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  1. So we now move on to Ross County away. I think I read they have only scored 4 goals in 8 games. What could possibly go wrong . I am sure Killie were even worse than that when they managed to score 2 against us. Next 2 games are vital in terms of momentum. I would happily take 3 or 4 points but anything less and the league season starts to look less than rosy. I am in the camp that Hammell avoids relegation this season and has a season under his belt and a couple more windows. Would take that. But based on performances (not results) I still feel we could have a decent season. What is true is that a win puts us on 13 points. And the bottom 3 (inc County) start to look a little more isolated. Hopefully Slattery is back in the line up
  2. We did not deserve anything from the game….. just like when you get humped by PSG or Barcelona despite the gulf and budget being smaller than between Motherwell and Celtic. You should win every game by 5 or 6 goals. The fact you don’t shows that you are a getting as much value from your squad as a chocolate teapot
  3. Delighted that Robinson is doing so well. A lot of respect left for him at Fir Park. Also pleased for St Mirren. The thought of finishing above Motherwell is like a cup win. Happens as often so well done little guys
  4. Just heading back into City Centre. So glad we did those arseholes. A draw would have been about right based on chances but I could not give less of a f**k. Shove your IRA songs up your arses [emoji14][emoji867]
  5. I have a spare ticket for the South Upper Stand - Section Q1. One of my friends has called off. Just looking for face value - £25. DM if interested
  6. I had paused the screen and forgot so was a few minutes behind
  7. Reminds of the weekend all over again. Groundhog Day. Watch the Ukrainians score now. Hopefully there will be a different ending this time around !
  8. I see Scotland have taken over our inept shooting duties. Blazing over the bar from 10 yards out -
  9. My arms may well be among those being thrown up in premature celebration in the view from behind the goal. I think everyone just assumed it had to go in. It is also the fact it came off the inside of the post straight back into Gordon’s hands. I mean Kev was standing there a few yards out if it had come straight back off the post. As I said there was some weird voodoo shit keeping that ball out of the net on Sunday.
  10. That is a good angle. ALMOST puts a different perspective on it. If you include Gordon’s leg then the angle is narrower than t looked and knowing Gordon he would have saved it if it had not been angled towards back post. Still if that game had gone on for another half hour we would have had a saved penalty, two more goals chalked off for offside and hit the woodwork a further 4 times…… Bottom line is the footballing gods decided we were not scoring on Sunday. Only Celtic away up next
  11. I am not so sure it is harsh. Just seen the tweet from Hearts about Craig Gordon. This was a save from a point blank header from Kev. But again it is virtually straight at Gordon. A foot further left or right and it is a goal. Virtually the same as a header v United a week ago straight at the keeper. I am a fan as most of us are and strikers do go through barren patches especially those that play for Motherwell. I would say he was more to blame for draw v United than loss to Hearts, but he fluffed a few good attempts inc a total miss kick in the 1st half. Still the McGinn miss is giving me nightmares. Probably the worst miss I have seen a Fir Park for many a year. And at 1-0 too. Pivotal.
  12. As long as we finish above 11th and St Mirren I will be quite happy. Finishing below our ex Manager and B team would be a red neck. They got a great result today but I have never seen such an insipid Celtic team and sadly don’t expect to see it again and certainly not in our 3 games against them before the World Cup break…….sadly. Edit to add. St Mirren had 4 shots and two on target = 2 goals. We had 25 shots and only 5 on target = 0 goals. Sometimes it is not your day. Also St Mirren had 20% possession . I enjoyed the football on show today and against Dundee United but by Christ it is infuriating. I genuinely cannot recall us creating so many chances over two games against decent opposition and gaining only 1 point. I kinda knew after McGinn missed a sitter and perhaps even before that we were not going to score. Every shot is wide or high or straight at the keeper. I sat there thinking we must be due a break but the ball never fell for us much if at all. Still livid with McGinn chance. A professional footballer should not miss like that. I think he has been an excellent addition fwiw but clearly goals are not going to be a thing. Van Veen showing us why again he is with Motherwell and played with the likes of Scunthorpe. I like the guy. I do but he has had about 8 chances last two games and no goals. Be interesting to see how we play v Celtic at Parkhead. Normally we would defend in depth and try and get out with out dignity in tact. We play that open and offensive then a big defeat may be on the cards
  13. Nearly 3 times as many shots as Hearts and 3-0 defeat looming. It is hard to fault the players. We have had no luck at all today. We have played well up until the final 3rd. But yes playing nice football and losing 3-0 will test the patience.
  14. We could play all day and not score. Actually played and playing well. No end product and missing absolute sitters. Hearts clinical.
  15. I said in a post during Alexander reign. Would people be happier if we were playing nice football and losing games. Looks like we are about to find out. Missing absolute sitters. How McGinn misses I will never know. We beat Hearts at home twice last season Before they scored the second I would say we should have been winning the game. I also said central defence needed urgent attention. The football has been and is easier on the eye but we seem to have gone from scoring from few chances to missing a barrow load.
  16. I find it helps to actually listen to a podcast before you can decide whether it is worth persevering with. I could take a wild guess I suppose . I listened to two and could not stand constant laughing at their own inane jokes. Their analysis of the Motherwell matches most notably the Livi one was essentially two shite teams and Motherwell were lucky to win. Not saying it is far off the mark tbh but just felt (like Busta) it was a tad negative against us. Hey ho…I am sure they will survive this negative critique…..
  17. Listened to the Terrace podcast the last month. When they are not constantly laughing at their shite jokes..…and they are shite. There is grudging praise for Motherwell any time we win but when we lose we are Shotts Bon Accord. They have a lassie on there that has seen a couple of our games. To be fair she is quite balanced. But genuinely would rather have my testicles wired up than listen to anymore of their pish.
  18. I have Royal robes made up in claret and amber. Should be quite the occasion. The King gave me a wave today on his way out of Edinburgh to the airport. He also shouted out the window about not getting upset at the wankers on P&B. I told his Majesty that I never do I shall go back to see the Queen pass by just as I did when she came into the city. Only a few minutes from my house. I suspect there won’t be as many as the thousands that there were there on Sunday.
  19. Or we just have a straight up fight between all the c***s that lined up today and all the naysayers on here. Something tells me you will be outnumbered probably by a ratio of 10000 to 1. And to answer your other Q. I think the football will go ahead next weekend.
  20. Well done to the Dundonians. A very impressive turn out. Looks like half the City is out in force
  21. In the minority and not taking it well . That’s when you tend to see lashing out. Not comfortable viewing. Sad really. Enjoy the next couple of days as Scotland turns out in force to pay their respects. Try not to combust
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