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  1. At some point, McInnes is going to have to tell the Aberdeen players to try and score a goal here. Corner!!
  2. Neil Lennon believes every team needs a player who kicks people and points at things.
  3. Another famous night for Celtic in Europe. It's like AC Milan all over again.
  4. The BBC is quickly becoming a clickbait, Buzzfeed-type website. All these articles do is encourage more people to complain as a means to articulate their racist outlook. Look at the replies.
  5. Don't believe in complicated stuff like 'tactics' and think their team should "just attack and play our own game". Don't care about fancy things like 'formations'.
  6. Who could ignore a double act consisting of a 7th tier Scottish football club and Jackie Baillie? Expect fans to be allowed in grounds from tomorrow.
  7. What a miserable time for students, especially those beginning first year. Adjusting to moving away from home and starting university can be tough in normal times, never mind with all of this going on. Hopefully the universities are giving them plenty of support, having been happy to pocket their tuition fees and accommodation costs under false pretenses.
  8. Packie Bonner tonight finding it hilarious that Richard Gordon has been attempting to pronounce Willem II the way a Dutch person would. "William Two"
  9. I'd rather we didn't do business with Partick Thistle but good luck to Declan. I thought a loan to a Championship club would have been better for his development after strolling it against part-timers with Cove.
  10. "And I made it all by myself!" We'll put that one on the fridge Andy, where everyone can see it.
  11. I don't think I'll be in a rush to watch that on iPlayer.
  12. A spelling and grammar test as well, in my opinion.
  13. Gammon snowflakes upset about a lassie on the TV's necklace.
  14. Giving employees who, through no fault of their own, can't go to work 80% of their wages was obviously too much. Let's scale it back to 77% (with businesses paying much more) for some of them and throw the rest of them to the wolves. What an utterly vile collection of reptiles the Conservative Party is.
  15. It's because they have a huge budget which will dwarf every other club in the league. They have signed: Craig Gordon (free transfer, Celtic), Jordan Roberts (free transfer, Ipswich Town), Ross Stewart (loan, Livingston), Elliot Frear (free transfer, Forest Green Rovers), Josh Ginnelly(loan, Preston North End), Mihai Popescu (free transfer, Dinamo Bucuresti) I don't think Hearts winning the league is a guarantee, particularly over a shortened season.
  16. The next couple of days are pivotal in how bad this second wave is going to be and for how long these latest restrictions will last. As Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday in her letter to Westminster: Do politicians continue to ignore the school reopening elephant in the room or act decisively now? I personally think the head burying in the sand routine will continue until the October holidays (the virus will be even more out of control by then), but you never know.
  17. I noticed Harry Souttar was playing for Stoke City in The Carabao last night. Promising! 🤞
  18. Good tweet from this Jambo. No relegation/promotion this season makes perfect sense under the circumstances. Let's get it done.
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