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  1. I made a lovefilm account to rent some games on the free trial. But my package doesn't allow games. So now I want to cancel.. But I've to call someone and I reallly reallly hate phoning folk. Ahwell.. That's me 4 pound a month down.
  2. I have another game today. I realllly can't be arsed. We are playing a total bombscare of a team so hopefully a comfortable 3/4-0. I was more drunk last night than I thought.
  3. The snow. I've had enough already. Its all white, but it'll be total slush by tomorrow. Not much chance of football this weekend.
  4. they'll let the stupid cunto back though

  5. Don't worry I'm here. I'm not fucking cleaning it anyway. w****r.
  6. Thirty years is a long long way away. I'll sort that out when it comes..
  7. For a while now I've been wanting a tattoo. So i had a think and came up with getting some Arabic on my wrist. I mentioned it to my dad and he snapped into being a dick about it. His first argument was about the Army's policy on tattoos. I looked it up, and it's fine. Secondly, "what if they send you to Afghanistan and you've got fuckin Arabic on you?!" I couldn't really get what he was on about. Now apparently I'm talking pish and raging as he was he couldn't let it go. In sheer rage he told me to get my room cleaned. Might get 'Dad' to Pisa him off..
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