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  1. Foundation of Hearts chairman is still incredulous. Sad!
  2. Szamo's_Ammo


    Joe McKee was a beast from set pieces. Tony Stevenson from Hamilton was also a must sign when managing in Scotland or the English lower leagues due to his free kicks and corners.
  3. Pep's mum wouldn't have allowed them to celebrate like that.
  4. I have a feeling that Clark has had a purple patch this season and is not good enough for this level long term. If he signs on for another year that's fine but we shouldn't be breaking the bank for him or offering more than a 1 year contract extension. If he can get a longer term deal or increased wages elsewhere he'd be silly not to take it considering he turns 30 in the summer.
  5. Saintees calling for an investigation into this catastrophe.
  6. Glad to hear Levein is back to his best. He and that particular club in Gorgie are not good for each other.
  7. It is impressive how easily and seamlessly they have filled the minter-shaped void which appeared due to Sevco being half decent this season.
  8. A BBC journalist beginning a section of an article with "So".
  9. This a real person. A Congresswoman. What a country.
  10. Is @fatboybeans a reputable source? I'd be inclined to think so.
  11. Everytime I see this topic
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