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  1. Pumped and robbed at the same time, like my mate in Hamburg back in the day. Good luck to Hibs and Saints in the semis.
  2. Their last two trips to Hampden they played teams no longer in existence, Rangers and Gretna.
  3. McIness on about ‘down the slope’ there, towards the Ralph Milne end. Does Dens have a slope?
  4. Think that Dundee game was a bit earlier, maybe 93/94? I remember hearing about it from my Dundee supporting mates at Dundee West Boys Club. By ‘96 I had long since punted Sunday league football for White Lightning.
  5. I’m hearing Jim McIntyre will be on the pitch again before the game, nice touch.
  6. Alas no more, pragmatic short back and sides now as the hairline has disappeared quicker than you after the 6-2 game. It was a ‘Well End’ cut anyway no Abba you fool, which in hindsight was even worse than a Benny/Bjorn job.
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