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  1. Someone had put Shandon down on the standby list to be added to The Chat as well. Never mind.
  2. I've not been on this thread in yonks but was wondering who the people would vote as the most right about Covid on Pie and Bovril, after two years of disagreements and strong arguments on all sides. I don't want this to turn into a Main Players v Needy Boomers thing. I'm genuinely interested.
  3. They're not saying that, are they? Surely not. Too many of The Main Players seem to have disappeared for that to be accurate.
  4. Yeah but what have Aberdeen, Airdrie, Dundee, Falkirk, Hearts. Hibs, Kilmarnock, Morton and Motherwell all achieved in Scottish football that Dundee United have not?
  5. What are everyone's current thoughts on the Greater Albania-believing, Kosovan Queen?
  6. I'm very active in that particular field. Yes. I mean no. Ye cannae beat it.
  7. Someone was on about The Circles earlier in the thread and I've just checked my DMs (I avoid them normally due to bullying on here previously) and found this from last August: I love Ric but no idea what this is about. #TheCircles
  8. Who was the poster that did the horrible, feral stuff in the showers (amongst other things) and bragged about it as if it was something people would be impressed by? Have heard that story brought up in a few pubs around Scotland (plus one in Perth, WA).
  9. Why would you be afraid of that? Stop being scared and live laugh love.
  10. I like when people post anecdotes about Mrs [username]. Do people really go about saying Mrs TabbyCat or is it just on here? Mrs Ammo sitting wondering why I'm giggling right now... (That's what I call my cat). Xxxxxx
  11. Just here to see if JTS is back... Marshy, I'll see you before the Dundee v Falkirk tie.
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