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  1. Highjacked by me? Christ, anyways I've completed the championship sides so you lads won't hear from me again unless you go bust or something funny.
  2. I'm not a journo ffs, I just find it easier to use here and gather alot of info, some that doesn't appear in match reports and so on, I managed to put just over 4000 words together on the SPFL and I've now done 2000 reviewing each championship side, it's from a betting POV and any help is appreciated but anyways, it was quite funny so I'm not that arsed.
  3. I'm just glad you can't see me punching the walls at home.
  4. It's the internet m9, I've been running wind ups since before your side was pish.
  5. Jesus I'm not having a tantrum, I'm playing to the crowd otherwise it was a wasted joke on their part.
  6. I'm actually not, I'm just glad I noticed it otherwise I'd spend a few weeks working out where your team had gone and who all the players were.
  7. Can't fault a man for being ambitious. Anyways cheers for the laugh, I've marked your team down as relegation fodder.
  8. Well he isn't, there's a Neville Davitt that has a pond building business in Dumbarton, it's amazing what my Neville Davitt soccerbase search threw up on google.
  9. The one that Neville Davitt is helping to create.
  10. Hope your stadium falls in to the sea.
  11. Just adding my finishing touches to what I've put together and I came to do your line up when I realised, never mind I'm sure you all had fun, I suppose anything is better than actually following your backwater mob around as they play a draw but get shafted.
  12. Thanks again for the info, been a huge help in my wasted day but that won't be as wasted as your season ahead where you'll be lucky to get more than 15 points.
  13. Ha, that's the second worst one I've been accused of working for, rangers being the worst when I was gathering info on SPFL sides, I'm just after a guide, I'd rather that than I just guessed and ended up with Jim Duffy playing the number 10 role.
  14. Superb post thanks, will miss the trip up there, always a good away day.
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