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  1. Mixed feedback on Twitter: They will presumably gauge opinion on Facebook before making a final decision.
  2. If only that was a trait associated with the Celtic-minded. Something inside so strong
  3. Seems likely. Some incredible takes in the replies already. How dare you inconvenience me during a global pandemic. 😡
  4. George Michael on the right. No idea who that is on the left.
  5. It depends on the circumstances. Not everyone in care homes has a terminal illness but there will be plenty of people out there who will decide take their relatives out at Christmas for a bit of turkey in a crowded house. If they return to the home infected then that puts other residents and care staff at risk.
  6. I was reading that over 65s in care homes in England will not be allowed to visit relatives homes this Christmas. Is this the same in Scotland? Hopefully it is as thousands of older and vulnerable people visiting younger relatives is a recipe for disaster for obvious reasons.
  7. I was trying to work out who that is earlier. They have a lot of posts so must be well known but I can't put my finger on who it is. I'm sure you used to be able to see someone's display name history on their profile. Edit- it's G_man! @Robin.Hood
  8. Thank you. Dua gives her verdict on Neil Lennon as a manager and as a person:
  9. Did you miss the SPFL vote and the unanimous arbitration decision? Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES.
  10. No chance. Celtic PLC and their fans are not that fickle and stand by their manager and team when the going gets tough. Something inside so strong
  11. Hartson is greeting and Tom English fuming Their fans are revolting and Lenny ain't going No Europe for Celtic when it comes to Spring
  12. That aggregate score would be shocking even against a European heavyweight. It's not my fault!
  13. Oh no, the coefficient taking a hit again. That's sad.
  14. Aye but Richard that Ludo boay on that Pie and Bovril keeps linkin me wi aw these joabs eh and eh dinna even get an interview eh summit isnae right eh
  15. Just realised who Livingston's next league match is against. I don't think it will be anyone on the list. Was Holt rumoured last time before he was appointed? Maybe someone like Craig Brewster coming back up north could surprise people.
  16. There's only one person who can ease Livingston's relegation fears imo.
  17. Is Holt the winner then or does it have to be officially a sacking? Who is next?
  18. Imagine having a defender whose idea of a pass from defence wasn't blootering the ball out for a throw in or straight to the opposition goalkeeper.
  19. The creepy fantasist section of Pie and Bovril concluded that racist, homophobic, bigoted and abusive posts are fine but clicking downward pointing arrows within red circles is tantamount to murder in the first degree. Topic closed.
  20. Ex-Dundee United and Rangers defender Bilel Mohsni bombed out by Grimsby three months after boss Ian Holloway compared him to Virgil van Dijk Just bring him home.
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