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  1. We'll likely be playing one upfront with one just off (likely McKenna) so I think their may only be one coming in, provided none of those 3 leave. A fit Doris might do a job, I still think there might be more to come from Donnelly while Spence would be my preference to get shot of. Need some mugs in the Lowland League to throw money at him.
  2. Fulham are a bigger club than Leeds. They've never been outside the top 2 divisions in the last 20 years while Leeds haven't been in the top flight for 15 years. The fact they look to be signing a guy that plays regularly for Leeds just now backs that up. You can't just rely on crowds to maintain your 'big club status' when you're doing bugger all on the pitch and to mention it when we're talking the about the difference of getting 680 people through the door or 700 is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Christ, a bad winter could wipe that advantage out.
  3. What criteria are you using to establish us as bigger than Alloa? I don't think there's much between us, for what it's worth.
  4. Be very wary of a guy who is dropping down to part-time football, particularly if he has injury issues and his game was based around buzzing about the pitch breaking up play.
  5. 1. Who 2. The 3. f**k 4. Can 5. Say 6. When 7. It's 8. Only 9. June? 10. Cowden.
  6. I expect that we'll be playing 1 up top a fair bit in the coming season, and a fit Doris is probably as good a lone striker we'll be able to get. He can win aerial battles, hold the ball up back to goal and he can put a shift in (when fit). If we're to compete in the Championship, we'll have to adapt our style to become a team that can absorb sustained pressure and play on the counter.
  7. Trouten and Buchanan might be the only ones from any other club. I see that Prunty, Lister and Agnew all did it in the same season. Having 3 10+ scorers is almost as much of a unicorn as a 20+ striker.
  8. The realistic key to survival will be having 3 or 4 players chip in with goals rather than trying to get the unicorn that is a part-time 20 goal striker in the Championship. I reckon in the last 20 years, we'd be able to count on one hand the number of part-time players who got to double figures in the Championship.
  9. The game today is in League 1 Tomorrow's game is in the Championship.
  10. Wrong. Everyone knows the higher the level, the more time you get on the ball.
  11. Greg Stewart (who is basically Luke Donnelly lite) backs me up.
  12. I think Donnelly will be tremendous in the Championship. He'll get more time on the ball.
  13. I'd have liked it to be Season Ticket holders only. Let the fans that committed at the start of the season enjoy the moment rather than the fair weather fans.
  14. It's because we scooshed the league in the first half of the season. The league was practically won by January when Raith didn't sign anyone. Compare to winning the League 2 years ago when we only went top on the 2nd last game of the season, there was a much bigger buzz.
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