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  1. Another derby schooled by Calum Butcher. Graham Dorrans, though.
  2. We’re not very good at football. Fortunately all the other teams are shite too. If Shankland stays fit we’ll probably crawl over the line first. If not we’re fucked. Some bantz from Christoph Rabitsch pretending to be Billy King’s brother.
  3. I got 10/1 for Scotland BTTS on Sky Bet last night. Down to 4/1 now.
  4. Jeez. Assumed it was a back four with Watson at full back and Sporle further forward. But apparently not.
  5. Good theory that, but doesn’t really stack up. During the ‘60s we played each other twice a season, as you say, but United won twice as many derbies as Dundee in that decade.
  6. Don’t want to be that guy, but Robson’s been complete pony for over three years. Four decent games this season (three and a half really, he was floundering with the rest of them in the first half against Thistle) and we’re steaming in with a three year deal. You can make the same argument for Neilson and his purported contract extension. Would it do any harm to hang off for now and, like, just see how things go?
  7. I hate to ruin your fun but shouldn't it say "Dundee United win the Scottish First Division"? No.
  8. United’s Twitter saying Sow’s loan is until January.
  9. What a minter. Conceding two to that shite. Pray for Non Deluded Dee’s old dear.
  10. Strange tactic or standard football player quote to the press?
  11. Shit, Albert the Groundsman, missed that one. Did consider McAlpine but thought it was a bit too retro, only auld relics like you would get the reference! Jobby sleeves another good suggestion.
  12. A-ha! Here’s Norman Bates again. Also could have mentioned Non Deluded Dee Meltdown/Resignation, but thought you’d be too busy bathing your old dear to notice.
  13. Verbally abusing the dyslexic bingo caller will result in disqualification.
  14. Think that’s right, about 400 seats. Though if they’ve opened the section of the Shed closest to the Fair Play not sure why they can’t open that section of the JK too.
  15. All women and kids from East Angus too. Sickening.
  16. There were only 100 left earlier but can see the ET now has a few tickets dotted about, and they’ve opened the section of The Shed closest to the Deagles. Will be fun times in there, assumed it would be closed for segregation. That’ll be over 10,000 Arabs on the night. And they said we’d never make it!
  17. Great view from the front row of the JK, if not for the constant flow of people walking past for a peh and a pish.
  18. Fair dos. All seems like a bit of a stooshie about nothing to me.
  19. Thought you got the tickets on Friday? Considering the greeting been going on you’ll sell out your allocation in next to no time anyway?
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