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  1. Correct. At least 8GTG will now have something to be happy about: The leader of the pack
  2. What's on everyone's lists this year? I see Janey Godley has a book of quotes coming out. Trying to find a big stein for my dad like this one!
  3. Saw this picture on Bebo and feel it sums up the Tory attitude towards starving children.
  4. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. ~ Nicole Scherzinger
  5. Just read that there. Another egomaniac abusing their moderator privileges. If only the site owner wasn't so consumed with trying to become Twitter famous this once proud forum might not be going down the tubes. 🙁
  6. Some vile insults being thrown around on this thread. It's getting quite nasty in this thread. A real culture clash between progressive, urban communities and backward, rural outposts. Think I'll stay out of here until Saturday.
  7. It sums this country up that people are upset about the clown Leitch's comments regarding one over-hyped day of the year but they have been happy to lap up his sweeping and dangerous statements for months because he "talks like a real person" and "likes the football and that". No wonder so many politicians and their moron advisors believe they are untouchable.
  8. Their handling of the pandemic may be a shambles but that's class from NS. 😂😂 Fair play. 👌👏
  9. It sums St Johnstone up that they would allow Celtic to open a store at their ground. Pathetic.
  10. He likes a namedrop does Jeando. Wait until he comes up against Craig Conway.
  11. It is exhausting being correct all of the time. That "paper" was an embarrassment and it should have come under scrutiny by the media weeks ago. It's hardly surprising when you see the list of names of people who compiled that particular piece of THE SCIENCE garbage.
  12. That sounds like a similar set-up to the UK. 😂
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