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  1. I for one am gobsmacked and utterly surprised at this. I expected St Johnstone would merit 5 minutes only. It would be no exaggeration to say that this season Sportsound has spent 60% of their time covering Celtic and Lennon. 30% Rangers and Gerrard and 5% on Aberdeen and Hibs. That leaves less than 5% on the other 8 clubs in the top flight. Let that sink in. A meteorite could level A Hamilton Accies v St Mirren game (wishful thinking) and they would start the programme by saying what a shame it was before immediately turning to the Q of who should be new Celtic Manager and whether they should wear a suit or trackie. The last part taking up 45 minutes with a special fashion segment from Packy Bonner. They just don’t care about any club with a fan base of less than 10,000.
  2. All it would have taken is for Tony Watt to have tumbled to the deck when his heel was clipped clearly in the last game. Even the commentators were querying why he stayed on his feet... Simples. We are not into synchronised diving like the buddies. Fair play. Clearly Goodwin has said if you feel someone’s breath on you collapse like a sack o tatties. Got them many points this season. Tainted top 6 imho.
  3. Any other Manager a w**k. But I am loving the Mourinhoesque attitude. WELL in GA. Don’t take any prisoners 👏
  4. I felt that before the game today we needed 3 wins to make sure. I still would feel comfortable with that prediction. So 2 more wins from 7 games should just about do it. Would be nice if at least one of them came before the split. Good result v Hibees. WELL chuffed 👏🍻
  5. I have been living in Edinburgh for over 30 years so that probably goes a way back. But also you often got onions with cucumber and tomatoes chopped up as an accompaniment to poppadoms as they simply did not serve spiced onions as I and most people know it. My curry house of choice for many a year was Omar Kyhayyam at Haymarket. But the standard dropped and could be a bit hit and miss. Anyway to the football if we must. Would love to think we can shitfest our way to a result. A draw is probably the best we can hope for. Even on the rare occasion we play OK we have found scoring goals a problem. My heart says 1-1. My head tells me Hibs by 2+ goals 😞
  6. I had tandoori broccoli recently. Fully expecting it to be Sh1te. It was a starter for my sister. But by Christ it was one of the tastiest things I had eaten in a long time. From the Green Gate in Stirling. Great Curry House. Living in Edinburgh but from Glasgae toon I did find the curry houses through here to be below par. Especially spiced onions where they use to sprinkle chilli powder on onions and that was it. Been to Dishoom on St Andrews Sq a few times. A bit up it’s own arse. Always show you to the bar downstairs where a bottle of IPA is £6 . Clever really..... Food is OK but strange menu truth be told.
  7. Crikey you live in the moment. He has barely been in the door. You are deciding recent means a couple of games. Most people would refer to recent as couple of months not weeks. Either way Accies pumping us is sadly nothing new. If they stay in the top flight we will have no one to blame but ourselves. If we even took 50% of points off them we would be clear of danger and they would be odds on to go down. As for Perth Saints. Getting pumped was the expectation. Certainly as soon as I saw the line up I would have taken 2 or 3-0 and move on. That was a team line up that was akin to having 6 or 7 key players missing with Covid ! Wed night was a big game. If we had surrendered to another several goal humping then the writing would have been on the wall. But it was a battling performance. Not any quality but shows there is still fight left in this team. We also have 3 or 4 starters to come back so hopefully we can get the few wins to get us safe for a major rebuild in the summer.
  8. Don’t know who the co commentator is on the Leicester v Slavia Prague tie. Some scouser. Might be McAteer ? But when at 0-0 he absolutely said this Prague team were nothing special and Leicester should have too much for them. 2-0 and he is now praising Slavia Prague. Muppet! Always dismiss other leagues and teams.
  9. In the spirit of brotherly love with our Paisley buddies. They should be happy with top 6 and it would be a very good achievement. Unfortunately this year it does not bring the financial benefit of another home Old Firm game. But getting into the top 6 makes 5th place an outside possibility. Finishing 7th makes an 8th place finish a possibility. With every £ being of more value in Covid times then that could mean a difference of £250k. Not to be sniffed at. I hope you make it beating Ross C and Hamilton en route.
  10. Yawn. Must do better. I am off to bed. The competition on here has been quite frankly embarrassing. Amateur hour. Good luck with top 6. Maybe they will have an annual days holiday in Paisley if you achieve it 😂
  11. Sorry guys technically I am wrong it is actually 1050 points so not within 1000 points. My bad....
  12. What matters is that commendably St Mirren are within 1000 points of Motherwell in the all time top flight table in Scotland. That took me by surprise. I thought the likes of Falkirk and Partick Thistle would be closer.
  13. If u r judging a striker on goals alone then you r bang on. The reality is he should score more. I mean he has got a record of 4 goals in 32 games this season. In all honesty that is pathetic. But he gives a 100% and in a season where so many have not it gets him more browny points.
  14. Just for the record I have nothing agin Maguire. But the love in is lost for me. In every game he has played he has been at best average. He does more wrong than right. He tries - I will give him that. But he is a championship player all day long.
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