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  1. Not much to talk about mate with the internationals on, only tin pot outfits playing this week.
  2. Cracking game so far. That automated camera thing is a bit trippy though.
  3. Draw probably the right result but jeezo those chances we missed at the end, just relegate us now. Good support through from Paisley, but get the ‘Dundee’s a shit hole’ chants in the bin, we’re all from post industrial pot holes, leave that shite to the Edinburgh and Aberdeen wanks.
  4. Might be going aff my nut but quite pleased to see Pawlett in.
  5. A bit of fight in that second half and, as has been said, some in game management. Halcyon days. Still think we’re irrevocably fucked right enough. Individual errors will continue to haunt us and we were fortunate to get away with a few last night.
  6. Livingston tannoy announcing VAR checks on Pacific Standard Time is a good laugh.
  7. Sadat must be a good bet for a red if he’s not hooked at half time.
  8. Maybe as bad as I’ve seen us this season which is some effort. Think we’re defo getting someone sent off too.
  9. Mental how shite we are. Almost making it an art form. The sweet release of death can’t come quick enough.
  10. Aye, can’t be arsed with the bus. Enjoy.
  11. Nice one. Was half considering coming up for that but last train back to Dundee is a bit right time wise. Saw a bit of their set at Glastonbury a few years ago was excellent. New record is a belter too.
  12. Would that mean he could play from next week or still work permit issues to sort beyond that?
  13. Goodwin then ventured north to Pittodrie in February 2022 and, after overhauling the playing squad during the summer, secured 13 wins from his first 21 matches in all competitions this season. f**k sake.
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