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  1. This season looks pretty similar to the 11/12 one. Ross County finished on 79, miles ahead of everyone else, with little between the rest of the teams. Dundee were second on 55, Falkirk behind them with 52.
  2. Powers is gonna be one of those ‘did I fucking imagine that?’ things. Like wearing red strips in the cup, ‘Moment of the Match’, and Jamie Buchan, in the future only idiot savants and the cryogenically frozen head of Granny Danger will remember Powers ever existed.
  3. Lovely goals from Shanks and Louis but Hibs should have been out of sight. We’ve got a huge rebuild ahead in the summer. And please don’t play Powers and Butcher together again.
  4. Just back and already planning the next trip, incredible city. Favourite areas were East Village/Lower East Side - felt like authentic New York as opposed to the garish tourist swamp of Times Square. Fantastic street art and record shops down there, and stumbled across a brilliant Italian restaurant around from the Bowery. Loved Little Italy too. Did all the main tourist stuff. Statue of Liberty on the first morning was surprisingly moving, something about first setting eyes on it from a distance. 9/11 memorials too, though the museum was insufferably busy when we went (Saturday afternoon), would be good to return at a quieter time. Can confirm the food in Ellen’s Stardust Diner is horrible, overpriced sludge. My daughter enjoyed all the other shenanigans but if you’re there without kids do not go near it. Was surprised at how friendly the people were, particularly compared to some of the sniders we encountered in Heathrow on the way. Next time will hopefully get along to Greenwich Village, Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen, and see more of Brooklyn.
  5. More tickets on sale, just nabbed a couple for the Shed. Expected to sell out tomorrow.
  6. Dignified and respectful, but would have been a nice touch to pay tribute to your erstwhile Argentinians by embroidering the sinking of the Belgrano on to those lovely socks.
  7. Thanks for the info. The mural is in Bedford Stuyvesant - not sure there is much going on around there, for a family at least. Though The Nets are playing when we’re there so that’s an option.
  8. We were originally planing to head to the ice rink at Rockefeller (we’ll have the kids with us) but the more I read about it I’m guessing the Bryant Park rink is the better bet, with less queuing? Do you know if there’s much to do in Brooklyn at this time of the year for kids (16 and 10). My step son wants to see the Biggie Smalls mural but looks like a bit of a jaunt?
  9. Sorry know this was three years ago but don’t suppose you remember the name of the record shop? Going to New York next month and hoping to do some crate digging amongst the usual tourist stuff.
  10. Another derby schooled by Calum Butcher. Graham Dorrans, though.
  11. We’re not very good at football. Fortunately all the other teams are shite too. If Shankland stays fit we’ll probably crawl over the line first. If not we’re fucked. Some bantz from Christoph Rabitsch pretending to be Billy King’s brother.
  12. I got 10/1 for Scotland BTTS on Sky Bet last night. Down to 4/1 now.
  13. Jeez. Assumed it was a back four with Watson at full back and Sporle further forward. But apparently not.
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