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  1. Not as comfortable as it could have been today but when was the last time we won 8 in a row? Ayr and the Fun at home next as we go for 10 (ten).
  2. Just waiting for the Fun to click but we have a good cushion so far to run them close come May.
  3. Very satisfactory. Scottish football is crying out for Dundee United in the top flight and it is beginning to look inevitable that we'll be there next season.
  4. Giving up the fight earlier this season. Shank you.
  5. Good. Mark Kerr as disappointing as a manager as he was a player.
  6. A huge difference from the match on the fuzzy-felt in Dumfries a few weeks ago. 9 points clear and top since the first weekend.
  7. Stanton waltzing through half the Queenies team to make it 3-0.
  8. So far it's as comfortable as a game against the Fun. Two good moves for the goals and great to see Clark continuing his fine form.
  9. I don't hate anyone other than Jackie McNamara and Donald Trump. Certain posters seem to get overly upset at someone on the internet clicking a red arrow, causing them to send angry and abusive PMs to multiple members and resign from the forum before slithering back however. But that's none of my business.
  10. You 8-2 see the Shankphobia on display. God forbid he and United actually get out of 2nd gear in the next derby.
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