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  1. Can't stop thinking about the way Cormack pronounces "data".
  2. I knew the first time I heard Tam Courts speak that he would be a huge success. Some people just have that star quality.
  3. What was Appere playing at there? Should have been a last minute winner. A point is a decent result though away from home.
  4. N'Golo Kanté has Jeando Fuchs posters on his bedroom wall. What a player.
  5. The not-so-hidden hand that aides two particular clubs in Scotland will not allow United to take anything from this match today but it has been a good, positive performance so far. Niskanen has looked dangerous for the first time since signing and is causing Celtic problems, as well as getting the assist. Freeman needs help defensively. Don't think we've stopped a cross down that side all game.
  6. Can't see it being safe for Kilmarnock to travel back west tonight in these conditions.
  7. Gone at Arbroath fans singing "no one likes us, we don't care".
  8. Drink a shot every time "the wind" is mentioned.
  9. The team that score first to go ahead in this one.
  10. Thought we played well tonight for the most part and would have had a chance of being in the semi if not for incompetent officials. Are there any good strikers available on a free transfer?
  11. Think it will be one of our flare players.
  12. Our recent record against Hibs is atrocious. Hopefully we have a strong referee for this one tonight as I can't see the Hibees scoring unless one or two of their penalty claims are successful.
  13. What's the latest on the under 18 disabled army veteran, LGBT+, Afghan refugee, NHS hero pensioner Saints fan who was the victim here?
  14. You're both wrong. It has only been 9 years since Dundee and their fans took over Hampden.
  15. I can't remember the exact date but there have been 4 different US presidents and 5 different UK Prime Ministers since Dundee last won at Tannadice. Kerr Smith had not yet been born.
  16. That Scott McMann is worth about 3 million quid and I can't wait until we sell him
  17. Hamilton wonderkid Scott McMann confirmed, 3 year deal.
  18. What is the fee received for Robson? Does Tony get a 99% cut for OUR ACADEMY graduates as well or is that just for players he brought in?
  19. Vigil for Shankland outside the main stand after the match. Fans of both clubs welcome.
  20. No surprise to see it's the more 'staunch' Dundee Derry Boys breaking down on this thread in the last few days. Horrible week for them.
  21. Hamilton doing it again. Seems the improved performance against Sevco may not have been a one off. Will feel completely comfortable if United get another couple of points before the split but we have a tough last 4 games. Rangers(A) Killie(A), Celtic(H) and Aberdeen(H). Would be good to see Killie or Motherwell relegated for a change.
  22. That's the most I've enjoyed a match all season (which is not saying much). Livi were on top after we went ahead early but we played better after going down to 10 men. The workrate was incredible from all the players, especially the front two. You can tell Shankland prefers playing upfront with Appéré. Shanks is back and Edwards was excellent at the back. Can only wonder where we would be if Mellon had changed to this formation a few months ago. Table looking good with tough fixtures coming up.
  23. Shankland back to his best. Good composure and great finish.
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