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  1. United were on top until the Nessies equalised and then they were on top until Shankland's lovely footwork and finish. I think United edged it over the 90 though. Connolly had a great game in difficult conditions. The meltdown that would have ensued had we lost an equaliser after Neilson went to a back 5 in the last few minutes after Reynolds came on would have been biblical. We'll win the league now IMO (in my opinion). I love Shankland so much x
  2. If Vadala is setting the heather on fire in training we aren't going to be signing another striker. Apart from Bingham.
  3. No to Ciftci. Hopefully Guido Vadala shows up well in training.
  4. I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again!
  5. Pawlett was embarrassing today. I've given up hope of Neilson realising he needs binned though. Hopefully McMullan and Appere are back for Alloa away as we had few options on the bench against Arbroath.
  6. That was awful today. The team were lacking in ideas all game and I don't think we put in a decent cross until the 85th minute. Shankland missing that sitter with 10 minutes to go summed us up. Arbroath had one chance, scored it and then defended well for the rest of the game without ever being under intense pressure. Campbell had the team set up well as always and out thought Neilson.
  7. The strain of impending relegation taking its toll on the Broathies.
  8. All of that is still an improvement on Harkes though, sadly.
  9. I'll relax about Shankland once the window slams shut but Scott Burns seems to have an inside track on all of the Tayside clubs so it is promising.
  10. No offence to the Arbroath fans but I hope Dundee United win this. I would also like Glass to start and Appere to partner Shankland up front.
  11. So who's going to tell next door to keep the noise down?
  12. Despite an insipid performance, we easily managed to draw with this Edinburgh dross. I'll go for 1-0 to United in the replay.
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