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  1. Not really sure, mate. FCUM are part-time, have had some problems and I believe their budget is much reduced. I’d be suprised if he’s on much more than say £500 per week.
  2. Bob Harris signs for FC United of Manchester. Still only 31 and could possibly do a job at a higher level. Scored some cracking goals for Queens. http://www.fc-utd.co.uk/story.php?story_id=8258
  3. Disagree. Even if there's has been no progress, it would be good to update the wider fanbase on things like major infrastructure projects every so often. You can never communicate enough. Even saying there has been no progress due to the economic climate. No doubt it will be raised at the Club's AGM. Any idea when the AGM is likely to be? Skyline? I thought the regular Board update from Mark Blount was a step in the right direction, but seems a while since the last one.
  4. Has there been any progress on the club’s ‘World of Sport’ idea that was worked up a couple of years back? Has it been shelved or parked? Failing that, any news on a new stand in place of the old stand? Seems a while since we had a Board update from Messr. Blount Jr. on the club’s website. Does that still happen?
  5. Yeah, I'm a Wimbledon fan too. Lot of time for Oakley who came through the Wimbledon Academy, but he's not an out and out goal scorer. Always gives his all, but would be out of his depth even L2 in England IMO. He's a good lad and a committed pro who's willing to work hard on and off the pitch. Good luck to him.
  6. Question for the Inverness fans... Opinions on George Oakley? FWIW, I thought he looked poor at L1 level in England, but could possibly do a job in the Scottish Championship. He's probably not made the impact expected looking at the stats.
  7. A serious answer. I imagine that as CEO of th Scottish Professional Football League, Doncaster visits many/most/all member clubs over the course of a season and it was Queens' turn to be exalted by his presence. I'd have put him in a corner somewhere, but no real surprise that our fermer ex-Chairman is fawning all over him as he seems to have a liking for 'the Rangers'.
  8. Ordered the centenary shirt earlier this week, arrived this morning. First class service, thanks to the club and all involved. The Centenary shirt is excellent, a great idea, very well executed. Only took me thirty minutes to find my name.
  9. Watching the highlights on the Pars' YouTube, I thought it was actually a decent finish from Todd for the goal. Pitch looked slippy.
  10. Anyone know, how far down the road, Dobbie has got with his coaching badges? I assume he's well short of Level 5 (UEFA Pro)? Skyline?
  11. I haven't watched that clip for a few years, some absolutely stunning goals there. Dobbie is one of those strikers that just loves scoring goals, the celebration joy has not diminished over the years. Worth noting in that clip, that big Sean O'Connor was a superb foil for Dobbie. If it hadn't been for injuries (that outrageous tackle against Morton comes to mind) and his knees plus he had a yard more pace, he would have been some player. He's just turned 37, so not inconceivable that he could still have been playing without the injuries. Big Sean was one of my favourite players at the time, never gave less than his absolute all. Long live King Dobbie.
  12. Agree with all of that. It would be interesting to see how Queens fared against the likes of Sutton or Bo's. Sutton have been on the rise in recent years with their manager putting in significant wads of cash to the playing budget. A game against them would be a decent challenge, though they were arguably a stronger team a season or two back, so Queens would be strong favourites IMO. At this stage of the competition, getting through to the next round is all that counts as it would be good to win the competition in the centenary season.
  13. Queens away to either Sutton or Bohemians in the next round please, assuming that East Fife are put to the sword. Connah's Quay or Coleraine would also be a decent away trip. Now watch Queens get beat by the Fifers or draw Motherwell or St Mirren under-21's in the next round.
  14. Is there a free to watch interview or audio with Jobbie McCall following the humping by Queen of the South? Asking for a friend.
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