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  1. Not disagreeing with you. The reality is that after 20+ years I have just realised that paying for the privilege of getting a ticket when they were pretty much readily available is not worth it. As when very restricted tickets become available I am not ever going to have enough points. Not everyone can afford the time nor the money to travel overseas to watch Scotland. The Scotland supporters club will continue and I will not bother as the penny has dropped......
  2. Fair responses. The rules are there and no one could foresee the Covid pandemic. Just sounding off as I think giving the option to buy tickets for all 3 games under the circumstances is a bit much. By all means ensure those with 15+ points get protection for England away and one home game. But there are 15000+ members of the supporters club or thereabouts. No incentive to join and pay. I have done it for so long now and never had a problem getting a ticket because of demand. I would be more pissed off if I had 12 points. As I said I will continue to attend home competitive games but I am done with the supporters club.
  3. Might be controversial but I am not overly happy at this. I have been a member of Supporters clubs for 20+ years. I go to all home competitive games bar a couple. I have had a few free tickets recently due to a friend working at a Premiership club. So in summary I do not have enough points 13+ to apply for a ticket. Yet if you have 15 points you can (if I understand correctly) get a ticket for all 3 games. Absolutely repay Loyalty by allowing top members access to the Czech or Croatia game but the put the rest in ballot. In short I will not be paying £50 again for the benefit of getting a home ticket for a 52,000 seater stadium. Simply not worth it. I expect all sort of replies justifying the SFA stance but it is my opinion.
  4. Almost inevitable that Aberdeen will move for Devante Cole. They need strikers so makes it almost inevitable. As much as we will move for the next best Livi player. Rinse and Repeat.
  5. Not now that he has turned into prime Christiano Ronald in the last 2 months. He will head back south. Do nothing of note then come back here and do what he does. Rinse and repeat! It would just be better if he stays here. Starts next season on fire and gets a better money spinning move for both himself and the club. But that would be asking too much I guess 🤷‍♂️
  6. Yes and No. Would like County to finish 10th but it is simply not an option to finish below St Mirren. To many Well fans that would be as bad as any shame that came from relegation. Especially as it is their best team in 30 odd years. So we need to match their score. A draw would be fine as long as they draw.
  7. Depends what St Mirren are doing. To finish below them is simply unacceptable 😡 If they draw v United then u have a deal 👍
  8. Take that u crampy feckers. Wasting time.... Devante....what a finish.
  9. Just get Hastie to f**k ! Awful free kick ! He was right to take the 4 yr contract from Rangers. They were done a kipper
  10. 17th United player down with cramp and the ref will add 1 minute on to ET.
  11. Maybe being controversial but we have had more sustained pressure around the United box and yet could have been 3-0 down. Our decision making in forward areas been sadly lacking. Need to score next goal. Obvs I know.
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