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  1. Yes I read they will not be including any of the players that went too and are still at the World Cup. Which is a full team of stars and then some. Still a Spurs 2nd string would possibly challenge for honours in Scotland so will still be a stiff test. Especially since they have a chance to impress Conte v the pride of Lanarkshire
  2. Good to know. Ordered online yesterday. I tend to buy only 1 strip (plus training tops) per season but the Charity angle is and was a nice touch . Hopefully will sell a good few more as a result. Worthy causes…. I am quite interested to see how we get on tomorrow v Spurs. I am unable to watch online but is anyone on here buying the stream ? Not seen anything official from the club . I assume a full 90 minutes ? If so and we keep it to less than 5 against it will be a moral victory
  3. Right now we would probably lose to a Dougie Imrie managed Morton, whereas we might lose to Arbroath. I know which one I would prefer. I also get that you were kinda joking . An OK draw. Their form has been poor this season. 2 wins in 16 games. But Arbroath in January will no doubt be a leveller
  4. Well that would be disappointing . But was fairly certain we had that release clause. It made sense. Let’s see if it is true…as he played the full 90 in the last game . Maybe he has broke down again.
  5. Maybe there should two separate lists- best goals and best 'occasion' goals. Agreed. I think my list was based a lot around how it affected me and how I celebrated at the time. Of course Reid goals was not a thing of beauty. But probably because we barely deserved it and it probably should have been chopped off made it all the more delicious. And to the point of Psycho pile driver in the semi. Quite correct it probably should be in Top 5. It is great that we have these dilemmas
  6. Certainly one of the best worked. But favourite. Far too many others too choose imho. For me top 5: 5. Jutkiewicz in 6-6 Hibs game 4. Marc Fitzpatrick - Hearts League Cup Semi 3. Reid - Aberdeen away to clinch 2nd in 2014 2. Louis Moult - 2nd goal in League Cup semi v Rangers 1. Stevie Kirk 4th goal - Scottish Cup final Honourable mentions for Skippy Sunday and Lionel v Rangers in the play offs. -
  7. Because as mentioned many times the Welsh are jammy sods. Ukraine battered them in the play offs. This will finish 1-0 Wales.
  8. Seems to be a lot more often these days the website crashes. Or is it my imagination . I assume they cannot afford the extra bandwidth to cope @Div ? Anyways not surprised the Welsh got a point. To be fair they did improve after the break, but that would not be hard. They were awful in the 1st half. That plus the US use of the ball in the final 3rd was quite woeful in the 2nd half. Plus silly challenge from US defender for the penalty.
  9. Wales will stink out the place and win 1-0. What they did v Ukraine in the play offs when they were by some distance the poorer team on the night. Not bitter you understand
  10. Armstrong is a feckin useless w****r !!! Awful football.
  11. This defending of cross balls reminds me of my own team. Utterly abject. Free headers galore. Apart from 2 minutes we have been gash.
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