess Diana. Multiply that by 10 and you r not even close.
  19. Not hearing that great atmosphere at the moment. I suspect BT sport have turned the sound down as it would be deafening.
  20. Celtic are streets ahead of every team in Scotland. But this shows why I like them playing in the Champion League. They face teams whose wage bill is even closer to them than say a Motherwell or Kilmarnock and are found out. Not a criticism. Just a fact. They simply won’t score 2,3 or 4 goals against any team in the Champions League in the 1st half. Then they run out of steam. Enjoyable to watch them getting a taste of their own medicine as it won’t happen in the Premiership this season sadly.
  21. All because of the atmosphere at Tynecastle. Which is fair enough. Of course nothing to do with wages or signing on bonuses. Would have liked him to sign. But based on how good I thought he may b as opposed to how good he turn out to be. Either way hope we take the 3 points in a couple of weeks.
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