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  1. If he could guarantee to stay fit then I would say yay. But that is a big if. 53 appearances over 4 seasons. Always felt he looked as if he was running in treacle, but he could be a very effective defensive midfielder and as has been mentioned has a decent shot on him. So likely to score the odd screamer. So add me to the meh list due to proneness to injury…
  2. It all depends. If he is is good as everyone says he is. And (a big if) he fulfils his potential then the outcome of this is we could have lost millions in a potential future transfer fee. He could have been the next Turnbull. Then again he could end up not making the grade and to be fair this happens to Celtic and Rangers also. The most high profile one is Billy Gilmour joining Chelsea from Rangers. Even recently Rangers lost a striker to Aston Villa for a fee around £350k. I doubt we would have got that but hopefully we got decent enough compensation
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/rangers-celtic-transfer-fight-wonderkid-27341846 And there you have it….Rangers signing his brother with the hope it entices Bailey may give them the edge. Would be great if we could keep him…but I guess that just became a long shot
  4. I agree with this largely. Provincial sides within the catchment area of the gruesome twosome. The fact that catchment area is probably 200+ miles means a lot of credit is given to those who support other teams within the central belt and Strathclyde specifically.
  5. I am just waiting for Liam Donnelly to sign. Almost an inevitability about it. Certainly be an interesting opening game to the season. No surprise Robbo would trust staff / players that were successful for him before. That plus they fall into the affordable category in terms of budget. Dont blame Gallacher for joining Aberdeen a bigger club on bigger wages. It was just the manner it came about, which meant he turned from a hero to zero in the eyes of most Well fans. I would like to say I wish him well……but I cannot
  6. I agree with everything you say. Well apart from him turning it around at St Mirren. As a direct rival I hope he and the ex Motherwell players and Manager bomb next season starting with the opening day of the season obviously.
  7. So Declan major move to Aberdeen has been cut a year short. Sure it helped his bank balance but from being a starting Scotland defender and stick on for Euros to well (probably )Paisley. You wonder had he stuck it out at Motherwell and focussed on playing he may have got a better more lucrative move that would have worked out. Guess we will never know….
  8. To answer my own Q. I read he is not 16 until October. So I understand he cannot sign a pro contract before then.
  9. Does this mean that Bailey Rice is not signing a pro contract ? Shame as he is highly thought of and many clubs are / were interested. Another McKinstry methinks. Maybe he can just leave
  10. Maybe I am going crazy, but I am sure you posted something about a "w*nkbank" relating to a picture of dear Sol ?? Maybe I dreamt it. Therefore I assumed you would not be too offended with my last post... No offence intended. I shall delete my original post
  11. Somewhat random but I suddenly realised we are at page 1886 on our P&B Thread. The very year we were founded. This can only mean that Paul McGinn is a sign of what is to come…
  12. Still to be confirmed. I doubt we would be paying more than Hibs. I mean you guys were reportedly paying Mueller £8-10k per week . Wage bill will be double ours at least. Anyway we shall see if it comes off or not.
  13. Reported in Football Insider. Not sure how accurate or not that site is. I completely forgot he was capped for Scotland last year in a 1-0 win v Austria.
  14. Probably makes sense with Jack Ross in charge. I assume McGinn was with Hibs while Ross was Gaffer. They can beat our wage offer as proven with T Watt. Ah well…you don’t miss what you don’t have or something like that..
  15. OK. As back up for SODs I would imagine. I know who he is. Not sure if he is any good. Your thoughts ?
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