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  1. Who knew the Seville calculator worked for transfers also. I rate Tierney and hope he does move south but £25m FFS. An injured Tierney at that. Maybe Arsenal should offer to take him on loan for the season for pennies until he proves his fitness 🙂 Every Celtic player seems to carry a multiple v other Scottish Premiership teams. Q the outrage when we knock back a £2m offer from Celtic for Turnbull in January. Trust me they will try to offer less than before. All the while seeking anything up to £15m for Ntcham..... It is like it is some kind of parallel universe......
  2. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Kilmarnock Hearts Motherwell St Johnstone Ross County St Mirren Livingston Hamilton
  3. I read in an online article in the Herald Robinson talking about looking to extend his contract beyond the end of the season, which I would be all in favour of. Also for the 1st time a direct quote stating that Gboly will not be returning as he has told Robinson he is looking at other options. Hope none of them involve a team in the same league. I liked Gboly but hopefully we have replaced him with other options.
  4. So if Cadden goes to the US we get no compensation ? That would be a kick in the haw maws. Lets hope Sunderland is more than a rumour.
  5. One way of summing it up is just our luck. We are about to double our record transfer fee and out of seemingly no where it transpires he needs significant knee surgery. You could not make it up. Sort term nobody wins. We lose out on significant chunk of cash and probably puts a huge dent in our transfer plans. Celtic miss out on the best young player in Scotland. Turnbull misses out on a career and life changing move. Out for 3 months is a long time and as easy as it would be to have a go at Celtic. What were they suppose to do. The loan suggestion if true is a brass neck and rightly they were told to do one. Nobody knows how serious this is. He may well come back to his normal self, he may well come back better. But there is also an outside chance this surgery does not address the issue and he is a lesser player and / or it reoccurs. I hope the surgery is a big success and he comes back as he finished last season and we and he realise his undoubted potential. Who knows we may end up getting more money, but right now £3m is the benchmark. The benefit is that Well fans will hopefully get to see him play in claret and amber for at least another 2-3 months.
  6. Heading to Belfast tomorrow morning from Edinburgh. I will let you know. If I had to guess I would say the next player to bag us a £1 million transfer fee.
  7. New rumours surfacing on Steelmen that neither Motherwell nor Davie T are in any panic. That in fact there are still plenty of suitors down south still actively interested while Celtic who appear to have found a minor issue with the medical and are faffing about. I hope this is true but still expect (sadly) for him to sign for Bhoys.
  8. Don’t talk sh1te, but then why break the habit of a lifetime.
  9. Needs to be sorted ASAP one way or another. Now news has broken all over media it is not helping Motherwell or more importantly Turnbull for all this conjecture. We need to act to ensure if the move to Celtic breaks down then if does not affect any future transfer. We should not budge on £3m+. If they want to delay a small % of that fee as an insurance then fine if he has got a problem. But if they are trying to reduce actual fee then we take him back now. Problem is the club will try to do right by Turnbull and won’t want an unhappy player on their books if it does not look like we tried to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. God knows which way it will go but I would like to see an outcome today as the silence is deafening and damaging in equal measure.
  10. Which is why he is more likely to end up at Hearts rather than at Well. I very much doubt we could meet his wage demands and Hearts could and probably will. More likely Erwin and I would not be agin giving him another chance as I was sorry to see him leave.
  11. So here we are at 5pm when he was pictured in a Celtic shirt a few hours ago. Why has it not been announced yet ? Probably on his way to talk to Southampton or Newcastle Put us out of our misery........so we can move on....
  12. I don’t blame the lad for choosing Celtic. I just wish he had not so we could avoid the goals he will no doubt score against us in the future. That said Celtic would have had someone else. Plus it is maybe too early for him to move south as he is only 19. Bottom line is Celtic have a very talented player and one that could develop into one of the best Scottish midfielders in years to come. He might not, but I have sense he will as he is level headed. And when you factor in they paid similar amount for Kouassi it is a no brainer. I am very surprised that there was not any other interest from down south. They are just paying silly money for players that have not had similar impact as Turnbull. Yes I know different leagues etc. But there you have it. We clear our debt and look to develop next David Turnbull. Final note on this is he did sign a contract extension when he did not have too. We have taken in a record fee so as much as it sticks in the craw he does not deserve any grief from Well fans even though he inevitably will when we play Celtic.
  13. Sadly Captain you may have called it right 😞
  14. No renaming of Motherwell stands. I think he is a great player, but in many ways he has actually managed (if this goes through) to piss off both sets of fans. No mean feat. I hope he is successful, but only because we have a sell on clause, but will still be sick if Celtic sell him for £10m + Shit happens but would have been happier had he played down south. Edit to add - tomorrow is another day so look forward to him signing for Southampton !!
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