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  1. Bob Wilson will score more goals in the remainder of the season than Greig Spence.
  2. Bob Wilson and Andy Munro at centre-half? You won't be conceding many headers, that's for sure.
  3. To be fair, I actually can understand how the official crowd was so low given how easy it was to get in without paying.
  4. What I was surprised about on the bus home was how split over whether it was a penalty or not. I thought it was an absolute stonewaller while many thought it was extremely soft. Boot in the head when he wasn't stooping to head the ball is always a pen for me.
  5. Stirling was on bench so he must have been allowed to play. Murphy is a player for playing against the better teams. When it comes to a war of attrition like the game yesterday, better with Gold or even Campbell in there. The only real plus is that Dick, who is no stranger to baffling decisions, identified the problems and made changes that helped. Fair play to Talbot, but I genuinely didn't think we were losing that game, while others (ahem Lichtie23) were going aff their nut 20 mins in.
  6. Morton are a different prospect at Cappielow. Comfortably the worst travelers in the league but the 2nd best team at home.
  7. Pointless stat of the week. We've spent 228 minutes from the 540 played in the league in the lead. We've spent 8 minutes of the season in a losing position. So unlucky to only have 8 points from 6 games. Morton have spent 109 minutes leading and 253 minutes in a losing position yet have 9 points. We've not really had a proper chance to react to going behind in a match but it might point to the difference in playing against full-time teams.
  8. The recruitment we've had since the Campbells arrived has been very good in the main. For a part-time club, we have a lot of players who've spent a lot of time at Gayfield (some in multiple spells) Swankie, Doris, Little, Gold, Hamilton, Whatley and Linn will be over 1000 appearances for us between them.
  9. All those fully grown adults wearing football shirts in public in that half time segment, when they're not playing football.
  10. I thought Wilson looked fine in this game too but again, I'm not sure about his composure on the ball. Doesn't look like a player just relegated from League 2. Murphy looks decent and worth another look. McKenzie looks too lightweight, don't think we'll be able to accommodate him. Brian has been fine but he's not as good as Thomson so unless he has another position, I don't think he'll be kept.
  11. Thought he looked solid enough but maybe lacked a bit of composure on the ball. Having a 'safety first' mindset is not always a bad thing but at this level, a bit more footballing nous might be required, like TOB has in abundance.
  12. We'll likely be playing one upfront with one just off (likely McKenna) so I think their may only be one coming in, provided none of those 3 leave. A fit Doris might do a job, I still think there might be more to come from Donnelly while Spence would be my preference to get shot of. Need some mugs in the Lowland League to throw money at him.
  13. Fulham are a bigger club than Leeds. They've never been outside the top 2 divisions in the last 20 years while Leeds haven't been in the top flight for 15 years. The fact they look to be signing a guy that plays regularly for Leeds just now backs that up. You can't just rely on crowds to maintain your 'big club status' when you're doing bugger all on the pitch and to mention it when we're talking the about the difference of getting 680 people through the door or 700 is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Christ, a bad winter could wipe that advantage out.
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