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  1. Lets hope they don’t find a vaccine before Saturday.
  2. We are so famous we reach all corners even the intelligentsia !
  3. Don’t be silly. The SPFL will have a meeting next week to discuss the meeting they will have to discuss the possibility of reaching a conclusion in 2031.
  4. £12 to watch the Betfred cup stream at Fir Park this Saturday. Well done Motherwell. Good to see sensible pricing. If only it would catch on..... I will be signing in up for that.
  5. To be fair there was every chance Mugabi would not have started if Campbell and Maguire were allowed to play. Then that goal might not even happen ! All that said I prefer OHara in midfield and had he not been we may not have scored our goal. Swings and roundabouts. I actually think Mugabi has been decent but that may be because I had such low expectations. But u kind of know that if an opposition player gets in front of him in the box with any speed or change of direction it is almost odds on a penalty. Which is why he is with us I guess.
  6. Called the result sadly. Given the run up to kick off and last minute changes I think that is acceptable. Frustrating to concede such a self inflicted goal. And a reason why Mugabi has yet to win me over. Tbf he has been better than I expected but he is a bombscare tackling in the box. A good defender has awareness to simply not make a challenge like that. Not forgetting OHara being dispossessed far too easily. Now another 2 weeks before next league game.....season is in slow motion.
  7. Commando for me. Really looked forward to a Saturday when the new one would be delivered. Some time ago that was......... Also used to get the Xmas Oor Wullie annual. Some lad..
  8. Right now we have a better 1st team than St Johnstone. In fact most of the league apart from the top 4. We are little different to the team that finished 3rd last season. In fact I would say we are better. The problem is that we have such a stop start season. 2 winnable games called off which meant we have played the old firm twice in 4 games rather than 6. Then today we have our under 21 players missing. Add that to the fact that Declan and SOD are probably still knackered. Carson another Internationalist injured also. St Johnstone have done remarkably well over the past ten years with such a small fan base. Deserve great credit. I think the league cup game will be a better barometer of both teams fortunes this season. We will still be missing Campbell but looks like you will be missing Davidson and Conway.
  9. The reality is we were out of sorts today. A combination of factors. Players ruled out at the last minute. A field that should be growing King Edward potatoes. A referee that missed a blatant red card from Bryson. Next week a different kettle of fish altogether. We will win as we did earlier in the season. Still would rather have got 3 points today but to be fair to the farmers we have had a poor record in Perth in general.
  10. To be fair you could not beat us at home despite us losing 2 midfielders and one of our best players a few hours before kick off. That and Mugabi challenging like a slow WWF wrestler in the box. He has come on a bit but is still prone to that kind of sh1t. More angry at Hamilton and Ross County losing to two teams around about us having been ahead or having a one man advantage for most of the game. Fkin diddies.
  11. We never did against Celtic either and that worked well. Sounds like a clusterfuck for our goal. Reminds you why Mugabi is playing for Motherwell and not Man City. I see OHara had a part to play but yet another penalty given away. Clearly we are going for some kind of record.
  12. Get to see how we fare without our midfield maestro. See if Crawford is any good. A bit of a bummer and it was inevitable it would catch up. Be worse if it was our two Scotland senior squad players.
  13. You don’t get it. I could not give 2 f*cks why St Johnstone have priced the way they have. I would have liked to watch the game today but will not because it is £17.50. So say what u like but that pricing is stopping many Motherwell fans from wanting to pay to see their team. So I will moan and suspect many others will also from other teams apart from probably Livi. You better get used to it RG cause I fear a meltdown if u have to past multiple times each home match thread. I guess you can just copy and paste from this one and save u some time.....
  14. I hope we charge £25 for the Betfred Cup game next week just so RG can agree with the approach that it is closer to match day pricing. Before u respond. I am aware both clubs will probably need to agree a cost. bet you it is less than £17.50. Also I get why St Johnstone are doing it. But if I was a business I would want to raise as much revenue as possible and most fans of the top flight agree £15+ is simply not worth it. Pity if the Lanarkshire Kante is missing. Plus Maguire. 2 of our starting midfielders. I guess that would answer the Q does O Hara move back to midfield.
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