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  1. I'd do what Granny said as well and go 4-4-2 with Bolton in for Neilson.
  2. Isn't it another account for the character who made the "Best Scottish Results in Europe" thread and another with makey up teams competing in a "British League", listing winners for the last 100 years like 'Belfast Celtic' etc?
  3. An anagram of "Motherwell United" is "underwhelm toilet", I can exclusively reveal. Connolly and Pawlett out, Edwards and Appere in for me. #wegoagain
  4. Just got to the sport pages in the East Anglian Daily Times and he's being linked to us there.
  5. I thought the United misery montage before the match highlights was well put together, and Marvin Bartley seems nice. That's about the best I can say about it.
  6. The city proper is around 100,000. Not interested in the "metropolitan borough". If Jane McDonald or anyone on the council has an issue with that they can PM me.
  7. Mental that teams voted this in knowing fine well what would happen. You should be used to Lawwell's hidden hand by now.
  8. Nottingham remains the largest city in England without an EPL/EFL club playing within its boundaries.
  9. I'd be surprised if Hamilton take any points from this game now.
  10. I hope to see Hamilton score more goals than Celtic in this one.
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