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  1. A large % of Well fans would be underwhelmed if we signed Sadio Mane. Generally those who have no concept of our actual budget. It gets tiring after a while. He’s shite…..He’s shite. The pitch is shite. The strip is shite. Alexander’s beard is shite and on and on and on and on. There is literally a % for Well fans (and probably all fans) that would moan at anything and everything.
  2. They did do that to be fair. That did suggest they are not as knowledgeable as they would like to think.
  3. Because ? I only started listening this week as it happens.
  4. He was also one of the few non old firm players to feature in the Terrace podcast top 12 attacking midfielders. Along with Ross Tierney as it happens. That top though
  5. https://kassiesa.net/uefa/seedecl2022.html Best site and is updated daily. Although all sides are pretty much finalised. I was still thinking QR2 (where we enter proceedings) is regionalised but saw someone on Steelmen say otherwise ?
  6. Lamie is an interesting one for sure. He was widely seen as a liability in his 1st season. But last season he did show that he was a better than average option for us. I kinda like the guy tbh. Also reading he has scored 10 goals in 70 appearances. I mean 1 goal every 7 games is very decent for a defender. His goals have probably contributed an extra £500k+ to our coffers and possibly more if we get thru to QR2 in the Conference League. So despite Ludo protestations he made the difference for us and I am happy to see him sign on if the Record reports are true. I do get the feeling we will need to move on a couple of defenders to freshen things up. So I would not be surprised if we tried to encourage a couple to move despite being under contract. Does not mean that will happen as it would need to suit both parties.
  7. Our player budget last season was above what we would normally be comfortable with. That includes paying £30-50k for Tierney. Still seen asa coup as many clubs we’re interested. So this season it will be less. How much less I am not sure. But I would have to imagine that would rule us out of making an attractive offer for Steve Davis. You never know but would he be prepared to go from £20k per week to £2k per week. Depended on what else is out there, but I would assume a Championship or League 1 club in England would blow us and St Mirren out of the water so to speak. To me Rudden would be no better nor worse than Shields. Both fit and fast. Would we not look for something a little different ? That said we were supposedly in for him when he opted for Dundee.
  8. Talking of former players. Reece McAlear is a free agent and has shown some promise this season. The two goals he scored on Friday for ICT were impressive. I quite like the idea of getting a fee for him and him coming back for nowt. Other than ICT I am sure there may be other suitors. If Spittal joins does that mean we are fully stocked in Midfield or is there space for one or two others ?
  9. Nonsense. Ross County fans have said he has been one of their best players this season. And as a replacement for either Donnelly or OHara I am all on board. As in a replacement for midfield. I also have it on good authority that there is a better than evens chance that it will happen. So if you are upset at the prospect. Chances are you will be upset…..
  10. What surprised me was McGregor standing static in the goal. It may make little difference but I always thought the goalies that bounce about and flail their arms and go from side to side are 100% more off putting to any penalty taker. Maybe he needed a Zimmer frame to do that. I don’t know but he made little effort to put off the Frankfurt players.
  11. I can see Ramsey coming back to haunt us if we make it thru v Wales. There is some symmetry in paying loads of money to a mercenary only for him to f**k up so badly.
  12. This. I fkin hate Rangers as much as the next fan. But I still would want either side of the Old Firm to win in a Euro final.
  13. Rangers are playing absolutely shite tonite. Could have had a red card and penalty against them. Is this a Scottish referee in disguise And then….. WOOF
  14. Just send footage on Sky of German fans attacking Rangers fans before the match. Clearly wearing white. What could possibly go wrong later this evening.
  15. I believe he is good going forward but shite at defending which you don’t need to do against the diddies in Scotland top flight.
  16. Rangers have looked bang average so far. Rangers fans subdued because they have not been in the game. Only good news is that if Frankfurt don’t score then Rangers may come into game. But needs a big improvement.
  17. That would suggest that we are in talks with some OOC players to stay. Possibly with some in contract players also about moving on.... It may just be Lamie we are waiting on. But I guess it cannot drag on for too long. They can always say the following are leaving the club and that contract offers have been made to Lamie and say Donnelly to remain. Not overly fussed with the latter either. No doubt a player there, but far too injury prone and I would like his wages to be used on new blood so to speak.
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