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  1. Totally agree. I'm well and truly sick of watching McGinty. To me he's the equivalent of Shane Duffy, terrible at a ball playing team like Celtic but great at a team who have to be more defensive. Bullen looks like he wants to play football. Musonda and Kirk were playing well together, why change it? The picture of the goal in VoR’s Daily Record story sums McGinty’s defending up for me, closest man to the scorer and he’s falling over!
  2. Looks worryingly like he’s playing for the draw. Hope Adams doesn’t get isolated.
  3. To be fair to him, at least McGinty’s finding new ways to cost us a game!
  4. Be interesting to hear why McGinty was dropped today. Thought Kirk looked impressive.
  5. Should be cruising this with the chances we’ve missed which gives me the fear for the second half!
  6. For anyone going to Cove this weekend I’ve been told there’s a fanzone at the stadium which is open to away fans pre and post match. It’s at the opposite end of the stand from the away entrance and is apparently open from 12-8. Disclaimer - I have no idea what beers etc they serve and this is more of a public service announcement than an endorsement!
  7. Thought there were suspicions of a push for Hamilton’s second but in no way was the keeper to blame for either of the goals. Missed penalty and at least one sitter again cost us.
  8. Am I reading the club email right for the game on Saturday? You can buy an adult & child ticket for the Railway End for the fun day stuff but move round to the North Terracing by 2.45 to watch the game from there?
  9. 1. Dundee 2. Partick Thistle 3. ICT 4. Cove Rangers 5. Ayr United 6. Raith Rovers 7. Arbroath 8. Morton 9. Hamilton 10. Queen’s Park
  10. Well that was utterly dreadful. As are several posts on here looking for an individual scapegoat. We didn’t lose that tonight because any one individual player had an off-day, we were miles off it as a team. The worrying thing for me continues to be the lack of options for the man on the ball. We inevitably end up passing it backwards as there’s no-one providing an option forwards.
  11. Partly in his defence, he was still always looking for the ball, and anyone in our team on the ball had f**k all options as nobody further forward were providing an angle for the pass. If your best attribute is passing and you don’t have anyone to pass to then your game’s going to suffer.
  12. Like others have said, that’s as annoyed as I’ve been in a long time leaving Hampden. Literally no-one turned up. In my opinion our worst two players on the night were McGinn & Adams who have been massive players for us recently.
  13. Slightly concerned about Adeloye liking a post on Twitter with a poll asking which player they’d like to sign, think it was a lower league French outfit or supporters thereof. Suggests he’s very much keeping his options open.
  14. Just seen the new Dr Strange. I enjoyed it, half of it is basically that GIF of Leonardo di Caprio pointing!
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