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  1. There is little chance Robinson won’t treat Livi with respect. We generally struggle on that pitch when they are not sitting 5th and on a wining streak. The good news is we seem to have mastered how to shitfest our way to narrow wins. Our goalie, defence and midfield are a match for anyone outside the Old Firm as seen by so many clean sheets. I hope Long is back for this one. I am normally quite bullish but fear a narrow loss. Would settle for a draw. But a shitty performance and 3 points would be even more welcome. Especially as Livi are starting to pose as much as a threat to a European place as Hibe are / were.
  2. Actually thought we played well up until the final 3rd. No surprises I guess and I felt McIver was fairly ineffectual. Not being harsh on the boy as he is still very young and with little 1st team experience. Scott was on fire 1st half and had the Hibs right back on toast. Gallagher is probably the best defender I have seen at Fir Park for a long time, but as a footballer he tries to play and not put his laces through it and nearly got caught out twice. Campbell was excellent today as was the midfield in general. Most disappointingly I read that Moult, Kipre and Marvin Johnson were at Fir Park today. Gutted I never saw one of them. A draw is not the end of the world and I felt more confident of finishing top 4 based on our overall play. Shame we have 3 million wingers and a few strikers. We all know we could do with another front man in but if Long is back next week I suspect we will run as we are for the rest of the season.
  3. I think Hibs have a good squad and have better options upfront than we have. But I also think we are stronger in certain areas so it should be a close match. I actually thought Hibs played quite well when they lost 3-0 at Fir Park. They had quite a few chances to score and on another day....The game at Easter Red was also close and similarly the result could have gone the other way. Long not starting would be a worry as we don’t have many out and out scorers. We do carry a decent threat from midfield and defence with Hartley and Gallagher capable of scoring on a reasonably regular basis. Boyle is a great player with pace and skill and he is a worry. That plus Hibs know if they have a realistic chance of finishing 3rd or more realistically 4th they probably need to win and certainly cannot afford to lose. I would love another 3 points but like others have said would take a draw to keep the gap as is after 2 difficult league games.
  4. So is the Donnelly to Celtic chat a load of bollox ? I think so but you never know. What I do know is that having recently paid £2m for a midfielder I would expect Celtic to make an offer of £102,345 for one of our star midfielders. Cos it is little old Motherwell. Leigh Griffiths + £3m or jog on -
  5. It probably comes from the fact that from a Well POV Aberdeen probably have had the most convincing victory against us this season. That and I think your squad is better quality. We could only dream of signing Dylan McGeouch and getting Marty Kennedy on a pre contract. That said we are 3rd best team points wise for 2019 so not a fluke. I would take a point now, but I also believe Aberdeen will probably finish 3rd. Just want to make sure we stay ahead of Hibs and even Livi for 4th place.
  6. Honestly felt we were poor tonight. That said winning 3-0 is more than i expected. The home crowd was pathetic. I get that Dundee are pish but come on wtf re the crowd. Would see more at Hamilton
  7. We have supposedly sold 1040 tickets by Thursday COB. So probably 1200-1500 by KO. Hope few Dees turn up 🙂
  8. Really looking forward to tomorrow. A day And night out in Dundee and with decent if cold weather forecast. I expect a really tough game and would not be surprised with a scoring draw. I worry that we are not as sharp as Dundee but you do have to consider the fact we have gathered more points in a higher and more difficult league than Dundee. However the Well have a habit of fking up when I do hospitality or anything out of the ordinary. Dundee fans seem a bit disgruntled with McPake and the team. Yet on paper it is a decent squad and I think they will turn in a good performance tomorrow as there will be no pressure on them. Conversely I actually think being away will lift some pressure off us. I saw a tweet from the SFA about missing a round of drinks tomorrow - WTF. No thanks. Need to be just the right side of Merry by KO.
  9. Much like our guaranteed win v Hamilton before the break. We are sitting 3rd in top flight but we have been quite lucky in many games. If we play like we did v Accies then there is every chance Dundee can win this game. Every chance. plus we now have an added distraction thanks to Mr Robinson even if not proven or whatever we did not need this kind of sh1t
  10. Probably puts to bed any chance he has of getting the Northern Ireland job. Of course everything would hang on the outcome of court case as it should, but if there is CCTV footage and it happened then it puts the club in an awkward situation. They may well want to stand by him but I am not sure how they can. I would want him gone if guilty.
  11. On the whole this would be fantastic were it true. But I very much doubt it. It would make sense given he needs to get his career back on track and languishing in Celtic reserves will not do that. That plus if he hit the ground running he may have an outside chance of a Scotland recall. So him staying at Celtic is not doing him any favours. All that said he comes with huge baggage. Application can be questionable as is his off field antics including gambling etc. I hope he has addressed these but whether he has or not ?
  12. We rarely take less than 1000 to away Scottish cup games unless capacity is an issue. The KO time and fact it is on BBC May put some off, but I am firmly in the camp that it adds to the anticipation and excitement. Unless we lose of course. Looking forward to a night in Dundee assuming we win...even if we lose I will have consumed a sh1t load of booze to help cushion the blow.
  13. Lets be honest probably all we can afford and probably not any worse than Cole. At least I would hope not. Who knows maybe he is more mature since his time with Killie. This is what happens when some ner do wells suggest Leigh Griffith is rumoured as a possibility. That Omar Bogey chap would have had me more excited. Hey ho we will get give him our support.
  14. Maybe - but out of the 11 or 12 that normally go from our group 7 are going. 4 myself included are making a night of it. So (literally) nae pissing about weather please. Hamilton was disappointing but 4/weeks is too long for to wait till Hibs home game to watch the boys. Plus it is the cup so I reckon there will be a decent Well support despite it being on BBC. Plus all fans have fkin ages to get a £15 ticket, so no complaining about a £20 price. By decent I mean 500+ Hope we turn up with the right attitude and try to impose ourselves on Dundee. Failure to do so will probably see a similar outcome to Ross County last year. I expect Dundee to be up for this and probably just the type of game they need. For once (apart from United) there will be nothing to lose and in some ways the pressure will be off. Is Dorrans likely to be a Dundee player by next weekend. One of your better players so hopefully not :-).
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